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Mad Men Season 2 Song List

"Misirlou" by Martin Denny features in this scene from Season 2

"Misirlou" by Martin Denny features in this scene from Season 2

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This article lists all the songs heard in Season 2 of Mad Men (Links to the other seasons can be found above).

It details the episode the song appeared in, the title and artist of the song and a brief description of the scene it appeared in.

Unknown tracks will be referred to as "Unidentified song, music or original score".

Feel free to suggest mistakes and any songs missing from the list.

Mad Men Season 2 Poster

Mad Men Season 2 Poster

Season 2

S02E01 For Those Who Think Young

"Let's Twist Again" by Chubby Checker (First scene; characters getting ready for the day; Betty goes horseriding)

"Song of India aka Song of the Indian Guest" by Rimsky-Korsakov, arranged by David Carbonara, performed by Jan Van Reeth & Ann Lies Sturm (Betty makes her entrance in the Savoy Hotel foyer where Don awaits; also at the end credits)

"My Last Love" by Benny Green & Tony Crombie/Ugurcan Sezen (Pete & Trudy talking)

"Betty's Mechanic" by David Carbonara (Betty breaks down and gets help from a mechanic)

"The Carousel" by David Carbonara (Final scene before credits; Don reads from Frank O'Hara's Meditations in an Emergency)

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Extra Track: "Nearing the End" by David Carbonara

Lollipops and Roses by Jack Jones

Lollipops and Roses by Jack Jones

S02E02 Flight 1

"Crooked Woman" by Edd Henry (First song at Paul's party)

"Congratulations Honey" by Baby Washington & The Planets (Second song at Paul's party)

Unidentified song (When Don and Betty are playing cards)

"I'm Not Going To Fight" by David Carbonara (Don & Betty discuss Carlton and Francine; Don says he doesn't want an argument)

"Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto (Don sits alone in a Japanese restaurant)

"Temptation Is Hard to Fight" by George McGregor & The Bronzettes (Peggy making out in the hallway outside Paul's party; end credits)

Extra Track: "Song of the Chrysanthemum" by Xiansi Province Folklore Ensemble

S02E03 The Benefactor

"Betty's Ride" by David Carbonara (Betty goes horseriding)

"The Snows of Yesteryear" by David Carbonara (Don watches a French film)

"Lollipops & Roses" by Jack Jones (End credits)

S02E04 Three Sundays

"Blue Room" by Perry Como (Don and Betty slow-dance)

"BWV 140 Cantata, "Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme" by Johann Sebastian Bach, arranged by Hans-Dieter Weber (End credits)

Extra Track: "Almost In Love" by Harry Warren

S02E05 The New Girl

"Theme from A Summer Place" by Percy Faith & his Orchestra (Don and Bobbie Barrett go for a drive)

"The New Girl" by David Carbonara (Joan shows Jane around the office) (Unconfirmed)

"The Carousel" by David Carbonara (End credits)

S02E06 Maidenform

"The Infanta" by The Decemberists (Betty, Joan and Peggy get dressed)

"How Mable Get Sable Cha Cha Cha" (aka "How Many Get Sable") by David Carbonara (Peggy at the gentleman's club)

"The Carousel" by David Carbonara (End credits)

Extra Track: "Golden Sunset" by Xavier Cugat

S02E07 The Gold Violin

"Toys For Boys" by M. Minnich (Plays at the beginning of the episode)

"Couleur Cafe" by Serge Gainsbourg (Martinson's coffee jingle song)

"I'm in Love" by The Pentagons (Don, Betty and the kids have a picnic)

"Piece of Cake" by New York Jazz Ensemble (During Ken's dinner with Sal and his wife)

"Break it to Me Gently" by Brenda Lee (End credits)

S02E08 A Night to Remember

Unidentified song (Sally does some ballet)

"Early in the Morning" by Peter, Paul & Mary, performed by Colin Hanks (Father Gill sings and plays guitar; end credits)

S02E09 Six Month Leave

"Pot Can't Talk About the Kettle" by Helene Smith (Don and Roger have a drink at a bar)

"Swinging Candies" by Horst Jankowski (Don, Roger and Freddie in a speakeasy)

"I'm Through with Love" by Marilyn Monroe (End credits)

S02E10 The Inheritance

"Swingin' Saints" by The Gigalo's (Unknown scene; possibly the elevator scene with Paul and Sheila)

Unidentified songs (Ken has dinner with Sal and his wife)

"Telstar" by The Tornadoes (Don on a plane to Los Angeles; end credits)

S02E11 The Jet Set

"Misirlou" by Martin Denny (Don in Los Angeles by the pool, meeting Joy for a second time and with Joy arriving in Palm Springs)

Unknown original score by David Carbonara (Don thinks he sees Betty in Los Angeles; Don in Palm Springs)

"Girl From Copacabana" by Marc Durst (Don talks to Joy; middle of the episode)

"What'll I Do?" by Johnny Mathis (End credits)

S02E12 The Mountain King

Unknown piano music (Don steps off the bus in San Pedro)

"In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt Suite No. 1)" by Edvard Grieg (Anna Draper's student plays piano)

"Deck the Halls" (Flashback to Don and Anna at Christmas)

"Treat You Right" by The Sevilles (Flashback of Don talking to some mechanics and looking for work)

"Cup of Loneliness" by George Jones (End credits)

Cup of Loneliness by George Jones features in Season 2

Cup of Loneliness by George Jones features in Season 2

S02E13 Meditations in an Emergency

"Heavenly Girl" by Terry Day (Betty at the salon)

"Betty Walks Alone" by David Carbonara (Betty walks into a bar)

"Stranger On The Shore" by Acker Bilk (Betty sits at the bar)

"The Carousel" by David Carbonara (Don and Betty try to reconcile; end credits)



Sackman on July 15, 2019:

"Unknown original score by David Carbonara (Don thinks he sees Betty in Los Angeles; Don in Palm Springs)"

Sounds to me like a variation of "A Song of India" by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakoff.

Beth on February 16, 2017:

When the judgement comes. That is not chad and Jeremy. Who is it

Johnny K on August 09, 2015:

Theme from a Summer Place by Percy Faith is in episode 5 when Don is riding in the car with Bobby Barret

JoeCap on January 04, 2015:

Hi Charlie,

In the last episode (13), there is a 2-minute female choral (no lyrics) and orchestral violins) song playing in the background of hair salon with Betty and neighbor. Also, as Betty enters the bar, there is a piano/violin orchestral song playing in the background up until the scene cuts out to Don and kids eating in the hotel room. Then, it changes to Acker Bilk's "Strangers on the Shore" when the scene re-opens.

And, Swingin' Saints is an interesting re-do of "When the Saints Go Marching In". It could be the song in the elevator.

charliecrews38 (author) from Melbourne, Australia on December 31, 2014:

Thanks for the update, I thought the song with Paul and Sheila might be Swingin Saints but I might be wrong

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