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Manifest -- Tailfin


Ben finds something he really wishes he hadn't...

I’m really late blogging this. I really wish they hadn’t moved the show to Thursdays at 8. It’s just made the season feel off for me and half the time I have to remind myself it’s on. Which has put my way off my blogging schedule.

The season finale opens after the fishermen found the tailfin of Flight 828, but they apparently haven’t told the press and are keeping it hidden. Vance and Ben have teamed up to find it. Ben finds the fishermen’s boat and when he touches the railing he has a calling of several of the passengers screaming in agony. Amongst them Cal, Mick and himself. Cal and Mick had the same calling and are wondering who the strange woman in the vision screaming with them was.

The sketch Ben used to find the fisherman’s boat came from Cal. He says he feels they found something important but doesn’t know what. Mick tells Ben to be careful. Then she goes back to enjoying her honeymoon with Zeke. Since Zeke was resurrected again he no longer gets the Calling. Mick wants to try and find out who the woman is and what the Calling wants her to do about her.

Meanwhile the woman is being held prisoner in a dark room. A creak of light enters the darkened place when someone appears to open the door a crack.

Cal tells Greace about the Calling and says they were all about to die in it.

Saanvi seems to be working in some kind of free clinic. Behind a door the says authorized only is one of Vance’s people. She asks if there’s been any word from Cuba. He says when he knows he’ll tell her.

In Cuba, the fishermen return and Ben offers them a wad of cash to show them what they found. Ben is horrified when he sees it’s the tailfin from the flight he was on. He doesn’t understand how it can be there when everyone saw the plane he was on land. He touches it and has the shared Calling with Mick and Cal again and then it sends him flying backwards through the air like he’s been struck by lightning. No one sees a street kid filming the whole thing with his phone, knocking Ben out.

A woman comes to the police station looking for Mick. It’s the Major’s daughter, Sarah, and she wants Mick to help her find her mother. Drea won’t tell her when Mick will be back, so Jared offers to help her, instead.

Cal goes down to Ben’s murder board to try and figure out which passenger the woman in the Calling is. With Mick’s help they identify an Angelina Meyer. Olive looks up her file that Ben has and learn her parents have a vacation home right where Mick is honeymooning. She asks for the address so she can go visit them.

Vance has been bugged and when Ben wakes up he tells Vance he’s find and to not come in. He tells him he’s found the tailfin from flight 828. Meanwhile the street kid is show his group of friends what he filmed when a policeman comes up. He takes the phone from the kid and watches Ben flying backwards after touching the tailfin.

Mick and Zeke visit Angelina’s parents. They seem to be religious fanatics. The mom says when Angelina returned she no longer carried God’s light. They claim one day she packed her things and left. That she wasn’t the same and she had mental problems.

The cops barge in while Ben is trying to buy the tailfin. Ben notices his hand is glowing. Ben tells the cops the fishermen are about to take him out on their boat. The cop orders Ben to touch the tailfin, again. When he does, this time, nothing happens. No flying backwards through the air.

Drea tells Mick there’s no record of Angelina returning to the US like her parents claimed and gives them a name of Angelina’s friend who lives down there. Jared was the one that found the info but didn’t want to talk to Mick and let Drea take the credit. He tells Drea he has no feelings for Mick anymore.

Grace takes Cal to Saanvi to examine him and she says he’s fine. Saanvi asks if Cal has seen the three shadows lately and he says he hasn’t. Then tells her about the Calling he, Mick and Ben had. Grace asks Saanvi if she has anyway to find out if Ben is okay. She takes them to the secret room and they contact Vance who tells them about Ben finding the tailfin. Shocks all around.

Vance and his partner are waiting to see if Ben can talk his way out of this mess, meanwhile Grace and Cal return home and tell Olive about Ben’s discovery and Cal suddenly says he needs to clean out his room because Ben is going to be bringing someone home with him that’s going to stay there.

Angelina’s friend, Elena, says Angelina acted like someone was after her but she has no idea what could have happened to her. Meanwhile Angelina hears footsteps outside where she’s being kept and picks up the knife that’s been left there.

Vance and his partner have to storm in save Ben when his hidden bug makes radio noise. They take off with the tailfin as the cops pursue them. Ben and Vance debate if the tailfin is the real thing.

Mick and Zeke return to Angelina’s parents. While talking to them Mick has a Calling about Angelina cutting her wrists. Mick asks if she can use their bathroom. Zeke faints and distracts the parents so Mick can look around.

Vance makes Ben escape while he leads their pursuers away. He gives Ben his wedding ring to give to his wife and tells Ben not to try to do anything to help him. He’ll handles this. As Vance drives away Ben has another Calling about the plane exploding. Ben escapes on the waiting plane while Vance is arrested.

Meanwhile Mick is lead to where Angelina’s parents are keeping her. She comforts her while the girl breaks down in her arms. It seems the knife was left there because he parents wanted her to kill herself.

Mick tries to explain to Angelina about the Callings and that she’s not crazy. Zeke says he fakes his faint cause he could just feel Mick needed his help. Ben is able to pick Mick and company up and they all arrive home. Cal tells Angelina he’s been waiting for her.

Sarah claims she doesn’t know what her mother did for the government. She says she think what happened to her mother has something to do with Flight 828. Meanwhile Saanvi is listening to recordings of her sessions with the Major and crying over killing her.

Ben tells Mick he thinks they died Flight 828 and were resurrected. That the plane was resurrected, as well, and it blew up because it was its death date and it died the way it originally died. Although I notice the exploding plane in Ben’s vision exploded differently than the plane did at the first episode of season one.

Grace isn’t sure they can give Angelina what she needs. Zeke reminds her that Cal had a calling. Then Cal comes out and says he’s starting to feel like he did when he had the vision of the three shadows. Meanwhile in the lake the Meth Heads resurface and resurrect.

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