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Maki Nishiyama Japanese Actress and Fashion Model That Was involved in Controversy

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A First Look at Japanese Actress Maki Nishiyama

Maki Nishiyama focuses on movie acting and modeling

Maki Nishiyama is a Japanese actress that has been involved in some controversy in her personal life. This Niigata Japan native stands at 168 centimeters tall and is signed to the Office M & B talent agency. Her TV drama appearances include Diet Rebound and A Taste of Honey which both aired in 2011. As she is a young actress her movie appearances are not too extensive yet. Her most current TV drama as of this writing is called Ranma ½. Her movie appearances are in Humming Life and Dolphin Blue, both of which were made in 2007. However, her debut movie appearance came in 2006 in the movie Christmas on July 24 Avenue.

Maki Nishiyama at the premiere for the movie Battleship (2012)


Maki Nishiyama: personal life, controversy and marriage to Taichi Saotome

She has also endorsed famous companies such as Sony and Nivea. As for her personal life controversy, she was involved in a fight with boyfriend and actor Taichi Saotome. Saotome himself admitted that the fight was over something really stupid and they both apologized to all of their fans. Saotome and Nishiyama revealed in February 2012 that they are now dating but they have no plans to get married yet. They had announced this after their return from a vacation in Hawaii. Saotome was seen at the airport covering his head with a hood and Nishiyama was covering her face with a mask. They both said that they really enjoyed the beaches and shopping. The couple met each other through a friend and started dating in 2011 although the date is unknown. Nishiyama would attend his stage plays all the time and on days when they are not working, they go out on dates. It is said that they both have a good relationship but that they will not get married just yet. This information was made public by Saotome’s agency. This is in spite of the fact that Nishiyama recently admitted that she and her boyfriend is childish. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s why we are all human. Nishiyama is still very young and she has room to grow and mature as an actress and as a human being. Nishiyama registered her marriage to Saotome in June 2014.

Maki Nishiyama loves fast food!

One interesting fact to mention is that Nishiyama loves fast food particularly those of MOS which is a Japanese hamburger franchise. The company held a press conference in August 2010 to promote their product. Their business plan was to divide the country into 5 areas and each of the areas will have their own burgers that use the products of the region. That’s a pretty sound and good business strategy to promote your product. Nishiyama being such a lover of fast food is said to have eaten 2 to 3 hamburgers and side dishes in one setting. It is reported that she used to do that for a while. And she is still thin. I don’t know how someone could do that and still stay so thin. It could be because of her high metabolism.

The beautiful Maki Nishiyama showing her great fashion sense


Nishiyama's modeling work

Nishiyama was born on November 16, 1985 and is also a supermodel. She began modeling when she appeared in Japanese magazine CanCam which is really famous. Her nickname is “maki-chan.”

Maki Nishiyama Files for Divorce

At the end of June 2019, Nishiyama announced that she was divorcing her husband Taichi Saotome. She was asked by reporters about what woul happen in the future and she said that the two of them would respect and support each other as partners and that they would also do anything to protect the smiles on their children’s faces. Nishiyama has two daughters.

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