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Love Sees No Color

Love is Love

This statement for me is genuine, and to the point, Love is Love. We cannot choose who our hearts capture or keeps. We can only open our hearts to allow love to come. It's as simple as that.
Interracial love is becoming an epidemic. More women of different races are choosing to date outside their race. 70% of black and white relationships are Black Men and White Women. A poll has stated that 78% of white women ages 15-30 are attracted to black males worldwide. That's amazing.
I know many folks are either scared to date outside their race or just have not found that one. Don't be discourage. Love always finds a way. That is just the way it is. Black women and White men are another significant new trend that has more of an acceptance. It is not much of outrage like black men with White Women. Statistically, Black Men and White Women's relationships result in marriage, whereas trendy Black Women with White Men not as much. I would say this is because Black Women are now starting to realize they can date outside their race, and nobody can decide who they choose in their hearts but themselves.
Love is out there. Your soulmate could be your next click away. Life is too short not to adventure out there and see what's waiting for you. Love is love, and when you close your eyes and find love from your heart. The window for finding your soul mate is so much bigger!
Love sees no color and seals no doorways. Don't let the race play a factor in your dating. Interracial love is a beautiful thing. Tried it and curious, go for it. I promise you, your heart will crave more. My husband and I both come from mixed heritages. He is French Canadian and Italian. While mine consists of Black, Native American, French, and Irish. From 2009 to the present, our bound is strong with our loving marriage and children. There is plenty of fish in the sea and the ocean. Stop settling for those and find the men or women of your dreams. The only question you should consider is; Are you ready for love? Because it's waiting for you!

Interracial Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Cameale Johnston and David Johnston

Cameale Johnston and David Johnston

Friendship and love group

© 2015 Cameale Johnston

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