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Love Never Dies Costumes



Love Never Dies is the sequel to the musical of The Phantom of the Opera. It was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Glenn Slater and additional lyrics by Charles Hart. It was loosely based on the book, The Phantom of Manhattan by Frederick Forsyth, which is a terrible book for the record. Also strictly speaking there are quite a few sequel books to Phantom.

Most fans of the original musical were not looking forward to this sequel but it’s not terrible, it’s not as good as the original but it's fine as musical.

However I’m not here to compare Love Never Dies to The Phantom of the Opera, I’m here to compare Christine’s costumes between two different yet notable versions of Love Never Dies.

Love Never Dies premiered in London’s West End in 2010 and starred Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine. The show was then changed in 2011 for the Australian version which starred Ben Lewis as The Phantom and Anna O’Byrne as Christine.

The Australian version is a lot more grand in scope compared to the Original version. But which version of Christine Daae’s costumes are better?

Lets‘ compare, shall we?

Original Costumes were designed by Bob Crowley

2011 Australian Costumes were designed by Gabriela Tylesova

Your opinion

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

Christine Disembarks

When we first Christine again, she is disembarking from a ship in New York City with her husband, Raoul and her son, Gustave.

In both versions she is making her American debut but in the Original version she was hired by The Phantom using an alias. In the Australian version she is hired by someone else and the Phantom outbids them. In any case, Christine is not only a famous opera singer, she also Countess and both costumes reflect this two facets.

In the Original version she is wearing a red suit. The jacket has a wide collar and the fabric has a purple sheen to it. The under blouse has high neckline that has a red band with lace trim around the neck. She has a purple feather boa and purple gloves. The costume is finished off with a hat which is red though I can’t tell if it’s made from cloth or straw. It has red veil netting and is decorated with white feathers and red and purple flowers.

The Australian version of this costume is also red but simpler with its details. Her jacket has a label and wide cuffs and is adorned with gold buttons. Her blouse looks to be made of satin and also has a high neckline. She has a white fur wrap and red leather gloves. Her hat is made from white straw. It has a red lace trim along the brim and white chiffon and and white feathers on top it.

Both costumes reflect Christine’s social status. The Original version has a more artistic bent to it which reflects her career as opera diva. However, I think the Australian costume is better. It very refined and elegant. I also really don’t like the purple boa, it seems to cheapen the look.

Point for the Australian version.

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

Reunion with the Phantom

The next costume we see Christine wearing is when she reunites with the Phantom in her hotel room.

In both versions she is wears white which harkens back to the original Phantom of the Opera when she is wearing her white dressing gown when she meets the Phantom and wear during some the show's major highlights.

The Original version of this costume's likeness to the original musical costume to the point of just coping the design. However, the Love Never Dies version uses more refined fabrics. The ruffles along the opening and cuffs seem to be made from chiffon. The rest of dressing gown is made of velvet. She also wears under it a white dress that has lace on the bodice. It a very nice and pretty homage to the original.

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The Australian version opts to put Christine in a white gown. It’s a A-line gown with lace trim along the scoop neckline. The sleeves are long and made from lace. The gown has white vine-like embroidery on the skirt.

Both of the these costumes are very pretty and they are among Christine’s more memorable costume in the show. I like them both for different reasons. I like the Original version because it’s an homage and I like the Australian version because it’s different.

However I really prefer the Australian version though. I do think the Original version is more suitable to the stage but I have to give the point to the Australian by a smallest margin.

Point for the Australian version.

 Australian costume on left and on the Original on the right

Australian costume on left and on the Original on the right


Christine wears this costume when she and her family visit Phantasma, the Phantom’s establishment on Coney Island. This is also the costume she wears at the close of act one. The costume between the version may look similar but they quite different from each other.

In the Original version, Christine dons a pure white outfit. It has lace and see-through fabric. It looks like what a rich woman would wear to a beach setting, which is pretty much the case.

This costume is a lingerie dress which was a very popular style of dress at the turn of the 20th century. The dress were lightweight very often white and decorated with inlay seams, lace, eyelets etc. They were very popular for ladies to wear in summer. This costume is probably the most historically accurate costume that Christine wears in the show.

As is the case with most dresses of this style this costume is innocent, breezy and very and quite pretty.

The Australian version once again take the refined route. Christine wears a yellow suit. It has some black details and a wide black label. Her blouse has a high neckline and there is a brooch near her throat. She also wear a matching hat with a feather in it.

It’s appropriate in the sense that she is going to Phantasma to perform and not for pleasure but it seems like something she could wear to any day time event, like tea.

While I do like the Australian version I think I’m going to give a point to the Original version.

Point for the Original version.

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

Original costume on left and on the Australian on the right

The Phantom’s Gift

During the second act, the Phantom and Raoul make a bet for who will get Christine’s love. The bet is if Christine sings the Phantom’s song, she will be the Phantom’s and Raoul must leave. If she doesn’t, the Phantom will wipe away Raoul’s massive debts which is a source of much contention in Christine and Raoul’s marriage and they can leave together. It's not a fair bet to Christine.

Before the performance the Phantom gives Christine an extravagant necklace. Both versions of the necklaces are gorgeous and perfectly match the gown she is wears to sing. Both necklaces are garland style which was a popular style at the turn of the 20th century.

The Original version has a gold tone. It features large deep red stones in a pear shape and crystal teardrop beads. Looking at the necklace the elements seem like they shouldn’t work in a cohesive piece of jewelry but they do and it result is a really interesting piece.

The Australian version is the polar opposite. Where the Original necklace has a light airy feel to it the Australian version has a darker vibe. It’s made up a black beads that form garland strands and it has dark blue stoned set in amongst the beads. The Australian version doesn’t go around the throat like the Original version does but instead hangs on the chest.

It’s really hard to say which one is better since both necklaces are very different from each other and matches the gown it wore with. However it seems like the Original necklace fits Christine’s personality and sense of style and the dark red stones represents the Phantom’s influence. The Australian version seems more the Phantom’s style than Christine’s style. It’s a tough call but I have to give it to the Original Version.

Point for the Original version.

 Australian costume on left and on the Original on the right

Australian costume on left and on the Original on the right

Performance Gown

Ultimately Christine sings the Phantom’s song which is the title song of the show. In both versions she dons a fancy gown but these two costumes are as different as they can be, just like the necklaces they compliment.

In Original version this gown is much more simple than its Australian counterpart. The gown is a strapless. It has a gold tone and has a metallic gold circular patten. There is a beading that goes around the arms at the shoulders. This gown seems more modern than Edwardian however it’s still quite pretty.

The Australian version is a no-holds-bar show stopper. It is just over-the-top, which is perfect for the musical and this scene. The gown is deep blue and has kind of purple sheen to it. It has beading and ruffles all over it.

I don’t think there is much of a contest here, point to the Australian version because of the drama.

Anna O'Byrne as Christine and Ben Lewis as the Phantom in Love Never Dies

Anna O'Byrne as Christine and Ben Lewis as the Phantom in Love Never Dies


Both versions of Love Never Dies have very lovely costumes but on the whole, I would have to say that the Australian version has the better costumes for Christine.

But what do you think? Of these two version, = which one has the better superior costumes?

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Hildy Gloom on March 27, 2015:

some of the original ones seem a bit too modern which doesn't fit the time period in which this is set! plus is it just me or does the original boat outfit and veiled hat make Christine look like a prostitute?

Hildy Gloom on March 26, 2015:

the Australian one is all around better!

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