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MGR, The Great Memorable Celebrity of Tamil Nadu in India



MGR had been the most popular film actor and politician of Tamil Nadu, India. He was such a great celebrity who won the hearts of milloins and millions of all age group of people in Tamil Nadu, India.

MGR, the full name is Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran, was a talented film actor and politician. He was born on17.01.1917 at Nawalapitiya near Kandy of present Sri Lanka as the son of Shri Gopala Menon and Shrimathi Sathyabama. His family was so poor that he struggled even to meet the basic needs of life. He got married three women namely Bargavi, Sathanandavathi and V.N.Janaki at different periods of his life.

MGR, The Veteran Actor of Tamil Cinema

MGR was indeed great actor of Tamil film industry. In fact no other actor in the Tamil cinema industry had attained as popularity and fame as he had reached. His very first Tamil film was Satileelavathi which was directed by the American born director named Ellis Dungan in the year 1935. In 1960s and 1970s he had been the most famous Tamil film actor and the people of Tamil Nadu became addicted to see his every acted film.

Malai Kallan gave a great turning point to MGR and later he acted in more than 100 films and some of his famous films based on historical stories were Nadodi Mannan, Madurai Veeran, Mannathi Mannan, and so on. He also showed his extraordinary performance in other commercial films including Enga Veetu Pillai, Rickshakaran, Anbe Vaa, Ayirathil Oruvan, and these were some of the box office hit movies released that time. MGR played opposite different then popular actresses such as Banumathi, Saroja Devi, Jeyalalitha, Latha, K.R.Vijaya, Padmini and so on. The film Rickshakaran fetched him National Film Award for the best actor.

MGR As An Actor

MGR as an Actor

MGR as an Actor

MGR, The Most Successful Politician

MGR had been in the Congress party until 1953 and later became the prominent member of DMK under the leadership of Arignar C.N.AnnaDurai, the founder of the party. In the year 1962 he was elected as the Member of Legislative Council and later in 1967 he was elected as Member of state Legislative Assembly from St. Thomas Mount constituency. During 1967 State Assembly election, Dr.C.N.AnnaDurai asked MGR and Dr.Kalaignar to work for the success of DMK party and the removal of the then ruling party Congress from Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu were attracted by both MGR and the eloquent speeches of Dr.Kalaignar and gave massive support to the DMK party. In that election MGR was elected as Member of Legislative Assembly from St.Thomas constituency of Tamil Nadu. After the demise of the then CM of TN, Dr.Aringnar Anna Durai, MGR became the treasurer of DMK party which was lead by Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi, the current CM of TN.

After few years of his political life, on account of misunderstanding with Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi he formed his own new party named Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam . During 1977 State Assembly Election his party ADMK got the great support of the people of Tamil Nadu and he was first designated as CM of Tamil Nadu. In that election he was elected as Member of Legislative Assembly from Aruppukottai consituency. MGR was designated as CM of TN for three times and elected as Member of Legislative Assembly for five times in his political life.

Specialty of MGR As An Actor And Politician

As an actor, MGR attracted mass of people by acting only in positive roles. He always preferred to appear as a service minded and revolutionary hero in most of his acted films. He never exposed himself as a smoker or drunkard on screens. Also he used to avoid anti hero subjects. In his every movie he wanted to tell a message to the people. He had his own acting style and acted as an affectionate son of parents, sincere and cute lover of heroine, courageous hero fighting for justice and gurdian for the poor people and children. For these reasons he owned a great mass of Tamilians as his fans and followers.

When he was in power in the year 1977, he served as far as possible for the welfare of poor people in the society. He loved and respected old poor people and implemented many schemes to help them. The other great thing which he was archived by him during his ruling period was 'Nutrition Scheme' in which many lacs of young school children were benefited. He is also interested on encouraging talented people in different fields including cinema, music, circus and sports. Fifth World Tamil Conference was successfully conducted in the year 1981 at Madurai city of Tamil Nadu when he had been in power.

The End of MGR, The Great Era!

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MGR became seriously ill in the year 1984 as he needed a kidney transplantation and admitted at Downstate Medical Center of Brookelyn in US. During that period lacs and lacs of his fans and followers in TN sincerely prayed for him. He returned back to his office safe. However, he died on December 24th of 1987 due to massive heart attack. The people from various parts of the country healed up at Chennai to pay the homage to their beloved leader. Then Government of Tamil Nadu constructed a monument of MGR which has been located at Marina Beach of Chennai in India.


Ian on February 17, 2015:

This is way better than a brick & mortar esilbatshment.

senram on April 15, 2012:

my lovable person

radha 30.03.2012 on March 30, 2012:

Research nothing required. We tamilians how we showed more affection with mgr. We Indians are patience by nature. Sakipputhanmai, aram. So Gandhiji born in Gujarat(India) The personality of mgr reflects the majority of makkal in tamil nadu. The popularity of mgr is always praised and always praised. This sort of attitude is mentioned by the other people in the other parts of the world. that's why we cannot find in any parts of the world. One thing we should not forget i.e.,. we should always remember politics and cinema are aways mingled and inseparable from each other in tamil nadu only in the entire world. mgr only followed this tecnique right from the beginning with great struggle and got suceeded at last. Once mgr in a public meeting he pronounced that his leader is Mr.K.Kamaraj. The very next day in front of theatres where Enkadamai was running no fans were there to see that movie. After seeing this mgr told anna is my leader and Sri.Kamaraj is valikatti. Just orally mgr slipped by over tongue see how the reactions of the people in tamil nadu. This proves cinema and politics are inseparable ever in tamil nadu. Many time nadigarthilakam was affected because of politics but somehow he got suceeded because of his skill(Acting)Till now it is highly regrettable to note that nadigarthilakam should not have entered into politics for the reason many tamilians(fans) in tamil nadu have not understood/seen/have missed to watch his most of the movies which are always classic (worth to watch and excellent in acting. But fortunately many foreigners and great leaders(political, religious) hollywood and boolywood actors acclaimed/praised/wondered of Sivaji`s performance. see how the politics is very strong in tamil nadu. As kamal told why sivaji was not awarded even once that is because of politics. this everybody knows in the entire India. Mgr is awalys mgr no other actor cannot follow this tecnique and nobody will get the opportunity what mgr got. ulaippu ulaippu

murali on February 16, 2012:

the name MGR is most powerful& alive in tamilnadu always

VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA from India. on April 15, 2011:

MGR is not just a hero in cinema or politics.. He is a phenomenon, which many scholars can conduct research. From the street-boy to the throne of Tamilnadu, (larger than UK) . Every phase of his lifetime needs research.

When he lost speech and went around Moore market which was burning, he tried to speak to the public..... a rare thing happened. Those around him wailed and cried "pesa venam rasa.. pesa venam". This sort of affection on a leader cant be seen anywhere in the world.

MURUGEASAN.V on March 22, 2011:

This is very useful message for tamil peoples well known as a great leader and film actor. Totally very fine.

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