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MCU Characters Who Got Powers From Infinity Stones


1. JANE FOSTER- In THOR – THE DARK WORLD ,when Jane touched aether (liquid form of reality stone) it entered into her body as a host. We can’t say that the stone gave lots of power to her but we have admit that the stone was using her . For short period of time the stone gave her superhuman ability that even Odin didn’t tried touched her. Let see what we got to see in THOR LOVE AND THUNDER


2. SCARLET WITCH – Wanda Maximoff is one of the powerful character in MCU. She got her powers from MIND STONE. She herself participated in HYDRA’s experiment on mind stone where they were looking the effects of mind stone on human body. This experiment was deadly and maximum were killed but Wanda survived and in result she got en amorous power. In the starting phase we only knew about her limited powers like telekinesis and mind manipulation and she herself didn't had control on her full potential.But after joining avengers she unlocked lots of her powers and now she is one of the most powerful female superhero.


3. QUICKSILVER- Pietro Maximoff was the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff and was also the part of HYDRA’s mind stone experiment. But this experiment had different effects on different body. Here he got super speed ability. Quicksilver is now dead in MCU and was not able to enhance is full power like Wanda. Hope so quicksilver will be revived in future any how.


4. ULTRON & VISION- These characters also got powers from mind stone. It all started when Tony and Bruce decided to use mind stone to fulfill Tony’s dream- SUIT OF ARMORS AROUND THE WORLD. They identified the neuron structure of mind stone by which a A.I can be built. And for this they started an experiment with mind stone and Jarvis together. Tony and Bruce initiated the program and left the rest on Jarvis. When Ultron was made he realized that humans are the biggest threat for world and they needed to be wiped out. Ultron wanted a full potential body because his metal body was not capable for his mission. That’s why he stared making a synthetic body of vibrenium and gave powers from mind stone. But avengers attacked in the middle and captured the body. After lots of controversy between the avengers Vision was created.We will see Vision with Wanda together in their new show.

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5.CAPTAIN MARVEL- This character was introduced recently in MCU. Story wise she is the first to get powers from a infinity stone. When Carol was a air force pilot in 1989,she was testing a live stone engine powered from Tesseract (space stone) created by Wendy Lawson.While she was testing a Cree attacked on her and destroyed the engine . During the time of explosion, space stone energy was released and Carol was transformed. This gave her super power. Kevin Feige confirmed Captain Marvel as the most powerful superhero in MCU because all her powers are fully from space stone and its almost impossible to stop her in her binary form.


6. TONY STARK- Most people are not aware of the fact that space stone helped Tony a lot . If it hadn’t been the stone, Tony might not have been alive too. We know that his suit is not possible without arc reactor.Without any power source non of the technology will work. That is why arc reactor was needed to power nano tech.Tony was using palladium element in his first reactor and this was causing metal poisoning in his body and probably was killing him. In IRON-MAN 2 he harnessed a new element from his father’s research - Howard Stark. His father’s research was on space stone. Howard mentioned that due to limited technology in his time he was not able to harness the full power of space stone but he left his research for his son. So arc reactor is made from the research based on space stone.



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