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Maniacal Night, The Crime That Shook Georgia, To Be Adapted As a Film by Acclaimed Horror Director Shreco Bakari

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Shreco Bakari of Foreman Empire Productions has announced that he and his team are adapting one of America's most barbaric crimes into a horror film titled Maniacal Night. The story follows a young couple who decided to have a romantic getaway at an AirBnB over the Christmas holidays but instead met evil in its purest forms.

Sitting down with Mr. Bakari, I was able to ask him some questions about the controversial film but, due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all parties involved, including myself, some things could not be shared. Several times I was asked to go off the record. These are the questions and answers that could be shared on the record:

1. What drew you to this project? What was it about this particular event that made you want to adapt it into a film?

A: The thing that most drew me to this project was the complete and utter destruction and terror. The Strangers is one of my all time favorite horror films and once I started to have conversations about this particular film, I knew this was a grand opportunity to finally have my own version and unique twist on that particular film. To answer your other question, due to the signed NDA pertaining to this story, unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question.

2. Were you close with the victims or their families?

A: Again, due to the signed NDA and protection of others involved, unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question. Can we move on to other matters, if you don't mind?

3. Do you know if the perpetrators were captured?

A: Listen, this is hard enough bringing this story to life, and keeping quiet on what we know, that we can NOT discuss. Now, for the last time, due to the signed NDA and for the protection of all involved, I CANNOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION. Now, would you be so kind to move on to another question.

4. Is there another crime you'd adapt into a film if given the chance?

A: After working on this, and seeing how these things work, I need to be honest and say it's not a walk in the park. It's absolutely and utterly terrifying. I mean you have to have the mental and emotional capacity to fully immerse yourself into what could or could not be a true story, which I am not going into detail about on the record, as you know. Even though it is scary, yes, I definitely would. I'm not sure which crime story but I'm sure if approached I'd listen and get it done.

5. Even though thhis is considered horror, it's still a new step in a different direction from the Ominous Project Universe that gave you your start. Any plans to return to that someday?

A: This is actually not a horror film I'm working on now. This is considered a TERROR film. There is a difference between horror and terror, however, it's a lot to dive into at the moment. I do have many horror moments within this film, yes, however this is a complete terror film and I am going to make the audience sit and feel every single element of what terror really is. Yes, I have stepped away from The Ominous Project Universe for a while. I don't know if I plan to return to that universe any time soon, however, there are many possibilities for the future. Even though I do miss certain things dealing with my horror universe, it's time for something new, fresh, unique, and bold. I believe this new terror film Maniacal Night will do just that. Let's just say it's The Strangers meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the found-footage subgenre.

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The cast is full of talent from head to toe. Shreco Bakari and Cicely Jackson lead the cast as the vacation couple Novak and Kimberly respectively. Please note, I have been told that the names were changed for the film to protect the identities of the victims and their families.

Next, we have Grae Jordan and Dalton Burdette as the criminal perpetrators. I have been able to sit in on a table reading and a rehearsal for the film and...well... I was speechless, hearing Grae and Dalton embody these people. Shreco was correct when he told me this would be a terror film. Grae and Dalton will both see to that. Goosebumps and sleepless nights will be the least of your problems.

Rounding out the cast is the hilarious and always fun Ashley Chanel, who will be portraying Novak's cousin. She's a delight and will most certainly bring some much needed comic relief to the terror.

Next, we'll take a look at the teaser poster and the official poster for the film.


The teaser poster is certainly enough to get you interested, albeit it looks more like a flyer for a fun theatre production. The 'Run, hide, survive' tagline with the blood spatter is what draws the eyes to the poster more than anything.

The official poster, however, takes no prisoners and lets us know exactly what we're in for.

The masks worn by the perpetrators are scary enough on the poster but imagine, if you will, you and your significant other are on vacation, enjoying each other's company when suddenly you see people wearing these masks outside your window?? Looking at the poster is terrifying enough. The film is sure to be terrifying as well. The actual incident....that, I can't even begin to imagine.


There's no doubt this is a film that is not to be missed. The advertising campaign for this film has been phenomenal and is already drawing some buzz. This film, and the cast of this film, are about to take the world by storm. Shreco Bakari and Grae Jordan in particular. Shreco has proven time and time again that he can accomplish what studios say is impossible with a budget that most studio heads would laugh at. Bakari is nothing short of an industry genius and he will change Hollywood someday. Grae Jordan's about to do the same, mark my words. There is zero doubt in my mind that her performance in the upcoming Manical Night will skyrocket her into a bountiful career.

Get ready. Steel your nerves and gird your loins. Maniacal Night is coming soon.

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