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Manifest -- Deadhead


Angelina is connected to the Meth Heads and so is Cal

Last time on Manifest, the Meth Heads were resurrected. Zeke and Mick rescue another 828er from her parents. And Vance and the tailfin landed in the hands of the authorities.

Angelina seems to have a Calling about a dark angel or angle statue. Grace comes in and tells her they’re there for her when she’s ready. She goes downstairs and Ben is already doing what Vance asked him not to. Trying to figure out a way to come and rescue Vance. A knock at the door and some Pentagon officials arrive to talk to Ben may stop him in his tracks.

Mick returns to work and congratulates Jared on his promotion to lieutenant. He ribs her in an awkward moment about she was the one who got married this time. Mick see messages on her desk about something strange happening at the lake the Meth Heads disappeared in. Jared also wants her to look at a cold case; she doesn’t discover it’s The Major’s disappearance. Just then the Captain calls her in her office.

The government officials say they know Ben was on the plane that took off and want to know who he works for. Powell, Vance’s old partner is among them yipping about how Ben got Vance killed. Grace muscles them out with threats of lawyers. Powell yips as he’s leaving to Ben that the truth shall set him free. It didn’t do much for the other passengers The Major was torturing and using as human guinea pigs which was sanctioned by the government. Ben still wants to try and save Vance because he feels it’s his fault Vance got caught.

The Captain says she went out on a limb so Mick could keep her job and she has to make a choice now. Either she quits or she stops sneaking around with her anonymous tips. Mick tells her about the tip about the Meth Heads and wants to go check it out with Jared, but the Captain says that Drea is her partner now and if she does any cop work it’ll be with her. Also she can have the park ranger email whatever strange video he wanted her to look at. Drea is thrilled to have her back and when they look at the video its of the three meth heads coming out of the lake. Mick hurries and calls Ben to warn him they’re alive, again.

Grace and Ben wondering why the Meth Heads and Griffin would be resurrected since they’re bad people. Ben says it took them 84 days to come back so they need to keep Cal hidden from them for that time. They decide the best place to hide is up with Grace’s estranged stepbrother, Tarik, who no one would think to look for them there. Ben says he can’t go with her right now, but that he can try and help Vance and be up there with her in a few days. She agrees and goes to tell the kids to pack.

Mick and Drea arrive up at the lake. They hear a woman screaming. She tells them these three men came out of nowhere and attacked them. She asks them to look after her husband, who one kept hitting on the head with a rock. She said one kept asking what month this was. Then they took off in their RV.

Angelina has another calling about a stone angel attacking her. Olive finds her curled up on the floor. Olive explains she’s having a Calling and asks her to describe it. She says she’s being stalked by something that shatters into colored glass. Olive says the Callings sometimes show you something you would know. Olive figures out the Callings want Angelina to go back to her old school. Olive tells Ben and Grace she can’t go and has to stay behind to help Angelina to follow her Calling. When Ben offers help instead, Olive accuses him of thinking she can’t do it. She says she’s supposed to help her and Cal seals it by saying he knows it, too. Grace isn’t thrilled about the family splitting up again, because look what happened when they did the last time when they took two separate planes. Ben reminds her that saved Cal’s life, so she agrees to go without Ben and Olive.

Saanvi examines Zeke and discovers all the damage the frost bite was doing to him is gone and the Calling marker is gone from his blood. Zeke asks if Saanvi is okay and she says she’s just busy. Ben arrives announcing the Meth Heads are back and Zeke takes off to find Mick. Ben tells her about his visit from the Department of Defense and worries what will happen if the Major learns about the tailfin. Then he shows her his hand. It looks like he’s been burned and he tells her it felt like he got an electrical shock when he touched the tailfin. I’d say it was more like he got struck by lightning.

Jared tells Mick where the RV was last sighted and Drea notices the easy banter between Mick and Jared. Then Mick sees the RV with the Meth Heads in it driving past and goes in hot pursuit of it. Jace throws a propane tank on the road at them and it blows up knocking them off the road and allowing the RV to escape.

As the RV travels along the methheads are trying to figure out what happened. Jace says they went under the ice in winter and came out in the spring. Kory thinks they died and came back like the 828ers. Pete reminds Jace he used to be the guy who would take care of everyone and doesn’t think they should be doing what they’re doing. Pete suggests they came back to do things differently.

Vance’s partner in the Cuba op isn’t thrilled Ben has come to see him. Emmett tells Ben they’re not going to be able to get Vance out, so he needs to give up that idea. Ben doesn’t know how he can take Vance’s wedding to his wife and tell her he’s not coming home and he’s giving up trying to help him.

At Angelina’s old school they see a stain glass window. Olive is excited that the wings of the angel are made of peacock feathers and says this is where they’re supposed to be and Angelina says this is what’s been stalking her. Angelina says the angel in her calling was holding scales and Archangel Michael holds scales to way your sins on judgement day. Angelina remembers burying a time capsule for school and Olive thinks the Callings want them to dig it up.

Grace arrives at her stepbrothers and he’s not very welcoming. Seems he’s bitter because he asked her for help ten years ago and she turned him down. He slams the door in her face.

Angelina and Olive find a photograph of her at King Kone where her parents used to take her. Olive suggests they go there and have a slushie.

Ben goes to Vance’s wife and she blames him for what happened to Vance and demands he fix this and get Vance back. He gives her Vance’s ring and when she tells him her ring says “The truth shall set you free” he thinks Vance’s ex-partner Powell may have been sending him a message. She tells Ben those words are also on his tombstone.

At King Kone Angelina drops the picture of her. In the background there’s also a picture of a little boy.

Grace tries to book a hotel for her and the kids for the night. They see Tarik come outside to play basketball and she says that’s a good sign. When he was a kid he would like to sulk in view of the person he was mad at. Cal goes over to him and asks him if he likes to play horse.

Jace acted like Pete’s words moved him, but he brings them to King Kone to rob the safe. Pete finds Angelina’s picture on the ground. Pete tries to get Jace to change his mind but he says they have scores to settle and they follow him into King Kone. Meanwhile Jared tells Mick the meth heads were seen at King Kone and she guns the engine to get their fast.

Cal works his magic of Tarik and tells him to go to Grace, way over at King Kone the meth heads her Cal saying go to her in their heads. Jace recognizes Cal’s voice and says they have to get out of there. Pete says he thinks he’s supposed to go to the girl in the picture he found. Jace and Kory leave Pete behind as he continues to stare at the photo. Mick arrives and arrests Pete.

Ben goes to Vance’s grave. Powell is waiting for him there. He says he started having a nagging feeling Vance wasn’t buried in that grave. Ben confirms Vance isn’t dead and tells him about the tailfin to try and use as a bargaining chip to get the government to get Vance back from the Cuban military, but asks him to keep it a secret because if it gets out it could cause a lot of problems for 828ers. Powell says he’ll try his best to keep it under wraps.

Pete says the photo belongs to him. Olive and Angelina come up looking for the photo. Olive explains Angelina had a Calling. Pete says the photo belongs to him. He’s the boy in the background and his brother, Jace, is working at the window serving ice cream. Mick decides to heed the Captain and go by the book on this. Mick won’t let Angelina keep the photo, saying it’s evidence, even though Olive thinks Ben might find some clue in it. She drives off with Pete and he and Angelina stare at each other.

Saanvi can find nothing unusual about the tissue sample she took from Ben’s sound from the tailfin. Zeke arrives. When Zeke tells her to beat the death date you have to follow the Callings, she reveals she hasn’t had a Calling since she medicated herself so how is she supposed to stop the death date? He tells her to just save one patient at a time. Saanvi curious how Zeke was able to tell how she was feeling when no one else around her has.

The Captain tells Mick she can give the photo back to Angelina. She asks Mick what she thinks about the video of the meth heads coming out of the lake and Mick says she has theories but knows the Captain only likes facts. The Captain suggests they keep that video under wraps.

Ben is happy to get a text from Powell saying Vance is free and he texts Vance’s wife. Then the story breaks on the evening news about the tailfin and reporters surround the Stone home so Ben tells Olive to tell Grace they can’t come, because the press will follow them to Tarik’s.

In Saanvi’s lab, after everyone is gone the sample she took from Ben’s hand starts to glow and at home the same thing begins to happen to Ben’s hand. The tailfin also shows a glowing handprint of Ben’s hand from where he touched it.

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