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Make an Only Fans They Said

Make an Only Fans they said. Make money like you have never seen, they said. Be in control of your own life, they said. They all made it sound so easy, like I would be able to just roll out of bed create a piece of content then abra cadabra, you're in the money. I wish it had been that easy.

After some deliberating and a bit of dutch courage I sat down to build my profile, the process was straight forward enough. I gave my details, certified who I was and selected my was at this point i became a little confused over what content to upload and how to build my profile and attract subscribers. I couldn't find any real help on what to do to be successful on the Only Fans website so I turned to the many reddit pages and help pages available.

It was a bit daunting, there were so many different places to go for information but none of them seemed to come from Only Fans. Though I appreciated the wide community of creators and subscribers all offering their expertise to help budding new creators make a quick buck I couldn't help but wonder if this was everyone else’s experience. In all honesty the sheer magnitude of the task at hand was overwhelming and I decided to stop before I had really started. The whole situation got me thinking: are there other platforms, other options that may be more beginner friendly.

As I did my research I realised Only Fans had a number of issues beyond being a little daunting for first time users. They had a habit of breaking promises to adult content creators, limited features and issues with the site's security and reliability. Ironically as I was processing this thought Only Fans released a statement, they would no longer allow adult content on their site. Shocking as that was the foundation of their success and what their brand was known for.

This prompted me to think If i had not spoken to my friends and done my research in the beginning what other platforms would I have chosen. To save you the hassle I compiled a list of my top 3 Only Fans alternatives, it's not extensive but it's a quick overview of options that may be better than Only Fans.


A new platform on the market but one that is making all the right noise. Fanvue was founded by creators including youtube veteran JMX. Fanvue’s motto is for all creators and welcomes both mainstream and adult creators with equal vigour. Fanvue is feature rich with instant verification, Discovery, Vaults and fast payments. Fanvue also offers bespoke support and welfare services to help creators grow, develop and maximise their income. Fanvue is probably the best place to start as a new creator and seems to have put in place the right measures to help creators build a career out of making content.


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Fansly has been identified as the next Only Fans with adult content creators leaving en masse to join the platform created in 2020. Fansly is feature rich but its biggest strength has been how it responds to creator requests, complaints or bugs. Fansly actively listens to its creators and engages them in making the platform better. Its platform reminds you of Only Fans in its early years with adult creators driving its success.


One of The biggest and oldest content sharing platforms, Patreon is one of the pioneers of the content sharing space helping creators and artists monetize their music. Patreon is a safe well known platform for mainstream creators but not really a place for adult creators if that’s the type of content you are thinking of Making. If you want security and a reliable platform then patreon is the one for you.

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