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'Married at First Sight' on Lifetime vs. 'Love Is Blind' on Netflix

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Lauren and Cameron/Love Is Blind

Lauren and Cameron/Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind aired on Netflix for three weeks from February 13 to February 27, 2020. The unique dating television series was produced by Kinetic Content, the same producers of Married at First Sight on Lifetime that is now in its tenth season. There some similarities but more differences in the two shows.

'Love Is Blind'

Love Is Blind cast of 15 men and 15 women speed dated for ten days by talking to prospective mates while in a pod. They talked through the wall until they decided to become engaged based on what they heard. They took notes to determine what they had in common. They didn't know what the person looked like. Instead, the singles established emotional connections without being distracted by physical appearances.

When two people made a connection and agreed to get engaged, they were taken out of the pods to meet each other for the very first time. Eight couples got engaged during the series, but the show had prepared for only five couples. Therefore, the journeys of three couples were not aired. They went on to establish relationships on their own, but they did not last.

The engaged couples were sent on a vacation to Cancun, Mexico to get to know their partners better and to see those they did not select. There was one man who was extremely popular. More than one woman wanted to choose him.

After their vacation, they moved in together and met their partners' families before they went to the altar to get married. The most emotional part of the series is when the couples were asked if they wanted to get married. Some of the answers will surprise and shock you.

Viewers might be led to tear after hearing the decision the some of the couples made at the altar. There was no Decision Day in advance. They gave their answers while family and friends looked on in shock.

Watch Love Is Blind which is still streaming on Netflix and is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Also, watch the reunion on March 5, 2020.

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Kristine and Keith/Married at First Sight

Kristine and Keith/Married at First Sight

'Married at First Sight'

The Married at First Sight series started out with only three couples during the first seven seasons in July 2014. There were four couples during Seasons 8 and 9. Season 10 was the first season where five couples met and married at the altar.

None of the couples had any knowledge of their mates the three experts had picked for them based on applications, interviews, workshops, and home visits. Gender-specific workshops were conducted to prevent men from seeing any of the women, and vice versa.

After the matches were made, the couples still had no contact with their mates until they met at the altar for the very first time. The couples got a chance on Decision Day to say whether they wanted to stay married or get a divorce. By that time, many of the couples choose to divorce. Some who said they wanted to stay married changed their mind during the reunion months later.

Over nine seasons, 29 couples married at first sight. However, only eight of those couples are still married today. Four of them have babies, and they are all girls.

Duration of Series

Love Is Blind lasted only three weeks with ten episodes. During the first week, five episodes were released on Netflix on Thursday, February 13, 2020. During the second week, four more episodes were aired on Thursday, February 20. The finale was the tenth episode on Thursday, February 27 that included five weddings.

Married at First Sight is spread over 42-minute episodes during each season. Most episodes of Love Is Blind lasted up to 84 minutes. The former series has been renewed for its eleventh season. There is no word on whether the latter has been renewed. It might be renewed for a second season based on the positive reception from viewers.

"Love Is Blind""Married at First Sight"



One Season (10 Episodes over 3 Weeks)

10 Seasons Over 6 Years

Premiered on February 13, 2020

Premiered on July 8, 2014

Produced by Kinetic Content

Produced by Kinetic Content

15 Single Men, 15 Single Women

5 Couples (10 people)

Men and Women Choose Their Own Mate

Couples Matched By Experts

Men and Women Can Talk to Prospective Men From Pods

No Knowledge of Spouse

10 Days of Speed Dating via Pods

No Contact with Match

6-Week Experiment

8-Week Experiment

All Engaged Couples Go On Vacation Together Before Wedding

No Contact Until Wedding

All Engaged Couples Live Together in a Neutral Space Until Wedding in 3 Weeks

All Married Couples Go On Vacation Honey,moon Together and Live in Neutral Spac

Engaged Couples Meet Each Other's Family

Family Meets Brides and Grooms at Altar

Couple Do Not Give Decision Until Asked At Altar in Front of Family and Friends

On Decision Day Couples Decide to Stay Married or Divorce

Reunion of Couples Weeks After Series Ended

Reunion of Couples Weeks After Series Ended


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