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Maligenant Review

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Malignant review

Wan is one of the most famous horror film directors and producers, the aw-film series, the Annabelle film series, the Insidious film series, and finally the Conjuring series, and has also contributed to writing some of those works.

A glimpse of them can be seen to discern the resemblance of Wan's style both in writing and in directing, and in malignant she sees the same glimpse. Malignant is a film starring Annabella Welles, Maddy Hasson and George Young.

Madison wakes up to a noisy pregnant wife who, one night, finds out that someone has attacked her husband to death and proceeded to attack her, then wakes up in the hospital, embarking on a journey of dreadful dreams that can be described as living witnessing the killing of a mordless, terrifying creature.

With the help of police, Madison makes a strong connection to the killer returning from childhood memories she initially thinks of as a fictional friend, only to discover that Gabrielle is a malignant tumor that was born as a parasite on her nervous system and mind and which doctors have to remove because of its psychological effect on her.

In his films, particularly the Sao series, Wan relies on bloody horror, scenes of violence, the flying of parts, blood, eyes, and so on. These scenes are the foundation of terror, and although they are often found in Malignant- Malignant, the film is even more profound.

Running approximately 110 minutes, up to the last five minutes, the film appears to be a classic horror film featuring distinctive director style, particularly the use of unusual cascades suggestive of contraction, as well as changes in lighting that emphasize the overall horror, raw horror.

But in the scene ending in a sermon, Madison begins a violent speech to Gabrielle, or the malignant tumor that controls her body and kills her mother and sister, so much so that she manipulates his perceptions to show him things that never happened - killing the two women - that she is the game's author, as the scene certainly paves the way for a sequel, such as a typical One movie.

Madison was initially thought to be suffering from schizophrenia, and to be the one to carry out the murders in an unconscious state.

It was not much different after the plot was resolved and it became known that Gabriel was a supernatural Midson twin parasite who could speak through electromagnetic waves, influence the movement of electricity, and so on.

The director of the Ensidias film series presents a plot of astral projection, a condition that can be described as a blend of supernatural, supernatural and psychological, as well as of Malignant, where the horror of the film emerges first from a certain ambiguity and second from Madison's bizarre medical condition. But what if this "malignant" is the mental illness itself, it is known medically that some tumours cause hallucinations and some psychotic diseases such as schizophrenia.

So when Madison speaks at the end of the film that she can control things, she speaks for the psychotic warriors in general, and the psychotic warriors in particular, that their war with their illness is not easy, so imagine your brain as your first enemy!
A film relies heavily on "decisions" and how each decision leads to results that you might not have imagined to occur because of that simple decision.

Starting with the mother abandoning the twins instead of taking care of them, Gabriel needs care and love more than any normal child. The decision to keep the parasite and allow it to grow and develop in the hope of a new scientific discovery led doctors to overdevelop it, eventually killing them.

In the script of Malignant, some points are unjustifiable and others are poorly justified. We did not understand, for example, how Gabriel physically attacked Madison at the beginning of the film when they shared the same body. Madison jumps into control of this malignant tumor, offering no justification or proposition, and Gabriel kills all the film's protagonists and suddenly! Madison wakes up with control over him.

Malignant- Malignant released on September 1, directed by James Wan.
Because of the film's gaps, it wasn't very convincing at many points and the impact it had on his ratings.


Liza from USA on October 01, 2021:

I watched the show! Oh, man. It was a pretty shocker at the end. I always like James Wan horror movies, especially, The Conjuring series. Malignant definitely is one of my favorite on the horror movie list this year.

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