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Manifest -- Water Landing & Graveyard Spiral


We're going on a treasure hunt...

Last time on Manifest, Vance invited Saanvi and Ben to see Project: Eureka. Ben found the first passenger to die, Kelly Taylor, being kept preserved in a glass cube of ice. Vance hired Saanvi to work there. And after Mick did a calling for Pete he finally looked like he was going to tell her where to find Jace.

Tonight, it’s two episodes back to back. Let’s start with Water Landing.

The episode opens with a flashback to five months ago to the disposal of the Major’s body. In the present Jared is questioning the woman who reported the garbage truck late in her area.

Mick and the police storm the trailer Jace was staying in. They see he drew strange symbols on the wall and in the middle were three shadows. As Mick stares as the three back figures smoke arises from them and it takes the figure of a man and flies at Mick. Jace, unfortunately, is long gone from the trailer. Drea demands Mick tell her what she saw in the trailer, so Mick spills her gut. Bad mistake. I think she’s a mole for the NSA.

Pete asks what if the Calling is something he shouldn’t do. What if it’s wrong. Angelina, of course, will hear none of that and says it comes from God. Suddenly, men come in saying Pete is being relocated.

Mick goes to Ben. She’s convinced that Jace wants to kill her. That he had a Calling to do it, and she says that doesn’t make sense because Callings have never been violent. Ben says maybe it was just his interpretation of the Calling and that Pete and Kory had to have had the same Calling. Olive says this looks like the drawings on the papyrus. Angelina texts the FBI took Pete away. Ben says he told Vance about Pete and thinks he’s behind it. He tries to call Vance, but Vance isn’t answering. Olive decides to head to campus to compare the painting Jace did with the papyrus.

Jared tells Sarah he thinks her mother was dead in the garbage truck.

When Zeke and Mick go to see Kory he tells Mick that Jace is going to kill her and she needs to hide. Zeke tries to persuade Mick not to pursue this one, but she learns the woman that now lives at her old apartment was attacked by Jace.

Ben arrives at Eureka as Dr. Gupta is trying to get Pete to agree to let them run tests on him, but he refuses. Ben bursts into the room asking Pete for his help after Vance didn’t care the Pete could stop Mick from being killed.

Jared goes to question the garbage truck company and finds out it’s sketchy and not on the up-and-up.

Ben tries to explain to Gupta why he needs to talk to Pete and she cares less about it than Vance does. She wants to study him as he dies. Ben asks to speak to Vance and Saanvi alone and asks if they’re still on the same side and wants to know how what they’re doing is anything different than what the Major was doing. Saanvi thinks studying Pete could help them understand how to stop the death date. Ben makes a deal with Vance; they both need something from Pete. Let him talk to Pete about what Jace is planning and he’ll convince Pete to cooperate.

Tarik tries to convince Grace to reopen their father’s restaurant.

Emmett arrives saying Jared is on to the garbage truck. Saanvi says she has to confess if it means someone else could get hurt. Vance says she can’t because it’s no longer just her, but all of them.

Ben asks Pete to go along with what they want so they’ll let Pete help him save Mick. Pete says the Calling wants them to hurt Mick, but Ben is so brainwashed by the Callings he refuses to believe that could be true.

Olive asks Levi what the symbols mean. Levi freaks when he sees they’re the same symbols from the papyrus that no one but him has seen in 2,000 years. She urges him to keep restoring it so they can figure out what Jace drew means.

Saanvi seems Vance give Emmett his marching orders for Jared and decides to follow. Before leaving, she says to Ben there may be other forces at work here and she may have trusted the wrong people, which does nothing to alleviate Ben’s concern that he and Vance are no longer playing on the same team.

Ben tries to get Pete to tell him where Jace is, but he says if he does tell him Mick will go after Jace and he’ll hurt her.

Tarik starts bragging to a waitress at a bar how he and Grace are going to open an 828 themed restaurant. He doesn’t realize he’s just been overheard by a reporter and he’s just revealed Grace, Eden and Cal’s whereabouts to the world.

Jared won’t give her a squad of cops to go after Jace. He tells her to stay put at Beverly’s to be safe and he’s headed out to check out a tip on the Major. From afar Saanvi tries to warn Jared not to get in the car with Emmett but he doesn’t hear her and he gets in the car and it drives off.

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Levi thinks the papyrus is a representation of something called The Last Trial where three prisoners are given a second chance. The first prisoner used his chance to find love and was rewarded with a companion. The second prisoner put past grievances to rest and was rewarded with peace. The third prisoner chose vengeance and a river of blood was shed. Olive calls Ben and tells him Jace is being tested and it’s a lesson of freewill to find forgiveness. Ben gets Pete to tell him where Jace is and he said up at the lake where they came back.

Ben calls Mick and tells her where Jace is and she does exactly what Pete said she’d do. Go up there after Jace.

Saanvi threatens to tell the world about what they’ve done if he doesn’t tell her where Jared is. Jared is told his investigation is a matter of national security. Then he tells Jared that the Major is dead and he needed to drop his investigation. Vance explains to Saanvi that they made it look like the Major was taken out by an enemy agent. Vance says they’re in this together and if she tells anyone what she did and how he helped her cover it up they’ll take control of Eureka away from him.

When Ben shows Pete a pic of the Last Trial he has a Calling of himself trying to reason with Pete and says he has to be there. Ben offers to let them test him in exchange for letting him take Pete with him to try and stop Jace. Gupta is against this, but Vance says he has 4 hours and he’ll send an agent with him.

Zeke and Mick arrive up at that lake and it’s dark. They get separated and Zeke gets knocked out.

Jared breaks the news to Sarah her mother is dead.

Maybe it was for the best they showed two episodes together, cause the cliffhanger of Zeke knocked out wasn’t that great. So now it’s on to Graveyard Spiral.

Mick looking for Zeke when Jace attacks her from behind. She looses her gun and it falls over a cliff. He holds a gun on her. He’s about to shoot her when Cal’s dribbling a basketball floods his head and it allows to Mick to go on the attack. They fight and he knocks her over the cliff. She’s hanging by the edge when he hears Cal say in his head, “Last chance.” He demands to know where Cal is and when she won’t tell him, he stomps on her fingers sending her falling over the side.

Cal sees someone has slashed their tires and painted “ET Go Home” on the side of the garage.

Pete hears Cal’s voice in his head and tells Ben. Angelina insists she go with Pete and Ben, while Olive heads to the campus, thinking they must have missed something about the papyrus.

Zeke wakes up and goes looking for Mick. He sees Jace behind Mick’s car as Jace tries to run him down.

Ben calls Jared and asks him to go talk to Kory.

The local cops reveals to Grace that Tarik is responsible for their location being outted. Grace wants to leave, but Tarik convinces her to stay and hide in their old childhood hiding place.

Mick dislocated her shoulder and can’t climb back up the cliff. She calls for Zeke to help her.

Jared finds Kory missing from his hospital room and Ben tells him he thinks he’s on his way up to the lake. When Jared learns Mick is already there, he says he’s heading up there, too.

Feeling Mick’s pain, Zeke helps her up the cliff.

Jace hears on Mick’s police radio where Grace and the kids are and heads there.

When Zeke and Mick collapse at the top she’s saying they need to know and Zeke sends this huge wave out that causes Cal’s basketball to go bouncing in front of Ben’s car to alert him that Cal is in danger. So he forgets about heading up to the lake and heads to where Grace is hiding out.

Olive arrives at the campus and sees some men about to take the papyrus away so she gets them to bring it back.

Tarik apologizes for outing Grace and she says it’s her fault too for not telling him everything.

Zeke pops Mick’s shoulder black into place.

Ben arrives at Tarik’s and starts calling for Grace. She hears her from where she’s hiding and comes out. Their reunion is brief as Jace is on the roof and starts shooting at them. He kills the agent that’s with them.

Ben throws a rock to distract Jace, so Grace, Tarik and the kids can’t make their escape. Pete yells that Jace is on the roof.

Tarik tells Grace to take the kids back to the root cellar while he heads to the shed to get their dad’s gun so they’ll have a way to defend themselves. Once again, Grace tries to tell him this isn’t his fault.

Pete takes off after Jace to stop him.

Ben goes looking for Grace. Jace comes up behind Tarik and holds a knife to his throat wanting to know where Cal is. Pete comes up begging Jace not to do this. When Tarik yells for Grace to run Jace shoves the knife into Tarik. Both Ben and Grace hear Tarik scream. Grace leaves Cal with Eden and goes to find Tarik. Jace thinks if he kills Cal they won’t die.

In the root cellar Cal starts reciting the treasure hunt poem and Jace can hear him. It’s leading him to where Cal is hiding.

Pete attacks Jace to try and stop him, but he’s over-powered by Pete. Grace finds Tarik lying on the ground dying and he dies in her arms. When Ben finds Tarik, Grace is coming out of the shed with a gun and she tells him, “Let’s go get our kids.”

Someone finds Ben’s briefcase that Eagan stole and dumped in the trash and drops it off at the campus. The cleaning lady gives it to Olive and she finds the missing piece of the papyrus. She cleans it and realizes they’ve been wrong about everything.

Jared picks up Mick and Zeke and they also head to Tarik’s.

Kory comes into the root cellar and he signals for Cal to be quiet so Jace can’t find him.

Angelina finds Pete in the woods and uncuffs his handcuffs. They declare their love. He says he’s got to find Jace and stop him. Angelina says he’s done all he can and to stay with her. Jared, Mick and Zeke arrive at Tarik’s house and go in the woods looking for everyone. Ben bursts into the root cellar and discovers Kory is trying to protect him. Grace gets the drop on Jace. Ben hears a shot, knows it’s Grace, and goes running to stop her.

Ben says Jace’s time is up and she doesn’t need to do that. Then Jace starts puking up water and dies. Kory and Pete think they’ll be okay, but vengeful Jace isn’t done with them, yet. The shadow man comes out of him and grabs Kory and Pete and kills them, just as Olive calls to say because they came back together they’re being judged together. Because one of them failed to redeem himself they all have to die.

As Ben and Mick watch they wonder if the same thing will happen to them.

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