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Manifest -- Compass Calibration


Ben's Trial By Fire...

Previously on Manifest – Saanvi confessed to Mick that she killed the Major. Eagan stole Ben’s flash drive. And Eureka’s experiments may have cause an earthquake fissure to form under the building where none existed before.

The experiments at Eureka continued. Troy tried to get Saanvi to hear what his friend had to say about them causing earthquakes. Meanwhile, Saanvi put off confessing to Ben about the Major and turning herself into the police, feeling the experiments were too important to stop. Mick believed the Callings were also testing her and if she doesn’t arrest Saanvi she’ll be condemned by the Callings along with Saanvi.

Ben got a Calling about a woman that was facing a trial by fire with her picture burning on his passenger picture board. It seems he still hasn’t realized that his sticky-fingered new friend Eagan purloined his flash drive. He goes to seek her out and explain to her she isn’t crazy and she must follow her Calling.

Olive has refused to come home as long as Angelina is there. Her parents are letting her stay with Levi.

As Eureka does another experiment an earthquake hits throughout the town. An volcanic fissure even opens up. Saanvi asks Vance to stop these experiments. That they’re causing these things to happen, but he refuses. She pretends to go along with him but Troy and his friend help her to stage a fake explosion in the lab to make Gupta and Vance think the driftwood exploded. She secretly sneaks it out and drives to where the volcanic fissure is located. She throws the driftwood in the bubbling lava and the fissure immediately closes up.

Eden cries which stops Angelina from being hit by something when the quake hits and the always helpful Beverly who seems to have something talking through her tells Angelina that Eden is her guardian angel. Which is the worst thing you could tell a nut-burger like Angelina. Grace comes in and gets spooked about Angelina going on that Eden is her guardian angel and takes her away from Angelina. Zeke assures Grace that Angelina’s intentions are only good. Grace doesn’t think so when later Angelina takes Eden to a room by herself and sets it on fire to try and prove Eden is her guardian angel and will save her from the fire.

They get the fire put out but Grace has had enough. Olive was right about her and she needs to go. Grace kicks her out and in typical Angelina style who likes to return kindness with betrayal tells Grace she can’t keep her and Eden apart. Cal has a fit because Grace threw her out. Before she got the heave-ho she convince Cal she, Eden and him are some magic triad connected to each other. He looks himself in his room and refuses to speak to Grace.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, things are going to get worse for the Stone family since they brought this harbinger of doom into the house.

Ben helping an 828er with her trial by fire turned into his own. It was the anniversary of the day Ben was told Cal was going to die, so the passenger telling him her Calling was about a child in danger hit him hard and made him project Cal dying and being powerless to stop it on to the situation. The child they were trying to find was the child of the Xer who caused Ben so much trouble in the past. When he refused to tell Ben where he stashed his son, Ben got physical with him to the point he knocked him out. Enter Mick and Jared.

The boy’s mother met up with Mick and asked her to help, as well. She gets the Xer to tell her where his son is and they rescue him. Then she arrests Ben for violating the restraining order the Xer had against him.

So it seems the Calling wanted Ben to get a man who did nothing but cause him harm to trust him and tell him where he’d stashed his son and on the anniversary his own son got a death sentence. In short, Ben was set up to fail. Earlier, Ben had rescued the brother of one of the meth heads not knowing he helped the brother of the man who kidnapped his son. Which makes it seem like the Callings are never satisfied and will keep giving you tasks until you fail so it can enact its death date on you. Sort of like what they did with the meth heads. Two repented but because the third didn’t they all got punished.

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