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World Richest People | Magnus Scheving

Magnus At FRESH 2011

Magnus At FRESH 2011

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Who is Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving ?

Entrepreneur, writer, producer and athlete from Iceland with pretty awesome story. Magnus grew up in small town of Borgarnes. His first job was telephone exchange messenger boy. But the point of his future success have to come in his 20's. In 20's, he made a bet with his friend, and the bet was about sport - they said to themselves to succeed in sport they didn't know anything about before. His friend Fjölnir Þorgeirsson became a snooker champion and Magnús aerobics&athlette winner.

European Champion of aerobics in 1995 and 1994 as well as silver medalist in the World Championships of aerobics in 1994

In 1994 and 95 the success has come and Magnús won european championship as well as silver medal in the World Championship of aerobics in 1994. .From the carpenter to an athletic superhero who has one dress for occupation and one dress for his alter-ego, Sportakus. He is idol of children and their parents from the whole world.

Magnus also travelled more than 50 countries as motivational speaker, so got the privilegium to tell his ideas to thousands of people! Due his travel, the idea has come - children do not have a good guiding light in health. So he decided to write a book. The book called Go, Go LazyTown! became bestseller and other books came early.

Visit Borgarnes, Iceland

Producer and star of television show Lazy Town

His TV show LazyTown is broadcasted in more than 100 countries and 18 languages. More than 40 million of child adores the shiny world of Lazy Town, which emphasizes healthy eating, physical fitness, and positive social values like sharing and being kind to others.

I think that is awesome how he utilize his winning bet to earn&change millions. Awesome example of successful sportsman, actor and entrepreneur.

Today, he own successful TV production company which holds right of Lazy Town show, and because of this, there is a very good opportunity to sell brand products like Toys. The concept of Lazy Town shaped itself about 10 Years.

Song with Stephanie from Lazy Town

Triumph TR4

Triumph TR4

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Porsche Carrera

Porsche Carrera

He love cars

He love cars. He love details. He love precise design. As a boy, he wished to purchase Porsche. Today, he don't have "only" porsche.

People Ask me, if I am rich. I tell them that i am one of the most richest people in the world, because i enjoy what i do.

Magnus is kind of man who was born with an extraordinary buck of energy. And he utlised it very good. What Do You think about it?

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