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Mad Men Season 7 Quotes

Mad Men Season 7 Promo Poster

Mad Men Season 7 Promo Poster

Mad Men Season 7 kept up the high standard of the past six seasons and gave us some great bicoastal drama, Freddy Rumsen as cyrano de bergerac, a computer that made Harry Crane seem important, a brief return to Don's alcoholism, a detour into hippie life, the beginning of the Nixon administration, professional breakthroughs and breakdowns, and the death of a beloved character.

This article attempts to include all the great quotes from the first half of the final season.

Please feel free to suggest any quotes that I left off the list.

Season 7

S07E01 Time Zones

Freddy Rumsen: "Are you ready? Because I want you to pay attention. This is the beginning of something."

Freddy Rumsen: "Accutron. It's not a timepiece, it's a conversation piece."

Peggy Olson: [After hearing the Accutron pitch] "Wow Freddy, that’s a home run. Actually, it's kind of an end run. That was not what I expected."
Freddy Rumsen: "There’s a nice way to say that, and there’s the way you just said it."

Peggy Olson [To Freddy]: "You really put the free in freelancer, don’t you?"

Pete Campbell: [About L.A.] "The city’s flat and ugly and the air is brown, but I love the vibrations."

Don Draper: [To Lee] "I fly a lot. And I'm always hoping I'll be seated next to, well, someone like you, instead of a man with a hairpiece eating a banana."

Don Draper: [About Lee's late husband]: "What happened to him?"
Lee Cabot: "He was thirsty. He died of thirst."

Lee Cabot: "How long have you been married?"
Don Draper: "Not long enough. I really thought I could do it this time."

Don Draper: [About Megan] "She doesn't know that much, but she knows."

Don Draper: [To Lee about his marriage] "I keep wondering: Have I broken the vessel?"

Lou Avery: [To Peggy about getting the right Accutron tag] "Why are you making this so hard? Open the door and walk in. You do not need to parachute in through the ceiling."

Lou Avery: "I don’t know, Peggy. I guess I’m immune to your charms."

Joan Harris: [To Wayne Barnes from Butler Footwear] "I took you seriously but you didn’t take me seriously."

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Stan Rizzo: "You’re telling your boss you think he’s stupid?"
Peggy Olson: "Well, I’m tired of fighting for everything to be better. You’re all a bunch of hacks who are perfectly happy with shit. Nobody cares about anything. No one wants things to be better? I got it. I’ll just stand out here, all by myself."

Freddy Rumsen: [To Don] "You know I’ve been there. You don’t want to be damaged goods."

S07E02 A Day's Work

Sally Draper: [At her dorm] "I’d stay here ‘til 1975 if I thought I could get Betty in the ground."

Michael Ginsberg: [About Peggy's lack of a love life] "She has plans. Look at her calendar: 'February 14, masturbate gloomily.’ "

Jim Cutler: "Don who? Our collective ex-wife who still receives alimony?"

Don Draper: [About what to write for Sally's school absence note] "Sally, what do I say?"
Sally Draper: "Just tell the truth."

Pete Campbell: "Sometimes I think maybe I died, and I’m in some kind of—I don’t know if it’s heaven or hell or limbo—but I don’t seem to exist. No one feels my existence."

Ted Chaough: "Just cash the checks. You’re going to die one day."

Don Draper: "Why would you let me lie to you like that?"
Sally Draper: "Because it’s more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than it is for you to be lying."

Don Draper: "I didn’t behave well. I said the wrong things to the wrong people, at the wrong time."

Sally Draper: "I’m so many people."

Jim Cutler: "What are the skills required down here? Organization, fortitude, lack of concern for being unliked?"

Jim Cutler: [To Roger Sterling] "I’d hate to think of you as an adversary. I’d really hate that."

Sally Draper: [To Don] "Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you."

Don & Sally in "A Day's Work"

Don & Sally in "A Day's Work"

S07E03 Field Trip

Jim Cutler: [To Harry Crane] "Are you aware your self-pity is distasteful?"

Jim Cutler: [To Harry Crane] "You have stiff competition, but I believe you to be the most dishonest man I have ever worked with."

Roger Sterling: [To Don] "The man who talked to Hershey, I’ve seen that man wandering the streets with a sandwich board saying 'The end is near.' "

Don Draper: [To Megan] "I just thought that if you found out what happened, you wouldn’t look at me in the same way."
Megan Draper: "I can’t believe after all this time you don’t know me."
Don Draper: "I know how I want you to see me."

Michael Ginsberg: [About Don] "Maybe he finished drying out."

Roger Sterling: "Our Creative is invisible right now!"

Bobby Draper: "I wish it was yesterday."

Peggy Olson: "Well, I can’t say that we miss you."
Don Draper: "Thank you, Peggy."

Betty Francis: "It was a perfect day and he ruined it."
Henry Francis: "How is that possible, Betty?"
Betty Francis: "Do you think I’m a good mother?"
Henry Francis: "Of course."
Betty Francis: "Then why don’t they love me?"

Betty & Bobby in "Field Trip"

Betty & Bobby in "Field Trip"

S07E04 The Monolith

Jim Cutler: [About the new computer] "Why not let every client who steps foot in that door know that this agency has entered the future."

Peggy Olson: [About the computer taking over the creative lounge] "You know Lou didn’t fight for our space. He doesn’t believe in creative because he doesn’t know how to do it."

Roger Sterling: "Well, we’re getting a computer. It’s going to do lots of magical things, like make Harry Crane seem important."

Michael Ginsberg: "They’re trying to erase us. But they can’t erase this couch!"

Harry Crane: "Look, I’m sorry you lost your lunch room, it’s not symbolic."
Don Draper: "No it's quite literal."

Lloyd Hawley: "The IBM 360 can count more stars in a day than we can in a lifetime."
Don Draper: "But what man laid on his back and thought about a number?"

Roger Sterling: [About Margaret] "You know I haven’t seen her in a while, because the last time I did she was so cruel. And so serene."

Bert Cooper: "Why are you here?"
Don Draper: "Because I started this agency."
Bert Cooper: "Along with a dead man, whose office you now inhabit."

Mona Sterling: [About the hippies] "These people are lost and on drugs and they have venereal diseases."

Margaret Sterling/Hargrove/Marigold: "I’m sorry you had nothing to live for."
Mona Sterling: "I did. I had you. And I was grateful."
Margaret Sterling/Hargrove/Marigold: "I’m grateful. I don’t have to lock myself in a bathroom with a pint of gin every day."

Mona Sterling: "I think she was brainwashed, but there’s nothing to wash."

Marigold: [At the hippie commune sleeping in the moonlit barn] "You think we'll put a man up there."
Roger Sterling: "With all the brainpower around here, I'm certain you'll put a man on the roof."

Freddy Rumsen: "Are you just going to kill yourself, give them want they want? Or go in your bedroom, get in uniform, fix your bayonet and hit the parade? Do the work Don."

The computer arrives at SC&P in "The Monolith"

The computer arrives at SC&P in "The Monolith"

S07E05 The Runaways

Stan Rizzo: [About making fun of Lou's comic strip] "I don't know what you think you heard."
Lou Avery
: "I heard everything. From your first fart to your last dying breath."

Lou Avery: [To the creative team] "You know what, you're a bunch of flag-burning snots. You've got a thing to learn about patriotism and loyalty."

Lou Avery: "I'm not taking management advice from Don Draper."

Stephanie: [About Don] "I know all of his secrets."
Megan Draper: "But you don't know him very well."

Henry Francis: "Hey! Emily Post. Why were you talking about the war?!"
Betty: "I didn't bring it up! But maybe I should more because I didn't know where you stood."

Henry Francis: [To Betty] "I'm not a dinner companion. I'm their elected representative!"

Henry Francis: [To Betty] "From now on, keep your conversation to how much you hate getting toast crumbs in the butter. And leave the thinking to me!"

Amy: "Anything for you, Don?"
Megan Draper: "I know what he likes."

Henry Francis: "Sally, you can understand how your mother and I are both worried about your nose."
Sally Draper: "Yeah I know. Because where would mum be without her perfect nose. She wouldn't find a man like you. She'd be nothing."

Sally Draper: [To Betty] "Don't worry about me finding a man. I already have you to keep me in line."

Michael Ginsberg: [To Peggy] "That machine makes men do unnatural things."

Amy: [To Don] "You know what would make you feel better. Drugs."

Betty Francis: [To Henry] "I'm tired of everyone telling me to shutup. I'm not stupid. I speak Italian."

Henry Francis: "I'm sorry I embarrassed you."
Betty Francis
: "You're sorry you forgot to inform me what I'm supposed to think. Guess what, I think all by myself."

Jim Cutler: [To Don] "You think this is going to save you, don't you."

Don interrupts the Phillip Morris meeting in "The Runaways"

Don interrupts the Phillip Morris meeting in "The Runaways"

S07E06 The Strategy

Jim Hobart: [About Burger Chef] "It's not MacDonalds. It's run by morons."
Roger Sterling: "A lot of companies succeed that way, but look who I'm talking to."

Jim Hobart: "I know you folks want to be just like McCann when you grow up."
Roger Sterling: "When we grow up, we're going to kill you and marry your wife."

Pete Campbell: [About Peggy] "You know that she's every bit as good as any woman in this business."

Peggy Olson: "And then you turn and hit the tag like you just thought of it."
Don Draper: "Do I do that?"

Jim Cutler: [As Roger is leaving for the day] "Ah, good, you're still here."
Roger Sterling: "That's your opinion."

Jim Cutler: "I played a round this morning with Les Clark, my friend from Phillip Morris."
Roger Sterling: "The brand commander of Commander brand."

Peggy Olson: "We both know there's a better idea."
Stan Rizzo: "There's always a better idea."

Peggy Olson: [To Don about the Burger Chef pitch] "It's poisoned because you expressed yourself."

Don Draper: "I want you to feel good about what you're doing, but you'll never know. That's just the job."
Peggy Olson: "What's the job?
Don Draper: "Living in the not knowing."

Don Draper: "You can't tell people what they want. It has to be what you want."
Peggy Olson: "I want to go to the movies."

Don Draper: "Whenever I'm really unsure about an idea, first I abuse the people whose help I need, and then I take a nap. Then I start at the beginning again. See if I end up in the same place."

Bob Benson: "I know I am flawed. But I am offering you more than anyone else ever will."
Joan Harris: "No you're not, Bob. Because I want love. And I'd rather die hoping that happens than make some arrangement. And you should too."

Peggy Olson: "Does this family exist anymore? Are there people who eat dinner and smile at each other instead of watching TV?"

Don Draper: [To Peggy] "I worry about a lot of things, but I don't worry about you."

Peggy Olson: "What do you have to worry about?"
Don Draper: "That I never did anything, and that I don't have anyone."

Peggy Olson: [About reaching 30 without having a family] "What did I do wrong?"

Peggy Olson: "What if there was a place where you could go where there was no TV, and you could break bread, and whoever you were sitting with, was family."

Don, Peggy & Pete at Burger Chef in "The Strategy"

Don, Peggy & Pete at Burger Chef in "The Strategy"

S07E07 Waterloo

Ted Chaough: [About advertising] "I don't want to die, I just don't want to do this anymore."

Lou Avery: "There's a cork-tipped Newport in the works. Shall I invite them to Don Draper Dinner Theatre, maybe a matinee?"

Peggy Olson: [Practicing a pitch] "We were scared until we knew the genuine superiority of Burger Chef. More general flattery, research, research. Without further ado, Donald Draper. Don."
Pete Campbell: "Is that what you're going to say?"

Betty Francis: [About Don] "I'm starting to think of him as an old, bad boyfriend. Someone a teenage anthropologist would marry."

Jim Cutler: [To Don] "You're just a bully and a drunk. A football player in a suit."

Pete Campbell: [To Cutler about Don] "That is a very sensitive piece of horseflesh. He shouldn't be rattled."

Megan Draper: [To Don] "You don't owe me anything."

Bert Cooper: "Whoever is in control, is in charge."
Roger Sterling: "We're in control. We've got the votes. Except for Benedict Joan."

Bert Cooper: [To Roger] "You have talent and skill and experience, but you're not a leader."

Pete Campbell: "The Don Draper show is back, from its unscheduled interruption."

Pete Campbell: "Marriage is a racket."

Sally Draper: [About the moon landing] "It's such a waste of money."

Roger Sterling: "I should have realised it was the end. Every time an old man starts talking about Napoleon, you know they're gonna die".

Peggy Olson: "I have to talk to people who just touched the face of God, about hamburgers!"

Roger Sterling: [To Jim Hobart] "Did you see we landed on the moon?"

Roger Sterling: "Neil Armstrong, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life? Screw every girl in Florida I guess."

Peggy Olson: "There may be chaos at home. But there's family supper at Burger Chef."

Roger Sterling: "Cutler's not gonna stop until the firm is just Harry and the computer."

Jim Cutler: "I hope you all realise this is a pathetic ploy, and a delusion."
Roger Sterling: "It is, until everybody votes on it."

Pete Campbell: [To Ted after he declines a lucrative deal for the partners] "You're not just pathetic, you're selfish!"

Bert Cooper singing "The Best Things In Life Are Free" in "Waterloo"

Bert Cooper singing "The Best Things In Life Are Free" in "Waterloo"

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