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Manifest -- Life Boat


Don't sink my life boat...

Previously on Manifest, it was double-episode mania. Tarik’s loose lips set in motion a tragedy that would end with his death. The Smoke Monsters devoured the Meth Heads when Jace refused to repent his evil ways. Olive was convinced the same thing would happen to all the 828ers unless they all followed the Callings.

There’s another double episode tonight and it looks like Ben is keeping his promise and allowing Vance’s group to examine him to see what makes him tick. The question is once they get their hands on Ben will they ever let him go?

Pete in the mason jar now. Gupta is blaming Ben for what happened. She tells Saanvi she won’t be allowed on the project.

Mick has trouble with her vision. She sees black smoke hanging over the city, but only she can see it. Mick takes off to where she sees the black smoke. She sees other people looking up at it, too.

Saanvi says the meth heads had aluminum oxide in their bodies.

Mick sees that the other watchers are also from 828. It’s hanging over the government building where they’re conducting their experiments. The guy with perfect memory, Eagan, is trying to spread distrust of Ben.

Olive tries to get Angelina to eat. She says she’s done trying to understand since following the callings didn’t save Pete. She promises to help them pack to go home and then she’s leaving.

Grace packing up Tarik’s house.

Mick questions Ben about being at Eureka. She says she thinks the Calling is about Ben and they’re supposed to stop him from doing something. He explains the only way to get Pete released was for him to agree to be their guinea pig. He tells her he thinks if they don’t all follow the Callings they’ll all die like the meth heads did.

Angelina tells Cal she’s done with the Callings. Which means she could be the Jace of the 828 group.

Eagan, leads a group of passengers to abduct Ben and demand answers while Mick’s hands start glowing the way Ben’s did after touching the tailfin. Good luck getting all these people to do the same thing. You are as good as dead.

Mick comes looking for Ben and finds the oven on fire. She also finds his phone at the house.

Ben wakes up in an apartment and realizes his phone is gone. The door is locked and he can’t get out. He’s being guarded by a watch dog.

Mick calls Drea in for help to find Ben.

Eagan says they’re all sick of Ben trying to tell them what to do. Ben tells him they were resurrected. Eagan says Eureka has to be stopped and makes it clear he doesn’t believe they were dead and now alive. He has a photographic memory and he says Mick missed something.

Saanvi says she’s found sapphire on everyone that’s returned.

Angelina burns the photo of her and Pete. Angelina believes she’s to blame for what happened to Pete and Tarik. Olive says she helped her by being her friend. It doesn’t impress Angelina.

Eagan has some of the other passengers beat up Ben and tie him to a chair. Eagan says everyone is out to get them. Eagan thinks they’ll be the new Salem witch trials. Eagan thinks something is going on at the loading dock at Eureka.

Eagan unaware Ben managed to send an email to Mick through Egan’s refrigerator. Apparently, on the new refrigerators you can text people. She gets it and figures it’s from Ben. Now all she has to do is trace where it came from to find her brother.

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Grace tries to get Cal to talk to her because he’s acting like a jerk. He asks if she tried to erase him when he was missing on 828 and feels she’s doing the same to Tarik by giving away all his stuff. Cal thinks it’s his fault Tarik is dead. She says it’s not his fault and comforts him.

Mick and Drea figure out Ben is being held in a demo home and track it down.

Saanvi tries to tell Gupta that the plane and passengers are connected and together the foreign anomalies in their bodies form sapphire. Gupta shoots her down as she wants to bring in some cargo from the loading dock.

Ben convinces Eagan to untie him when he hears Mick coming saying they need to work together and he can help him access the loading dock at Eureka.

Ben won’t tell Mick what he discussed with Eagan because she won’t listen to him about them all being in the same life boat and they need Eagan to survive.

Olive tries to get Angelina to stay. Angelina tells Olive that Eden doesn’t like being held the way Olive is holding her and holds her and she stops crying.

At Gupta’s direction the radioactive cargo is brought in to Eureka. Mick sees Eagan has already made bail after she arrested him. It was Ben who got him out. Ben asks Eagan to reign in the people in his life boat. He also threatens him if he ever does to anyone else what he did to him.

Jared has breakfast with the Major’s daughter, Sarah. It’s their first date.

As Saanvi is packing up Gupta asks Saanvi to come with her. She tells Saanvi they may be on the verge of recreating science and asks Saanvi to unpack her things. They have work to do. Ben, as he approaches Eureka, sees the smoke above the building too.

Ben reports to be examined. Saanvi tells him about the Sapphire. She tells him they received a fossilized piece of driftwood from the Vatican. Ben has a Calling where nine passengers burst into flames.

Mick tries picking up a tarot card and it burns her hand.

Angelina looking at pictures of Olive. Grace brings Eden in to see Angelina. Grace is going to open the restaurant Tarik wanted to open to honor Tarik. Grace suggests Angelina borrow something of Olive’s and comes with her as she looks for the right place to open the restaurant.

Ben thinks Rachel Hall, one of the passengers, is endangering their life boat.

They go to Rachel’s house. A woman opens the door, who is Rachel’s sister, and declares Rachel doesn’t live there anymore. It seems she’s taken up with Rachel’s husband. Ah, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.

Gupta thinks the driftwood is the first piece of why miracles happen. The scientist has promoted Saanvi to her second in command because she discovered the anomaly in the meth heads bodies, 828ers and the tailfin that combine to make sapphire.

The husband, Jonas, says Rachel was very upset when she found out but her sister Hanna was the one he was meant to be with. They even tried to give her money to start over. He said they got a restraining order against Rachel for harassing them.

Jared, a bit uncomfortable with Sarah showing up at the station. Ben takes notice. Mick tells Ben that Jared is dating the Major’s daughter. They find Rachel, who is now going under the name of Rachel Evans.

They go to her new place. Ben says he saw a vision of her and he thought she might need some help. Rachel said she headed home early when she wasn’t feeling well, but Jonas stayed behind in Jamaica. That’s how she was in the crash and he wasn’t. Rachel says she’s moved on and there’s no need for her to forgive her sister.

Mick thinks Jonas, Rachel and Hanna have all lied to them. I know I don’t trust the husband and back-stabbing sister.

Grace and Angelina look at a possible site for the café. The realtor mistakes Angelina for Grace’s daughter and Grace says she’s family. Grace leaves Eden with Angelina, who only stops crying when she’s with Angelina.

A peacock is 6,000 years old and it has the same anomaly as the passengers. It’s somehow imbedded in this driftwood.

Mick mentions to Jared that she saw him with Sarah. Jared tells Mick that Rachel’s husband tried to kill her before the plane crash and they went to Jamaica.

Saanvi learns the piece of driftwood surfaced because of a dormant volcano.

The neighbor says Jonas and Hanna are always fighting. And that Rachel came over to help her sister.

The driftwood may have come from the final resting place of Noah’s Ark.

Cal likes a girl named Stella. Zeke asks if Cal wanted him to feel her emotions, but Zeke says it’s not good to use their gifts for their own gain.

Ben and Mick staking out Jonas and Hanna’s house. They see Jonas leave and Mick says she’ll talk to Hanna on her own. She tells Ben to go home and she’ll take a cab home. Ben worried about leaving Mick alone. Then he gets the passengers going up in flames vision again.

Gupta thinks science and the divine have combined. Vance tells Saanvi she can’t tell Ben any more information. Saanvi agrees to keep Ben out of the loop.

Ben follows Jonas who arrives where his ex is working. He jimmies his way into the building setting off a silent alarm. Meanwhile Mick is talking to Hanna on her own. Hanna says she was happy Jonas wanted her instead of her sister and felt for once she won since she always felt her sister was always the one everyone wanted and she was happy because of that.

Ben finds Rachel and she has a gun. She’s planning to kill Jonas. She bursts into his office and Ben tries to stop her thinking if she does this it’ll sink the lifeboat.

Mick trying to get through to Hanna that she hasn’t beaten her sister by winning Jonas. She tells Mick about how he started abusing her.

Ben steps in front of Rachel to stop her from shooting her ex, saying don’t let her ex take anything more from her. The police burst in and arrest Ben.

Mick horrified that Ben thinks it’s up to him to save all the passengers and he says the Callings have tasked him with that duty when he was shown the passengers going up in flames.

Jared brings flowers to Sarah to apologize for the way he acted at the cop shop.

Mick tells Zeke that Jared is dating the Major’s daughter. Zeke picks up something off of Mick when she says she’s glad Jared is happy. Let’s just say it doesn’t make him happy.

Saanvi lies to Ben when he asks if anything new came up about the driftwood.

Cal sees Angelina trying on some more of Olive’s clothes as she repeats Grace saying she’s just like family. Then she gives Cal some advice on impressing the girl he likes.

Cal holds Tarik’s snow globe of a volcano and sees it spewing lava as Ben, Mick, Angelina and himself are screaming inside it. So does that mean they’ll find out about this dormant volcano where the driftwood was found and go investigate and it’ll erupt?

The title of these two episodes wasn't Life Boat but from the amount of times Ben said that phrase that's what it should have been called. If you took a shot every time you heard Life Boat you would have been passed out on the floor drunk when these two episodes was over.

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