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Making a Muppet Style Comeback

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'Disney's "Muppet Haunted Mansion" currently available to stream on Disney +.

Is it worth the watch?

The Muppets are back! This time roaming the halls of a Disney classic ride, The Haunted Mansion. I'm going to be honest, I went into this having little expectations but like my fiancé always says, I was so wrong! This movie had a mixture of laughs and honestly just good, fun vibes. Pepe took the reigns of being the comedic relief in this film. I feel like Gonzo, even though he was the main character, took a back seat in this one. In my oh so humble opinion, I would easily give this a 8.2/10. If you are a Haunted Mansion/Disney fan then this is 100% for you. If you are more of a Muppets fan, you might be a tad disappointed.


It seems to be the trend with Muppet films to have at least 1 or 2 sing-a-long songs within the entirety of the movie but why?

I felt like they could have done away with the sing-a-long's in this movie. It's one of those moments where you pick up your phone, check a few Instagram stories and once the song is over you go back to watching. Once again, in my opinion they could have done better.

Final Thoughts...

I thought Pepe really ran away with this one. A star in the making. Who knew a King Prawn could be a star. In all honesty, he made me laugh the most. On second thought, a goat was the one who made me cry of laughter (if you know, you know). One of those moments where you laughed so hard your throat hurt after. Ok, ok, just me? Anyway, a ton of Muppets made an appearance, some of which I wish had a bigger role. A few random guest appearances as well, enter uncle Jesse. Its a great watch on a nice cold, rainy October night. Kid friendly with a total running time of 49 minutes.

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