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Manifest -- Duty Free


Mick turns in her badge...

It seems there’s suddenly a war on 828 passengers only this time it isn’t being waged by a hate group like the Xers, but by government agencies. One 828 passenger was arrested and executed. They seem to be using the same grading scale as the Callings. If the 828ers don’t behave perfectly they find some trumped-up charges to arrest them on. Mick is put on warning she’s being looked at closely to see if she can be trusted to remain on the police force.

Ben’s arrest is pushing Grace to her breaking point. She brings him a nice suit to wear in court. At his hearing Ben gets a judge that has an axe to grind with 828ers and pretty much throws the book at Ben and sets his bail enormously high and even makes him wear an ankle monitor. Ben gives Mick a hard time and says she may have to choose if she’s an 828er or a cop. And Mick gives Grace a pep talk that helps her to continue on with this madness.

Eagan the creep is brought into the jail as Ben is getting out on bail. He suggests Ben can’t be trusted and makes his intentions clear of becoming the leader of the 828ers. Why would anyone even listen to this ferret-faced weasel. Adrian is resting in a cell near him. Let’s hope Adrian doesn’t team up with the ferret-faced weasel.

Saanvi comes to turn herself in but Mick tells her to hold off. When she hears about the 828er that was executed and how law enforcement continues to arrest 828ers all over the country on trumped-up charges she decides to turn in her badge and she tells Saanvi she’s not turning herself in. Jared tries to tell her its them against the world, but she shoots him down saying it hasn’t been that way for a long time.

As if the sudden war on 828 passengers by law enforcement isn’t enough to worry about, Ben and Grace have a big problem in their house they’re unaware of. Cal is hiding Psycho Angelina in his room and she’s still wielding her dangerous influence over him.

Back at Eureka, Saanvi confesses to Vance she stole the driftwood and threw it into a volcanic crevasse and it closed up around it to try and show him that it was connected to the volcanic fissure opening and wanted to be put back from where it came. Vance isn’t listening and can no longer be trusted as an ally to 828ers as he suggests to Gupta they start doing their experiments on the tailfin since they no longer have the driftwood. So, what damage Saanvi repaired by throwing the driftwood in the volcanic fissure Vance and company are about to undo. And because the tailfin is so much bigger than the driftwood there’s no telling how much damage they’re about to do next. Which may be why Ben, Mick and Cal start feeling themselves going up in flames.

Angelina claims it’s happening to her, too. Eagan acts like he’s getting burned, as well, in jail. Cal is getting the worst of it as he’s actually getting burned by the flames. Angelina convinces it’s stigmata and he’s the holy grail. That he’s Moses and she’s Aaron. She tells him she knows what he has to do. She convinces him to turn himself into Eureka as she speeds away in the taxi, telling Cal he has to do this alone.

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Yes, the harbinger of doom has taken down another Stone family member. Let’s hope she goes away, but I’ve got a bad feeling the psycho is going to go back to the Stones and try to snatch Eden because she thinks he’s her guardian angel.

And that’s where we are as we go into the two hour finale entitled Mayday.

I’ve actually begun to wonder if Angelina isn’t the new Major. Everyone suspected her daughter of being a danger. I also suspected Drea as being a mole. But what she did in this episode is exactly what the Major would want; Cal putting himself of the hands of the people that will experiment on him so they can figure out how to give people the Callings to control and manipulate them.

The Major was convinced with Saanvi’s research she could start giving people the Callings. It’s making me wonder if some of the Callings are genuine or manufactured, this season. Many of them had a real nasty edge to them. Maybe her group was responsible for the Calling that got Mick to rescue Angelina and Cal to be convinced she needed to be in their home. Because all she’s done since she’s been in the Stone house is be a force of destruction who has now convinced Cal to turn himself into the very people he should run from.

With Eureka continuing their dangerous experiments what if the death date isn't just for 828er but for humanity, itself.

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