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Manifest -- The Stowaway


And Ben meets Grace's boyfriend...

Last week, Ben and Michaela feared someone was targeting the survivors of Flight 828 and Saanvi discovered something in her and Cal's blood that hadn't been there before the flight. And the promo for this week proved a bit misleading. The shocking reveal proved not to be that shocking, at all. And it certainly wasn't as sinister as they made it sound.

Vance takes Kelly Taylor off their surveillance list of the passengers who were drawn back to the plane as it exploded.

Flashback on the flight attendant, Bethany. She looks worried when the captain says they're being diverted to another airport for landing. She seems to be hiding something before the flight lands.

Saanvi sees wet footprints on the floor of the hospital then sees what looks to be a gray woman. She decides to go talk to the head of neurology about her visions to see if there's something wrong with her.

Ben starting a scrapbook on the stories on Flight 828. The promo made it seem like Ben had this big crime board going that he was working on to figure out what was going on. When we see the scene they showed of Ben working at the chalkboard he isn't even doing anything to try to connect the dots about what happened to the passengers on Flight 828. It's why I said the promo for this episode was deceptive. Ben tries to get Olive to let him give her driving lessons. She'd prefer to have Ben's father give her lessons and blows him off, again.

Michaela back at work. There's an ATF case they're working on. Michaela doesn't want to be paired with Jared, but her partner called out, so they're teamed together.

Saanvi shows the doctor her head scan and it says that the patient is having hallucinations. He diagnoses her with having early onset schizophrenia. Says a homeless man has the same symptoms but only more pronounced. After she leaves the doctor's office she sees the gray woman, again and then the homeless guy appears saying to her it was Bethany the flight attendant and she tells Ben.

Michaela has a good time laughing with Jared. That is, until she discovers he set this whole thing up for them to work together.

Grace tells Ben she shut down after he died and she let things go. She reveals the insurance company wants the death benefits back from his death. That it was half a million and she spent it all to pay off the house, then she used all the house equity to pay for her business so they have no way to pay the money back. And this is what Ben is working on in the promo that they sold as him working on solving the plane mystery.

Olive getting make-up put on her when a guy says her father was on that magic plane. The guy says she has to have the make-up. It costs $120 and says she hasn't gotten her allowance yet. So she decides to take the make-up without paying and immediately gets caught shoplifting by the security guard. She had no sooner picked it up than the guard nailed her. Was she being watched or did the guard think she had shoplifter written all over her and kept a close eye on her to nail her the minute she did something wrong?

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Michaela confronts Jared about arranging for them to work together instead of her working with her assigned partner, Harrington. He says he's worried about her and needs to make sure she's okay. She suddenly sees an angel statue telling her to save him. She thinks it's the guy their watching whose gone silent. She insists they go in and save the man, but she ends up botching the operation and blowing the man's cover. Jared takes the fall for her.

Saanvi goes to see Bethany. She asks what Bethany did on the plane. The homeless man was a stowaway on 828. Bethany seems thrilled that the man has been found.

Flashback to the plane. She tells the homeless man something went wrong and they're diverting the plane. She tells the man to think about Leo and he'll be waiting for him when they land. She tells him to go into the cargo hold and when they land to run.

Bethany says the homeless man is Thomas her cousin. She says it's dangerous to be gay in Jamaica. So she was smuggling him out of the country and into the United States so he could be reunited with his lover, Leo. Only when the plane disappeared, so did Leo a few years later.

Ben starts trying to figure out how to get half a million dollars. He finds pictures of Grace's boyfriend tucked away in a box. Ben says he figured out a way to pay back the money, not mentioning seeing the photos. They decide to celebrate by having sex. They're about to have sex when they get a call about Olive. Ben offers to go get her.

Jared getting called on the carpet by the captain, wanting to know why he did what he did. Michaela calls Ben and he knows what the gray woman is, because of his conversation with Saanvi. He tells her she can't tell Jared the truth and to go connect with Saanvi so they can figure out what's going on. Meanwhile Saanvi learns that Thomas is going to be shipped out.

When Ben arrives at the store he learns that Olive shoplifted and called Grace's boyfriend to come get her, instead. She apparently lied that Danny was her father. Seems she'd be happy if Ben had stayed dead. So Grace was wrong. Ben has met her other man.

Ben flashes back when little Olive treated him like her father and they had a close relationship.

Jared is suspended and won't let Michaela tell anyone she was the one responsible. He tells her she needs help. She goes to talk to Saanvi. Even if she told him the truth, he'd probably think she was nuts, unless he's as religious-minded as she is and thinks it's God calling her to do his bidding.

Ben asks Olive if she's shoplifted before. Ben tries to relate to her when he did the same thing. She says she called Danny because she didn't want Ben to know she's a total screw-up. He says he loves the person she is now. She asks if they can keep it from Grace and he agrees.

Saanvi and Bethany try to get Thomas released to Bethany. It almost works until an alarm goes off and he tries to escape. Saanvi sees the wet footprints on the floor, just as Vance arrives at the hospital, having realized Thomas was also on the flight.. Then Michaela shows up looking for Saanvi and she says they need her help and they escape before Vance sees them.

Bethany has no idea where to find Thomas. When Saanvi and Michaela mentions their two visions: a gray woman with wet footprints and Michaela seeing her as a stone angel, Bethany figures out that the wet stone woman and the stone angel is a place where Thomas planned to meet Leo.

Grace comes home and she's distant. She confronts Ben about not telling her Olive shoplifted. He realizes that Grace had been talking to Danny. Grace says he can't keep secrets about her daughter. Ben says neither Grace or Olive seems to be able to let Danny go. Ben says maybe it's not fair to ask them to let them go. He says he needs to get some air. I think Ben and Saanvi will eventually get together and then Olive and Grace can have Danny Boy back.

The three women find Thomas by the fountain. Bethany has to tell Thomas that Leo is not coming. Thomas doesn't want to leave, but the girls convince him to go. They take him to a place Michaela knows. Michaela says Ben will be coming. Ben isn't sure that helping Thomas is a good thing. He says the calling screwed up things for Jared. What if the voices are bad. She says she doesn't think they have a choice but to do what the voices want.

Grace texting with Danny as Olive comes in and smiles at her.

Jared trying to figure out what Michaela is hiding.

Michaela goes to the angel statue asking what it wants from her. She gets no answer.

Completely independent of the show, I had a revelation. That manifest can mean a passenger list on a plane, but it can also be short for manifestation, and that seems to be the true meaning of the title. Something has manifested in the airplane survivors. But is it only in the area that Ben and Michaela were sitting in? Bethany didn't seem to be affected by the manifestation.

The manifestation seems in the case of Saanvi and Michaela to manifest it differently for each person. Saanvi as a doctor is more based on science and investigating things, so seeing a wet trail of footprints and a gray woman telling her it was Bethany would get her to track down the flight attendant. Meanwhile, since Michaela seems to think everything is a sign from God it appears to her as an angel with wings. Notice when it appeared to Saanvi there were no wings because that would have been too much for Saanvi to buy and she wouldn't have investigated and thought she was just nuts.


Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on October 18, 2018:

Hey, Katyryn64, this is a good story. Thanks for sharing.

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