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Manifest -- Tailspin


Who can you trust?

Last time on Manifest, the peacock was popping up everywhere. Mick believed the Calling wants her and Zeke to live with Evie’s mother and care for her. Ben teamed up with a shifty 828er named Eagan and unknowingly saved one of the meth head’s brother. And Vance was treated as an enemy by his own country, then shown something that knocked him for a loop.

It’s two months later and Ben is having a nightmare where he’s screaming and then 828 explodes with all the passengers aboard. When he wakes up he finds his hand is glowing. Ben calls Saanvi and says his hand is glowing and he can feel the tailfin beckoning him sort of like Dracula after he’s bitten you.

Ben calls Vance and he sends a car for him. Grace wonders if he should trust Vance now he’s back with the NSA. She also tries to get Olive to go to her prom when she says she’s skipping it.

Ben and Saanvi are driven separately to a secret government complex. Vance comes out to meet them. Vance sends Saanvi on ahead and blasts Ben for not sitting tight and trusting him. He says Ben made things worse for him, not better. Vance heads in and Ben follows. He reveals he’s now in charge of the 828 investigation and that Ben almost landed him in federal prison when he had almost managed to get his release from the Cuban military. He tells Ben and Saanvi they can’t tell anyone what they’re about to see.

He takes them to see the reconstructed Flight 828 that exploded when it first arrived home. They gathered up all the pieces of the plane after it exploded and reassembled them. He says welcome to “Eureka.”

Things not going well with Bev. She accuses Mick of hiding the raisins from her. Then Zeke comes in and Bev curls up in the corner. Zeke gets the wavy thing and then sees himself where Bev is. Zeke shows Bev a pic of Mick and Evie as kids and it calms her. Zeke says he felt what Bev was feeling and she just needed a reset.

Jared helping Sarah with the Major’s investigation, still. She mentions a park her mother likes; which is right where Saanvi offed her. Jared says he’ll check it out.

Jace having a calling with him, Pete and Kory running on a treadmill and time running out. Probably his approaching death date. At home, Kory starts coughing up water. And Pete has some kind of reaction and tells Angelina he doesn’t deserve her help. She tells him she was chosen to be with him. She says he has less than one week before his death date.

Dr. Gupta isn’t happy that Vance has brought Ben and Saanvi in to see Eureka. Vance explains they’re doing all sorts of tests on the plane’s parts and are spying on private homes. Ben’s hand starts glowing as he gets near the tailfin and asks when he can get closer to it. Vance says soon, but first the wants to show him something.

Angelina comes to Zeke and Mick saying Pete had a Calling and she needs their help.

Drea pumps Jared for how he’s doing on the Major investigation. He tells her there was a report of a sanitation truck suddenly appearing near the park the Major liked to go to and he’s going to investigate.

Zeke and Mick show up to try and get Pete to tell them about his Calling. He says he saw a clock like that when he played football in school. Jace and Kory also played, until they were all kicked off the team. The coach name has Hannity.

Angelina reveals to Olive her parents wouldn’t let her go to her prom because of their religious beliefs. Olive says she’s using her prom day to dig into Egyptian mythology so TJ and the rest of her family will survive their death dates.

Mick and Zeke go to talk to Hannity who says Pete sold drugs to a kid named Derek who later overdosed and that’s why he kicked them off the team. Jace is watching Mick and Zeke as they leave.

On the night Zeke beat his death date, the meth heads died and Saanvi killed the Major the tailfin disappeared from the lab. Vance says the tailfin the Cubans fished out has the corrosion on it of being buried in the ocean for seven years, not a few months.

Drea goes with Jared when he goes to questions the cop that say the garbage truck was near the park. Jared tells Drea he still thinks there’s something suspicious about the truck and is going to investigate further.

Vance pissed that Ben didn’t tell him the meth heads had returned, while Saanvi runs into Troy, the co-worker she thought the Major had killed. He explains he got abducted and recruited to work in the lab, replicating the work Saanvi had done. He says the stuff they’re doing there is mind blowing and has to do with DNA mutation related to 828.

When Ben touches the tailfin nothing happens and his hand doesn’t glow anymore.

Mick and Zeke confront Pete about Derek. Pete reveals that the coach was the one who made them deal drugs. That when Pete wanted out the coach even beat him up. Zeke’s thing seems to make Pete open up to them. He says the connection was stronger with Pete than Bev. Mick thinks the Callings wants a drug dealer off the streets. Meanwhile Jace and Kory meet up outside the coach’s house. Jace has come there to kill him. Kory tries to get him to see the light and stop doing stuff like this.

Ben isn’t sure he can trust Vance, anymore, because this thing is much more bigger than Vance. His hand suddenly starts glowing and is leading him to go through a door. He says there’s something they’re not showing them and to cover for him. The glowing of his hand leads him through a labyrinth of halls where he sees labs with research going on.

Jared learns the garbage man lied and there was no garbage truck in that area at that time. Drea is summoned by Mick to search the Coach’s house for drugs. They hear screaming coming from within. Kory tried to stop Jace from killing the coach and Jace shot him. He tells them where the coach has his drugs stashed and they arrest the coach.

Angelina and Olive read about Osiris who ruled the underworld. Souls journeyed to his underworld and faced a series of challenges, sort of like the Callings. Osiris wife moved heaven and earth to bring him back to life and they even had a baby together. Osiris was killed because his brother killed him.

Saanvi thinks it’s her fault that the tailfin disappeared and reappeared in the ocean because the timestamp is exactly the time she killed the Major. She says she’s the only one connected to 828 that something happened to that night. Vance then tells Sannvi he wants her to come to work there. Suddenly everyone notices there’s a hand print glowing on the tailfin, and he asks where Ben is.

Meanwhile Ben bursts into a room where he sees one of the dead passengers hooked up to tubes and being preserved in a giant glass cube that's frozen to preserve her corpse.

Olive decides to go to her prom with Angelina. Pete tells Mick he thinks he knows where she can find Jace. Meanwhile back at the lab, Dr. Gupta explains that while Kelly Taylor died of a gunshot wound, if someone examined her body today they would think she’s been at the bottom of the sea for seven years and her body contains the same algae as the tailfin. Saanvi says like the tailfin, her body is reverting back to what it would be if she’d died on the plane when it vanished. Ben says this proves what his Calling was telling him. They all died on the plane and were resurrected. Saanvi scoffs at divine intervention. Vance says as soon as the lab coats realize the glowing hand on the tailfin is Ben’s they’ll want to study him. Ben says that’s not an option. Vance counters with how much Ben is willing to sacrifice for the truth.

Vance’s man calls Vance to say Jared was getting too close to the truth when he sees him walking around the park where the Major died. Since Drea knew how close Jared was getting is she a mole spying on them all?

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