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Low Rider Car Hopping : Bouncing To The Music of Car Hydraulics

Guys will always be guys, who knew that a common car that is used to carry out its basic purpose of transportation would have been transformed into a hopping mad sensation. Leave it up to the guys to turn simple simple into downright sensational. From low riders to trucks to bomb cars has been modified for severe hopping. They have performed in many car shows and even has its own magazine. Car hopping has seen a major resurgence of late, and all indications show that it will bloom into something even bigger.


The Invention of Car

when Karl Benz invented the worlds first automobile in 1886 i bet he did not have any clue that other than driving you from point A to point B, the automobile would be used for entertainment. The common use of any automobile in today's world is simply transportation, whether you are transporting toy guns, pharmaceutical drugs, goods or just people. It was never made to be a trouncing bouncing, tyre jumping piece of entertainment.

The invention of Car hydrolics

Ron Aguirre is commonly accepted as the first person to create a custom car with hydraulically adjustable suspension. In 1959 he scavenged the Pesco pumps and valves from a B-52 Bomber and adapted them to the front suspension of his X-Sonic bubble-topped custom Corvette, allowing him to change the height of the car with a switch on the dashboard, talk about using your intuition.


How the Car Hydraulics Came to Life

Most cars that are used for the car bouncing are called low-riders. The low-rider car are cars that are modified to actually be kissing the asphalt, driving very low to the ground. I cannot say why, but i guess many people like the sleek look of the vehicle when it sucks the floor. The problem with having your vehicle suck the floor is that sometimes they need to drive over other stuff other that flat road, like speed bumps. So how do these guys tackle these speed bumps?, they install Car Hydraulic lift kits in their vehicles.

How it Works

These kits use electric hydraulic pumps and normal hydraulic cylinders, to raise and lower the vehicle. Imagine connecting the cylinder alongside the shock absorber or the spring, and you get the idea. It's a pretty involved installation and can cost several thousand dollars.

People always like to take things up a notch whenever anything is done, there will always be the extremist and it is no different when it come on to car hopping. The evolution of low rider car hopping soon evolved to make "hopping" more and more interesting and exciting, making low rider hops to 5-6 feet off the ground. These low riders however need quite a boost in power to allow such daring bounces. Twelve volt or twenty four volt pump blasting all four wheels all at once. In today's low riding bouncing age, cars are modified with four pumps, one for each wheel, and eight 12 volt batteries to give them juice. An eight-battery setup typically contains two banks of four batteries, for two 48-volt systems. Twelve batteries create two 72-volt systems.

What is this Hydraulics?

Hydraulics operate the control surfaces on any large airplane. You see hydraulics at car service centers lifting the cars so that mechanics can work underneath them, and many elevators are hydraulically operated using the same technique. Even the brakes in your car use hydraulics!

In this ar­ticle, you will learn about the basic principles that hydraulic systems use to do their work, and then we'll examine several different pieces of hydraulic machinery found on a construction site. You will be amazed at the power and versatility available with hydraulics.

car hop show

car hop show

First Friday:low rider show at Giant Burgers

First Friday:low rider show at Giant Burgers

Low Rider Clubs

Since the upsurge of low riding, many clubs have been established where veteran and newbies who have a vested interest in low riding come come out and put ideas together and have a ball at the same time. Many low rider car and truck club participate in local, regional and international super car shows which in return helps to give them props as highly skilled craftsmen and artist.Most of these low rider shows does a lot of charity donations.

Low Rider Car Hopping Shows

There are several contest which are held across America each year to pick who has the best hydraulics when it comes unto car hopping. These shows showcase hundreds of hoppers giving the crowd mind boggling car dances and ridiculous hops that would leave you Topsy terby if you were seated in one during its attempted lift offs. Each low rider show is different, there are trucks and of course the original low riders. But the larger shows tend to have certain specifications such as Spectators and venues.

Some specifications to have you vehicle enter these super car shows include:

  1. It must be fueled by a fixed fuel tank and transmission.
  2. It must be able to drive in one continuous motion of twenty feet.
  3. It must be able to steer left and right.
  4. The reverse gear must be working, need to travel 20 feet in reverse.
  5. The brakes must be functional.
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These Low riders Compete for various prizes and are judged in six categories.

  1. Craftsmanship:Bring out you wild and creative imagination here, don't be reserved and hold back. In this category you must be extremely creative and also display a fine finesse when it comes on to the quality of work.
  2. Body:How well is the car body modified, the artwork should be top notch and not just a splosh and splash, the Murial must represent something. They also look on the accessories as to see how they enhance the vehicle and usefulness as well as the glass used all through.
  3. Engine:The judges look at you firewall, plates hinges and engine compartments. In other words, that God darn engine better be sparkling, in "A"grade condition and providing good pull.
  4. Hydraulic and Air Suspension: Operable setup, wires and batteries, be as tight as possible; tubing hoses, detail and do practice some cleanliness here.
  5. Undercarriage:Suspension and stripping, suspension plates, modifications etc.
  6. Interior:Seats, dashboard, side panels and controls.Working entertainment system which may include audio and video. Talk about craftsmanship and sleekness and here is where it comes out. Leave out nothing here, nothings says sleek like the interior of a vehicle that is properly done.

Prizes won at Low Rider Shows

The organizers of these low rider competitions give many various prizes to attract the maximum number of competitors.Some of these awards are:

  • Graphics: Murial and paint jobs are the artwork and beauty of the car body. Lowriders are awarded for the best graphics.
  • Hydraulic System:How low can you go?, But switch that around, how many pounds do you bounce. The best hydraulic system cops this prize
  • Engine, Undercarriage and Accessories:Prizes are given in these genres based upon certain criteria the judge look for such as workings and looks. Usefulness of accessories and how hey complement the car.
  • Club awards: An award is also given to the club with the most members that exhibit the most low riders at the contest.
  • Best of show prize: The Best of show traditional car, best of show car and the best of show bomb car.truck.

If you have a couple thousands hanging around and have an old low rider just parked and gathering dust, you could do something much more excited with it. Get rid of that old dusty cover, get a low rider expert craftsman in and have him give it an assessment, who knows, maybe you would be bouncing to some sleek car shows soon. Happy car hopping.


Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on September 17, 2014:

Man Frank, there is something special about low riders that even if you are a wimp, just whip on a black jacket, splash some grease in that hair and viola! you are a hot bad boy!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on September 16, 2014:

love the low riders.. keeps me riding down and dirty LOL great hub my friend

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on September 16, 2014:

DealForLiving, me too, i thinks its quite fun and will definitely be added to my bucket is short, live it smiling!

Nick Deal from Earth on September 16, 2014:

I'm conflicted as to whether I should have this on my bucket list. It's gotta be at least as fun as the log ride at an amusement park, right?

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 16, 2014:

Oddly, I've never ridden in a low rider. Might be fun for sure.

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