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Malignant (2021) Review

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James Wan is the director behind Saw (the first, that good one), Insidious and The Conjuring; each and every one of them very successful success films. With Malignant he returns to the horror genre that suits him so well.

Malignant does not disappoint. In fact, up to the massacre in the police cell, the film is excellent. Then it goes on for too long and, far from subtle, over the limit. Although it is a pity, it is also understandable, because otherwise we will not end up with a finished story, because it is now the case.

Towards the end, the fight scene with Gabriel in the police station stands out; this one was not necessary. The whole scene also feels fake, and is nothing more than a quick render from an old computer. Madison's fight scene in the police cell shouldn't have happened either, but it's still cool.

The atmosphere is wonderful and gives you goosebumps moments. Really exciting with only a few (good) jump scares. The mystery is worth unraveling, continues to fascinate and amaze. The denouement can easily be labeled as unbelievable. This can be a reason to tear the film down, but then you miss the vast majority before it. For the horror fan, Malignant is a breath of fresh air among all the substandard films we struggle through in search of a positive exception.


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 21, 2021:

Interesting review.

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