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'Manifest': Interesting Things Viewers Might Not Know About the NBC Series

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Manifest is a supernatural drama series that airs on Monday nights on NBC at 10 p.m. It is a spellbinding story about Montego Air Flight 828 that was headed from Montego Bay, Jamaica to New York. The routine flight should have taken only a few hours to arrive at its destination. However, the plane disappeared and did not arrive until five and a half years later. The 191 passengers did not know they had been missing because they had not aged.

The passengers wondered why their friends and family members did not meet them at the airport. Instead, they were met by police officers, NASA officials, and ambulances. Then they found out about the mystery of their disappearance and reappearance. They were thought to have died.

Family members and friends had changed and gone on with their lives. One twin was on the plane and one was not. The boy who was on the plane was five and a half years younger than his twin sister.

Jared who had been engaged to Michaela married her best friend after two years. Ben's wife had a boyfriend. Also, the dynamics had changed with other family members.


Creator Jeff Rake spoke with Collider about the NBC TV show. He indicated that he spent years writing the series and many more years trying to get a network to accept it.

Finally, Warner Brothers and NBC became excited about it last summer. In the interview, Rake revealed he has a long-term plan for Manifest if NBC renews the series.

Rake later added that there are clues planted into each episode of Manifest. He encourages viewers to pay close attention to everything. There might be clues in the dialogues and in specific cutaway shots. Everything is intentional. There are also clues in the flashbacks especially in the conversations on the airplane.

When asked if there will be a conclusion with the solution to the mystery, Rake said there will be an answer but not right away. He says there will be a big reveal in Episode 13. If the series is renewed, there will be more reveals in Season 2. In the meantime, there will be little reveals each week. Hopefully, viewers will pay attention and not miss the clues that are sprinkled throughout the episodes.

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What Producers Want Viewers to Know

Producers and top officials of Manifest want viewers to know that the series is not based on Lost or any other airplane series. NBC's new show is not a carbon copy or duplication of any other series on television or in the movies.

Each Episode Focuses on a Specific Passenger

According to the Hollywood Reporter, each episode is a story all by itself. That's because the episodes feature a passenger from the plane and other stories surround them. Some problem or bad issue exists in every episode. The personal problem is resolved at the end but not the big mystery about the missing plane.

A core group of people will continue to be integral parts of the story and will appear in most of the episodes.

Do you see the airplane in the letter A?


Clues So Far

Just in case you have not noticed any clues, here are a few that have already happened in the episodes so far.

  • The scripture Romans 8:28 is embroidered on a pillow that Michaela's mother gave her. Many cutaway shots of the pillow are shown with the scripture reference that says, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." The pillow is especially important to Michaela now that her mother died while she was away.
  • Of course, flight number 828 is important.
  • Michaela and other fellow passengers have been hearing voices that lead them to a bad situation that needs to be corrected. Quite often the number 828 is involved.
  • The writers say when you see 828 showing up in the series, watch out because something significant is about to happen. Bad things will soon be stopped because "all things work together for good."


Manifest had a decent rating on its premiere on September 24. The series was met with mixed responses from some critics.

Unfortunately, some viewers are not sticking with the show because the ratings are going down each week.

Episode DateRating

September 24

10.4 million

October 1

8.4 million

October 8

7.4 million

October 15

7.4 million

October 22

7.2 million

October 29

No episode. Halloween special was aired.

Hope for Season 2

Even though the series has not been renewed for Season 2, NBC has ordered three additional episodes for Season 1. Instead of having only 13 episodes, it will have 16 episodes. That's a very good sign that the series will be renewed.

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