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Manifest -- Bogey


There's blood in your eyes...

Previously on Manifest, it was another double episode. An ominous cloud that 828ers could only see hung over Project: Eureka. Eagan wanted to destroy Eureka. Saanvi believed sapphires were the key and Vance told her she could no longer share info with Ben.

Experiments continue on the piece of driftwood believed to be part of Noah’s Ark. They try to simulate dark lightning on it and it has no affect. Saanvi wants a chance to give it a go before the driftwood is sent back to the Vatican. Zeke cooking dinner for Sarah and Jared. Mick says she was hoping he could pick up something off of Sarah. Mick sees the clouds again and calls Ben. He says he’s not at Eureka cause he’s persona non grata there.

Olive is no longer BFFs with Angelina. She rolls her eyes when Angelina shows Grace swatches for the new restaurant. And she doesn’t miss Angelina wanting to take Eden when Ben calls for Grace, instead of having Olive take her sister.

In the basement Ben’s wall of 828 photos are flooded with water and he thinks the washing machine is overflowing. Grace tells him there is no water and it’s a Calling. Ben suddenly sees the dark clouds, too, and they recede when the doorbell rings. Eagan at Ben’s door soaking wet and asks what’s going on. Why is he all wet? Is it a sign he needs to be thrown off the lifeboat?

Eagan claims he saw a lion in the rain and he thought it was going to attack him when it roared in his face, then the clouds receded. Grace makes her dislike of Eagan known and I’m right on Team Grace’s team cheering her on. Olive goes to the college to do research on a lion and flood. Hint: Could it be Noah’s Ark? Grace wants to talk to Ben, privately. Eagan wants to know what Angelina is doing at the Stones and she says she’s living there. He takes the opportunity into tricking her into showing him around the Stone house. Did I mention I lobster hate this little slime?

Mick catches sight of herself in the mirror and sees blood tears streaming from her eyes as she passes parmesan cheese to Bev at this weird double date between Jared, Sarah, Zeke and Mick with a little Bev thrown in for spice. She makes an excuse that she has a phone call she needs to take and leaves the room.

Grace doesn’t want Ben going anywhere with Eagan. She doesn’t even want him in their house. Ben and Grace find him in Ben’s war room. Then the interloper demands he put Mick on speaker phone when she calls Ben to tell him about the tears of blood. Eagan notices only Saanvi’s picture is wet where Ben saw it being flooded with water on all the passengers photos. Mick says she thinks Saanvi could be in trouble at Eureka. Mick offers to go to Eureka. She thinks something is seriously wrong. At Eureka tears of blood are streaming from Saanvi’s eyes after she does her experiment on the driftwood. During the experiment one of the guy’s computer went crazy.

Mick makes her excuses and heads to Eureka alone. Vance agrees to let Mick in to try and figure out what’s wrong with Saanvi when he learns she’s at the gate.

Ben sees the lion in his garage. It lunges at him and Eagan and disappears. Ben noticed the lion’s eyes were bleeding, too.

Levi asks Olive out, but she turns him down. He denies he’s asking her out. They end up kissing but are interrupted by Ben calling.

Mick sees Saanvi’s eyes bleeding. There’s a Chinese myth that a lion statue with bleeding tears means a flood is coming. Some people painted blood on a lion statue to trick an old lady into thinking a flood was coming. When the old woman warned them a flood was coming they laughed at her and the people that did this drowned and the old lady was safe. God punished them for lying and tricking the old woman. They figure out this is happening to Saanvi because of a lie over there. But isn’t the lie Saanvi’s lie about the Major and also lying to Ben about what was going on over there.

Mick demands to speak to Saanvi alone. Mick says her bleeding eyes could be killing her and she needs to tell her what’s going on here.. She tells Mick about the driftwood from Noah’s ark. Mick thinks her eyes are bleeding because she was working on the ark.

The awkward dinner party continues. Bev spills something on her and demands Mick to help her. She thinks Sarah is Mick. She plays along with Bev and help her. Zeke gets a wave of feeling watching Sarah touching Bev’s hand. It makes him smile.

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Ben’s garage flooding and there’s a light shining on a paper under water. It’s Al-Zura’s journal Ben found in season 2. Mick calls Ben about the Noah’s Ark driftwood and he wonders since Saanvi isn’t getting better if that’s the lie.

The computer guy says when his comp when on the blitz it was detecting seismic activity taking place under their feet.

Mick confronts Vance about Noah’s Ark and ask what other lie that involves Saanvi he’s hiding. He won’t tell her about the Major. Mick has another Calling about the dark clouds and Saanvi’s bleeding eyes to let her know he’s lying and says she will find out. Just then Saanvi goes code blue and Mick and Vance rush there.

Olive comes home and she sees that Angelina has dyed her hair just like hers and taking pictures of herself. Cray-cray! Olive says she’s not her. Olive accuses her of trying to push her out of her own family so she can take her place. Olive says her family pities her.

Zeke pleased by the wave he feels when Jared and Sarah look at each other. It seems to alleviate whatever he felt off Mick when she thought about Jared and Sarah. Hate to break it to him, but that doesn’t change what Mick felt.

Ben says he thinks Saanvi made a hole in their life boat.

Saanvi won’t take treatment. Mick asks what Saanvi is hiding. She thinks that’s what’s killing her. Mick begs her to save the rest of them if not herself and Sannvi asks everyone to leave her with Mick. Saanvi says she’s tired of hiding the lie. She tells Mick she killed the Major. Once she admitted it the blood disappears and she’s fine.

At Ben’s the water goes away. Mick calls Ben but doesn’t tell him about Saanvi killing the Major. Ben asks Eagan to help while Eagan steals the flash drive from Ben’s computer.

Olive tells Grace her concerns about Angelina. Her wearing her clothes, copying her hair and is trying to hijack Eden. Grace says Angelina only meant it as a compliment.

Saanvi apologizes for lying to everyone for so long. She believes she sunk the life boat. Saanvi wonders how to redeem herself from murder. Mick says the Calling wanted her to come clean. Saanvi wants Mick to arrest her. Saanvi asks Mick not to tell Ben so she can tell him, herself.

Angelina goes to the college and Levi thinks it’s Olive. She starts coming on to Levi. Olive walksin on them and tells her to leave.

Bev goes on about how Mick and Jared make a great couple. When Zeke says he and Mick are married, Bev is suddenly lucid and she’s reading him saying Mick thought he was going to die in a day compared to her being in love with Jared for 12 years.

Ben thinks the picture from the journal are about some of the passengers sacrificing themselves to save the life boat. Grace wonders if they sacrificed by choice or the people threw them off the life boat. If the Callings are telling them to push others out of their life boat. Ben says there has to be another way.

The machines went on the blitz when Saanvi did her experiment. Now the technician says they’re showing there were earthquakes at the exact same time she did her experiment and that Eureka was the epicenter, but Eureka isn’t supposed to be built on a Faultline.

Saanvi is preparing to resign since she wasn’t able to help, then Gupta shows Saanvi she caused the driftwood to disappear for a second, just like the tailfin did. She says they’re on to a big breakthrough and they’re just getting started.

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