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Manifest -- Wingman


The Tell Tale Heart

Last time on Manifest, Olive tried to help Angelina with her Calling which lead to Meth Head Pete. Mick was hot on the trail of Jace. Grace took Cal and Eden up to her estranged stepbrother, Tarik’s, to hide out from the meth heads. And Ben told Vance’s ex-partner about the tailfin in hopes of saving Vance from the Cuban military.

Vance being cross-examined by his people wanting to know how he knew about the tailfin. He covers for Ben saying a boy drew him a picture of the tailfin. The woman interrogator treats him like he’s an enemy and says he may never get to go home again.

In Ben’s basement Ben and Mick are telling Jared that Katherine Fitz was The Major and when she dropped off the map it may have been a plan to go after 828ers. Jared decides to inform Saanvi the Major is missing and question her about what she may know.

After Jared leaves, Mick tells Ben he doesn’t have to be everyone’s hero and take on everything for everyone. Ben is terrified if the meth heads are like them they might be able to find Cal, again. She vows she will find them and stop them.

Cal sees a peacock materialize before his eyes as he’s out walking. A picture of it is on Ben’s wall and he suddenly has a Calling about what may be an earthquake. Afterwards a story about a fellow passenger named, Eagan, falls off Ben’s board, making him wonder if the calling was about it him somehow.

Mick questioning Pete but he isn’t saying anything until she mentions fate. He thinks it was fate that Angelina knew how to find him. When Mick isn’t buy that, Pete asks to be taken back to his cell.

Mick has a Calling that tells her she needs to drop by and see Evie’s parents.

Cal calls Olive about seeing the peacock and when she mentions the angel Angelina had a calling about he thinks it’s connected. Meanwhile, Angelina is staring at the photo of her and Pete as kids.

Ben tracks down Eagan playing chess in the park. Ben tells Eagan he saw a kid in his calling and wants Eagan’s help finding him and saving him.

When Mick arrives at Evie’s parents she finds her mother, Beverly, mumbling incoherently as she sits on the floor and her father, Glen, lying dead on the living room floor.

Jared comes to talk to Saanvi. Apparently, Zeke is working their as her receptionist as he shows Jared in. He tells her The Major’s daughter, Sarah, came to him looking for her. Just then he gets a call from Mick. Saanvi texts someone.

Ben doesn’t understand why he and Eagan got different parts of the Calling. Eagan reveals he has a photographic memory and thinks they’re supposed to use both their pieces of the calling to do it together. Ben tries to recreate it on a chess board.

Jared arrives at Beverly’s and brings Zeke with him, saying he thought she’d want him there. Maybe not since the one she called was Jared and NOT Zeke. She apologizes for not calling him, first. Jared says hello to Beverly whose lost in the past where Evie is still alive. Zeke feels he can help with Bev’s dementia as his granddad had dementia, too.

Cal comes in saying he saw a peacock and Tarik makes fun of him. Before that he was digging Grace about being upset she wasn’t interviewed by the press about 828. Grace tells him to back-off of Cal and he starts whining about how she left him alone with their father when he was sick and is jealous she made a new family for herself.

Olive takes Angelina to the university. Angelina says she’s almost 30 and she’s never been kissed. TJ sent back a papyrus from Egypt and they’re there to see it. Unfortunately, Levi, the guy working on it gives Olive plenty of tude.

Eagan and Ben figure where their calling is leading them.

Vance finally has enough of the NSA interrogating him. He says after days of this he’s done. The director asks Vance’s old partner if he believes him and he says he does.

Ben and Eagan arrive at the building and gain access through the outside air vent.

Bev is going on about what a great couple Mick and Jared are. She’s telling Jared he should marry Mick then notices her engagement ring, which is a white sapphire and she thinks Jared gave it to her. Jared has had enough and makes a hasty departure. Beverly isn’t paying attention when she says she’s married to Zeke. Then she hears the tell tale heart beating again [which is what lead her to coming to Beverly’s] and finds on old DVD of her and Evie that she plays and which Beverly enjoys watching very much. Zeke notices a DVD that says for Mick.

Angelina spots a peacock feather on the papyrus and Olive calls Cal.

Ben and Eagan find the room Ben thought the kid was in, but it’s the wrong room. Then an earthquake seems to hit as Ben figures out which room is the right room.

On the DVD Glen says he’s arranged to send Beverly to assisted living and is giving Mick their house.

Ben and Eagan find the right room and the kid. They also find a gas leak. Eagan says he’ll go turn off the gas leak while Ben gets the kid out of there to safety.

Beverly doesn’t understand why all her things are packed up. Beverly starts freaking out wanting to know where Evie and Glen are. Zeke suddenly feels what Bev is feeling and talks her down.

Olive thinks the papyrus is saying that when you come back you’re being judged.

Grace tells Tarik she couldn’t help him because Cal had leukemia but he’s in remission now. He says he’d have been there for her. She says they can be there for each other now.

Mick takes Angelina to see Pete. Angelina tells Pete she thinks the photo is a sign and that she’s supposed to save him. Pete says he thinks he’s supposed to be with her because of the voice he heard in his head.

Ben runs from the building as it starts exploding callings for Eagan who has disappeared. Eagan comes up to Ben unharmed. He says he had to get out of the building when the gas got too intense. Then Eagan takes off when he hears sirens coming.

Jared tells Sarah the Major was an operative investigating 828 and that she often crossed the line in her investigations. He says that might have something to do with her disappearance.

The director of the NSA says they’re not pursuing charges and he’ll be reinstated in the NSA and Vance says he’s not coming back. He says her operative, The Major, almost killed him. The director says The Major was found dead in New Orleans months ago and if he comes back the 828 investigation is all his. Powell tells Vance there’s something he wants to show him that will convince Vance not to quit.

Ben takes Caleb, the boy he rescued home. Turns out he’s the brother of meth head, Kory.

Mick decides that they should take care of Beverly instead of sending her to assisted living. She decides she and Zeke will live there with Beverly and believes this is what the Calling wants.

Ben tells Olive that he doesn’t trust Eagan and he’s better at the Callings than they are. Olive shows Ben the papyrus TJ sent home from Egypt. Meanwhile Eagan’s trying to pawn stuff he lifted from the building he and Ben went into to save Caleb. He also swiped Ben’s ID and brief case. The pawn broker gives Eagan the missing part of the papyrus that was hidden in the urn. Eagan sticks it in Ben’s briefcase and throws it in the trash.

A peacock feather floats down from the sky while Cal is outside playing with Eden. As Cal is holding the peacock feather he starts reciting the treasure hunt poem that Grace taught him and Olive and who was taught it by her stepfather. Suddenly the meth heads hear his voice in their heads. Jace has scratched the eyes out of pictures of Ben, Mick and Cal.

Powell shows Vance something that shocks and awes him in a secret government facility.

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