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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Marcel The Shell with Shoes On (2022)

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Based on a short by the same name from 2010, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On does not disappoint. While it is highly encouraged to watched the short beforehand, it is by no means necessary.

Where to even begin with this masterpiece is a challenge in itself. The challenge comes from the movie being so different from anything you’ve seen before. The humor gets you in a blunt, but innocent way. It’s a whole new take on comedy in itself, and masters it without any obstacle in its way. While Marcel is full of witty one-liners and out of nowhere bluntness, it is also full of ways to view the world that I would bet not many of us have ever thought about before. It does a wonderful job giving innocence itself a platform to be heard. It reminds us that dumbing down our own understanding of things is often the best way of understanding the “why” of everything’s existence.

The stop motion animation is done gorgeously, and the little ways the backdrop and things the shell interacts with are brilliantly designed and extremely creative. It took a passionate, clever and whimsical mind to pull of the props for this film, and the credit goes to Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp themselves; the same two that created the original animated short from 2010. The score is used beautifully in the movie, only really amplifying when it was absolutely necessary to engulf the audience in that something was thought-provoking or inevitable.

Marcel is a movie that reminds us that optimism, creativity and positive energy is still an effective way to tell a wonderful and heartfelt story. Not only did it set the bar for future films attempting to accomplish similar messages and tones, it could very easily have fundamentally changed the way it should be done. Today, we need optimism and positivity in our lives. Not many outlets give us that which we so desire anymore. But Marcel the Shell with Shoes on will, and it is a perfect movie for every living, breathing person to experience. One of the most rewatchable movies of the year, without a single doubt.


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