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Marilyn Monroe Information

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe


The Beautiful Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday To J.F Kennedy.

Marilyn Monroe Information

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962) was an American film actress. She was born Norma Jean Mortenson in Los Angeles, California, but later took her mother's name Baker and called herself Norma Jean Baker. Marilyn Monroe was her screen name.




Marilyn Monroe Biography


Passed among several homes as a girl, sexually abused as a teenager, Norma Jean thought little of herself. Yet she also had a gritty, opportunistic side, and dreamed of being a big movie star. She knew she had a soft voice and she climbed the ladder. She was both more intelligent and more unhappy than her screen goddess image ever suggested.


Marilyn Monroe was Playboy's first centerfold. She did not pose for Playboy, however. The photos were taken for a calendar several years earlier and Hugh Hefner purchased them for his men's magazine. A successful cinema career followed (after posing of the calendar—they were not featured in Playboy until after she was a movie star) where she co-starred with such big-screen stars as Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Laurence Olivier, Joseph Cotten, Richard Widmark, Jane Russell, Laurene Bacall, Ethel Merman, Charles Laugthon, Tony Curtis, french actor Ives Montand and Dean Martin.


Marilyn died in her Los Angeles home at age 36, supposedly a suicide from a overdose of sleeping pills, but circumstances surrounding her death have led many to believe that her death was not a suicide. Rather, some believe that she was killed because of her involvement with members of the Kennedy family. Nothing has ever emerged to prove this.


Gladys Baker, Marilyn's mother, was released from a sanitarium years after Marilyn's death. After her release she moved into her daughter Berniece's house in Florida. Afterward she moved to a nursing home where she died on congestive heart failure on March 11th, 1984 at eighty-two years old. She was never certain who Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jeane were when asked. A woman so fascinated by movie stars did not even know she gave birth to one of the most famous women in history.


Marilyn was married three times throughout her life. The first was to Jim Dougherty when she was 16 years old. Marilyn's guardian, Grace Goodard, who was moving away with her own new husband, wanted Marilyn to get married so she would not go back to an orphanage. She later divorced him in 1946, as she wanted to create a career for herself in movies and Jim did not want her to.


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In 1952 Marilyn Monroe married baseball great Joe DiMaggio. That union lasted 9 months. Joe wanted Marilyn to be a housewife and have children. Marilyn always wanted children, but did not want to give up her career.


It's indicated by some that Joe had beaten Marilyn a number of times during their short marriage. One incident happened after her skirt blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch. After storming off the set during the scene, Joe returned home and after Marilyn's arrival later that evening, he allegedly assaulted Marilyn for the humiliation he felt during her "display."


Marilyn Monroe's last husband was playwright Arthur Miller. To save their marriage, Arthur created the movie The Misfits as a Valentine for Marilyn. Shooting the movie was rough, and soon after the film wrapped they divorced. Arthur went on to marry Inge Morath, a photographer who was on the set of the movie to document its creation.



After Marilyn's death, Arthur opened a play called After the Fall with a character named Maggie who was very similar to Marilyn. The play upset all of Arthur and Marilyn's friends. Arthur's career in America was soon shattered. He now has a play in the works called Finishing the Picture which is centered around the making of The Misfits. Marilyn's character spends the play in a tranquillised haze in a hotel room, drinking and suffering a nervous breakdown.


DiMaggio never stopped loving Marilyn, and after she died, he sent fresh roses to her crypt 3 times a week for 20 years. He took over her funeral arrangements, and refused to allow her 'killers' to attend. No Hollywood figures attended, and no Kennedys were invited. Her first husband, Jim Dougherty, was working for the Los Angeles Police Department that day, and Arthur Miller did not attend.


Joe DiMaggio's last words were, "I'll finally get to see Marilyn."


Marilyn Monroe's make-up stylist, Whitey, promised Marilyn that he would make her up when she died. Marilyn even gave him a money clip with the words, "Whitey Dear, While I'm still warm, Marilyn." Joe reminded him of his promise when she died. He fulfilled that promise with the help of a bottle of whiskey.


Numerous books with photographs of Marilyn Monroe have been published over the years and once every two or three years "new, never before published" photos surface. For those interested not only in photos but in her life, Goddess, the Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, written by Anthony Summers is suggested reading.


A myth that Marilyn Monroe was born with six toes resulted from the publication of photographs taken by the photographer Joseph Jasgur in March 1946. The pictures were published in the book The Birth of Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of Norma Jean (1991) by Jasgur and Jeannie Sakol. Two of the pictures can be interpreted as showing six toes, although they can also be explained as tricks of the light. Since there is no corroborating evidence from other photographs or written records, the story is commonly dismissed as an urban legend.


Marilyn Monroe is interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, California.




* The song Candle in the Wind (1973), which was written by Bernie Taupin and sung by Sir Elton John, was based upon the life and passing of Marilyn Monroe.

* Albert Einstein was a fan of Marilyn's.

* When Prince Rainier III of Monaco was looking for a famous wife to marry, Marilyn was suggested to him. He later married actress Grace Kelly, whose fame turned Monaco into the famous landmark it is today.

* Marilyn's features are copyrighted to her estate, and are not allowed to be copied exactly.

* Hugh Hefner bought a crypt next to Marilyn for $85,000 and the other crypt next to her was sold for $125,000. There are no empty spots available near Marilyn.



Film List


* Dangerous Years

* The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (uncredited)

* Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay Just one of the (unmentioned) girls in the background.

* Ladies of the Chorus

* Love Happy

* A Ticket to Tomahawk (uncredited)

* The Asphalt Jungle

* All About Eve

* The Fireball

* Right Cross (uncredited)

* Hometown Story

* As Young as You Feel

* Love Nest

* Let's Make It Legal

* Clash by Night

* We're Not Married!

* Don't Bother to Knock

* Monkey Business Cary Grant as a forgetful professor. Marilyn is his secretary.

* O. Henry's Full House

* Niagara

* Gentlemen Prefer Blondes featuring Marilyn performing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

* How to Marry a Millionaire

* River of No Return co-starring Robert Mitchum. She marries Mitchum (naturally!) and sings the title song.

* There's No Business Like Show Business She does a fair bit of singing as Donald O'connor's love interest

* The Seven Year Itch with Tom Ewell. Remember the "flying dress"?

* Bus Stop She's a groovy bus passenger with a silly cowboy who keeps bothering her.

* The Prince and the Showgirl which also starred Sir Laurence Olivier.

* Some Like It Hot Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag meet Marilyn when they join an all-girl orchestra.

* Let's Make Love

* The Misfits, written by Marilyn's husband Arthur Miller and co-starring Clark Gable. This was both Monroe's and Gable's last film.

* ''Somethings Got To Give, unfinished film tragically cut short by Marilyn's untimely death.





Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), was a Golden Globe Award-winning American actress, singer, model and pop icon. She was known for her comedic skills and screen presence, going on to become one of the most popular movie stars of the 1950s and early 1960s. At the later stages of her career, she worked towards serious roles with a measure of dignity. However, she faced disappointments in her career and personal life during her later years. Her death has been subject to speculation and conspiracy theories.

In 1999, she was ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute in their list AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars.

Marilyn Monroe was born under the name of Norma Jeane Mortenson in the charity ward of the Los Angeles County Hospital. According to biographer Fred Lawrence Guiles, her grandmother, Della Monroe Grainger, had her baptized Norma Jeane Baker by Aimee Semple McPherson. She obtained an order from the City Court of the State of New York and legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe on February 23, 1956.

Her mother

Monroe's maternal grandparents were Otis Elmer Monroe and Della Mae Hogan. Her mother Gladys Pearl Monroe was born in Porfirio Diaz, Mexico, now known as Piedras Negras, on May 27, 1902 where the family had gone, so Otis could work on the railroad. The family returned to California where Gladys's brother Otis was born in 1905. Their father, suffering from syphilis which had invaded his brain, died in 1909 in Southern California State Hospital in San Bernardino County.Gladys married first to Jasper Baker May 1917 and had two children, Robert Kermit Baker (born January 24, 1918) and Berniece Baker (born July 30, 1919). They were both born in Los Angeles. After Gladys and her Kentucky-born husband divorced, the husband took the children and moved to Kentucky, according to Miracle's book My Sister Marilyn. Gladys moved there as well, to be near her children. After living there for a while, she returned to Los Angeles.Her father

Many biographers, such as Donald H. Wolfe in The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, believe Norma Jeane's biological father was Charles Stanley Gifford, a salesman for the RKO studios where Gladys worked as a film-cutter. Monroe's birth certificate lists Gladys's second husband, Martin Edward Mortenson, as the father. While Mortenson left Gladys before Norma Jeane's birth, some biographers think he may have been the father. In an interview with Lifetime, James Dougherty, her first husband, said Norma Jeane believed that Gifford was her father. Whoever the father was, he played no part in Monroe's life.

Foster parents

Unable to persuade Della to take Norma Jeane, Gladys placed her with foster parents Albert and Ida Bolender of Hawthorne, California, where she lived until she was seven. In her autobiography My Story, Monroe states she thought Albert was a girl.

Gladys visited Norma Jeane every Saturday. One day, she announced that she had bought a house. A few months after they had moved in, Gladys suffered a breakdown. In My Story, Monroe recalls her mother "screaming and laughing" as she was forcibly removed to the State Hospital in Norwalk. According to My Sister Marilyn, Gladys's brother, Marion, hanged himself upon his release from an asylum, and Della's father did the same in a fit of depression.

Norma Jeane was declared a ward of state, and Gladys's best friend, Grace McKee (later Goddard) became her guardian. After McKee married in 1935, Norma Jeane was sent to the Los Angeles Orphans Home (later renamed Hollygrove), and then to a succession of foster homes.

The Goddards were about to move to the east coast and could not take her. Grace approached the mother of James Dougherty about the possibility of her son marrying the girl. They married two weeks after she turned 16, so that Norma Jeane would not have to return to an orphanage or foster care.

Early years

While her husband was in the Merchant Marine during World War II, Norma Jeane Dougherty moved in with her mother-in-law, and started to work in the Radioplane Company factory (owned by Hollywood actor Reginald Denny), spraying airplane parts with fire retardant and inspecting parachutes. Army photographer David Conover was scouting local factories, taking photos for a YANK magazine article about women contributing to the war effort. He saw her potential as a model and she was soon signed by The Blue Book modeling agency. In his book Finding Marilyn, Conover claimed the two had an affair that lasted years. Shortly after signing with the agency, Monroe had her hair cut, straightened, and lightened to golden blonde.

She became one of Blue Book's most successful models, appearing on dozens of magazine covers. In 1946, she came to the attention of talent scout Ben Lyon. He arranged a screen test for her with 20th Century Fox. She was offered a standard six-month contract with a starting salary of $125 per week.

Lyon suggested she adopt Marilyn (after Marilyn Miller) as her stage name, since Norma Jeane wasn't considered commercial enough. For her last name, she took her mother's maiden name. Thus, the twenty-year-old Norma Jeane Baker became Marilyn Monroe. During her first half year at Fox, Monroe was given no work, but Fox renewed her contract and she was given minor appearances in Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! and Dangerous Years, both released in 1947. In Scudda Hoo!, her part was edited out of the film except for a quick glimpse of her face when she speaks two words. Fox decided not to renew her contract again. Monroe returned to modelling and began to network and make contacts in Hollywood.

In 1948, a six-month stint at Columbia Pictures saw her star in Ladies of the Chorus, but the low-budget musical was not a success and Monroe was dropped yet again. She then met one of Hollywood's top agents, Johnny Hyde, who had Fox re-sign her after MGM turned her down. Fox Vice-President Darryl F. Zanuck was not convinced of Monroe's potential, but due to Hyde's persistence, she gained supporting parts in Fox's All About Eve and MGM's The Asphalt Jungle. Even though the roles were small, movie-goers as well as critics took notice. Hyde also arranged for her to have minor plastic surgery on her nose and chin, adding that to earlier dental surgery.

The next two years were filled with inconsequential roles in standard fare such as We're Not Married! and Love Nest. However, RKO executives used her to boost box office potential of the Fritz Lang production Clash by Night. After the film performed well, Fox employed a similar tactic and she was cast as the ditzy receptionist with Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers in Howard Hawks's slapstick comedy Monkey Business. Critics no longer ignored her, and both films's success at the box office was partly attributed to Monroe's growing popularity.

Fox finally gave her a starring role in 1952 with Don't Bother to Knock, in which she portrayed a deranged babysitter who attacks the little girl in her care. It was a cheaply made B-movie, and although the reviews were mixed, they claimed that it demonstrated Monroe's ability and confirmed that she was ready for more leading roles. Her performance in the film has since been noted as one of the finest of her career.

Marilyn Monroe backstage in Niagara

Marilyn Monroe Crypt

Marilyn Monroe Crypt

Marilyn Monroe Crypt

Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was found nude, dead in the bedroom of her Brentwood, California home clutching her telephone by her live-in housekeeper Mrs. Eunice Murray on August 5, 1962. She was 36 years old.

Her death was ruled as an overdose of sleeping pills by Los Angeles County Coroner. However many believe it was rather murder.

The funeral

Joe DiMaggio, Monroe's former husband and still good friend, claimed her body and planned her funeral. He excluded all he deemed morally responsible for her death.

Marilyn Monroe was buried in what known at that time as the "Cadillac of caskets" -- a hermetically sealing silver-finished 48 oz (heavy gauge) solid bronze "Masterpiece" casket lined with champagne-colored satin-silk; the casket had been manufactured by the famous (but now defunct) Belmont casket company in Columbus, Ohio. Before the service, the outer lid and the upper half of the divided inner lid were opened so that the mourners could get a last glimpse of the deceased. Whitey Snyder had prepared her face for her last appearance, a promise he had made her if she were to go before him. Dressed in her favorite green Emilio Pucci dress, she held a small bouquet of pink teacup roses.

The service was held at the Westwood Memorial Park Chapel in Hollywood, and only 30 people were in attendance. Marilyn's acting coach, Lee Strasberg, delivered her eulogy, and Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" (from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz) played at the end of the service.

Marilyn is interred at Corridor of Memories, #24, at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, California in a pink marble crypt. This is the cemetery where her foster mother Grace Goddard's aunt was buried and where Monroe in turn had arranged for Goddard to be buried.

LA County DA re-investigation

A formal re-investigation in 1982 by the Los Angeles County District Attorney uncovered no evidence of foul play, but concluded that the original investigation into her death had not been conducted properly. The officers that arrived at her home had failed to secure the scene, people freely came and went, possibly contaminating or destroying evidence. The re-investigation also revealed that all lab work, tissue samples, and test results from the autopsy disappeared from the county coroner's office immediately after the official ruling had been made public. The report also suggested that Monroe's body may have been moved after death, as lividity had appeared in different parts of her body at different times.

Dr. Noguchi's assertions and memoir

Coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi, who conducted the autopsy, claims that misplacement of samples has never happened in another case before or since. In his memoir Coroner, he also states that it was "highly likely" that Monroe's death was suicide. He concedes, however, that no trace of the barbiturates Monroe reportedly took were found in her mouth, stomach, or intestines. This has led some theorists to suggest that Monroe had been rendered unconscious by a person or persons unknown (for instance via chloral hydrate) and that a drug overdose had been administered by intravenous injection or by rectal suppository

John W. Miner's 'tapes' assertion

On August 5, 2005 the Los Angeles Times published an account of Monroe's death by former Los Angeles County prosecutor John W. Miner, who was present at the autopsy. Miner claims that she was not suicidal, and offered as proof his notes on audio tapes she had supposedly recorded for Greenson and that Greenson had played for him. Greenson's widow told the Times that her husband never mentioned any such tapes, which, if they ever existed, have been lost or destroyed, so there is no way to verify Miner's story.

The CBS 48 Hours investigations

In April, 2006, CBS's 48 Hours uncovered newly released FBI files that referred to a dinner party at actor Peter Lawford's beach home. Among those in attendance were Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy. Monroe had been married to playwright Arthur Miller, who had many communist friends in and out of the Hollywood and political circle. Monroe also had known associations with suspected mafiosi through her relationships with Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra.

In the summer of 1962, Monroe had visited Mexico on a shopping trip, which had led the FBI to further investigate her for communist associations. Other FBI files mentioned her relationship, or non-relationship with the Kennedy brothers (John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy). Further in the broadcast, newly discovered audio tapes led some to speculate that perhaps Monroe's death was not suicide--but perhaps an accidental overdose-related suicide. The broadcast hypothesized that Marilyn was over-ingesting barbiturates while talking on the phone with Lawford.

Kennedy connection

Most try to make a case for murder due to her connection with the Kennedy family and the sometimes strange and unprofessional relationships between Monroe and her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson; the housekeeper he hired for Monroe, Mrs. Eunice Murray; and her personal publicist, Pat Newcomb, who was hired by the Kennedys immediately following Monroe's death.

Up to four hours passed between the discovery of her body and the phone call to the Los Angeles Police Department. Jack Clemmons, the first officer on the scene, claimed that when he entered the home, Mrs. Murray was doing laundry, Monroe's room was very tidy, as though it had been cleaned prior to his arrival, and her body looked posed. In Clemmons's words, "She was face down, her arms at her side, like a soldier at attention, a phone under her torso."

Clemmons said that Dr. Greenson kept pointing to rows of pill bottles lined up neatly on her nightstand, and saying as if rehearsed, "She must have taken all of these." Simmons said that no typical signs of drug overdose were present, namely foaming of the mouth or twisting of the body due to convulsions. The police report mentioned a broken bedroom window and glass on the floor, to which Murray claimed was the only access to the locked room. Lividity (settling of blood) in various parts of the body suggested that the body had been moved as well. Those who spoke with her in the days prior to her death would describe an upbeat, optimistic Monroe.

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Crowleykitty1 on September 29, 2020:

Monroe is the most beautiful smart funny talented person that has ever lived in Hollywood she is and forever will be the queen of Hollywood.

MLN1962 on November 02, 2013:

Marilyn wouldn't take her pills by mouth. she opened them up and put them in her drink thts why there are no capsules to be found in her stomach.

HAMMMY on December 05, 2012:


]\ Sam on December 01, 2012:

Knowing people many years ago that were extremely close to the events

and most vocal. It was stated that Greenson was weaning Marilyn

Monroe off Nebutol {sp?} that she was addicted to this medication.

Greenson and Engelberg were extremely close friends and phycians

who had a professional responsibility to know what the other was

prescribing for her. It was also stated that it was Greenson who was

weaning her off the medication, not Engelberg. Engelberg prescribed

the Nebutol that had the fatal interaction with the other medication.

Also Engelberg stated to The Los Angeles Times and in a film that

was made regarding her final days that she was a manic depressive.

Why would any doctor prescribe 25 or 50 sleeping pills to a manic


Mr. Alexander Simon on April 15, 2012:

Norma Jean

“On May 27, 1949, Marilyn posed for the calendar photograph that would one day make her a household name. She signed the release form "Mona Monroe" in a halfhearted effort to mask her identity.” Http://; is noted.

April. 16, 2012


“by Writer Mr. Alexander Simon”



Was Ms Norma Jean (Ms Marilyn Monroe) the virgin of Playboy Magazine? Http://; “…Working as a copywriter for Esquire,” … and met a starving blue eyed lady well and not naughty for a porn life! “Ms Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood next! First issue of Playboy magazine, featuring a black-and-white photo of Marilyn Monroenude to make it interesting and totlyy a hot and horny!:) (in a dress) promising inside full-color pictures of her nude. This first issue is the only issue of Playboy not to have the date on the cover.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation vetoed Congress and said no! The reason this blue raisin is she is a child token without parental guidance! And never, again proved to promote a racy and non accepted porno film ever. The red hot reason is she is blue not melt! She voted Democrat supporting the early President of United States John Francis Kennedy and his brother. Who killed this lady in blue is a communist!


kaitlyn M on November 25, 2011:

i just love her and she is my role model and now i know everything about her and i love all the information on this is guud 2 know

LETA on November 14, 2011:

wy did she do that

Antonio Vargas on November 05, 2011:

Love never dies and we will always and forever love you Marilyn Monroe.

Antonio Vargas on August 28, 2011:

God bless you Marilyn Monroe.You will always and forever be,The Queen Of Hollywood.

big girl on April 11, 2011:

she is sweet

lizzie on March 10, 2011:

i think she rocks

gigi on March 07, 2011:

oh mah baby jusses i luv her she is so pritty and i wish i can be as pritty as her !!!!!!!!!!!!! shez gotta baby face

keuna monroe on March 07, 2011:

I love marilyn Monroe and I don't believe she kill herself she was pretty and had a beautiful heart and I just love her to death and always will rest in peace Norma Jean.

Diana on February 03, 2011:

i love marilyn monroe she is amazing she is my role model!! thank u

Katia Urbina on October 04, 2010:

i wish we were related!!! i admire you like alot!! i love your quotes and i love you too!!!

Jody Kash on September 28, 2010:

I don't believe she took her life. She had too much insight on how to handle life. She had it goin on!!! She saw the future.

Laura on August 25, 2010:

I think she did not commit suicide, but someone killed her for some reason. After her death, the maid tidied the house and removed all traces of clothes and other things that could be suspeitas.I Think that there are some red herrings, just to confuse the head of the police.

Anyway, Marilyn will be the forever Diva of the world.

RunAbstract from USA on August 04, 2010:

Great article! I am a MM fan, and always have wondered about her death. Hers is a tragic story indeed!

Great writing!

Brad Watson on July 30, 2010:

This article mentions, "Albert Einstein was a fan of Marilyn's." Einstein was more than a 'fan', he and Marilyn had been lovers around 1947 while the struggling actress shared an apartment with Shelley Winters, who wrote of it in her autobiography.

Marilyn's accidental death was due to her taking sleeping

pills prescribed to her from two different psychiatrists who didn't know what the other was prescribing. These two MDs were negligent, but to be found out would have ended both their careers - so they decided to remain silent about that and promote Marilyn committing suicide. Look up the coroner's report for confirmation of what actually killed her and trace where the prescriptions came from.

Also, I'm writing a book entitled 'Famous Direct Reincarnations' where I theorize that Marilyn Monroe was reincarnated as Janet Jackson. I've studied this for many years.

- Brad Watson, Miami, FL

BetseyMula on June 17, 2010:

omq i learned so much that i didn't know about marilyn monroe. she was an icon and im suh a huqe fan .

Bloggeressa from Southern United States on March 18, 2010:

Great to see a truly informative article with some pictures included. Kept it interesting. Good article!

Alain on October 23, 2009:

biological father of Marilyn Monroe

Stanley Gifford (1898 - 1965)

Amanda on October 20, 2009:

She was only 36 years old that is every sad and + swhe was so pretty you never would of new that she drank or did drugs you would of never new

pamela parker on October 07, 2009:

i absolutely luv her, i am a model and i can identify with some things she went thru with her modeling career. she is my idol and i feel like we have a personal bond, she consumes my entire bedroom.

Sarah on September 01, 2009:

I believe that Marilyn Monroe is my Aunt. My dad's dad had an affair with her mother Gladys. My Grandfather always talked about it even on his deathbed. He was positive he was her Father. How could we really find out the truth? Help!!

Kudlit from Laguna on August 26, 2009:

This is a very long hub about Marilyn. Thanks for sharing.

I also wrote about Marilyn Monroe and was actually surprised to find out that she's the first featured beauty by Playboy. You can read more here:

kimberlyn on August 26, 2009:

i am a 4 ever fan and i don't think she killed her self because she was tired and depressed and she maybe felt strange and called who ever she was talking to or was going to call and maybe she did i don't know i was not there but she will live in our hearts forevr and ever

tolenn32 on June 04, 2009:

I believe the Kennedy's had more to do with the way she died. She was an internally empty beauty with much talent. The illumanti may also have something to do with her death. Only God knows.

virginie on February 01, 2009:

i love all her songs and i think that something in her life was more than just the alcohal and men i think it was something even worse i think that she was depressed to be always perfect.

virginie on February 01, 2009:

i love all her songs and i think that something in her life was more than just the alcohal and men i think it was something even worse i think that she was depressed to be always perfect.

adriana on November 10, 2008:

i wish you were my sister or cousin

cutepie18 on October 12, 2008:

I don't think Marilyn Monroe committed suicide. I think it was the caretaker because he probably found out she was pregant by another man. She and the caretaker were probably together and she went and had an affair with another man and got pregant by him. So then the caretaker got mad and slipped her a few pills or drowned her in her own pool. Or he might have sufficated her by using a sheet from her bed or maybe even given her too much alcohol and she vomitted in her sleep and didn't wake up to get it up so she choked on her own vomit. We may never know the truth if it was a homicde or a suicide. But mostly I think it was a homicide. Also it may have a connection to the John F. Kennedy murder.

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