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Lostboyclay Making a Footprint in the Music Industry


LostBoyClay's Background

LostBoyClay is an upcoming music artist out of Maine and has been making a footprint in the industry at an early stage Lost Boy’s music is classified as a melodic rap artist; although, he is very versatile and delivers different tunes throughout his work. Recently just dropping a single “Friend Zone '' really started a buzz to his name for the industry and plans to keep mastering and mixing his music to perfection.

LostBoy's Plans

LostBoyClay’s plans to work with Taylrwoods to collaborate and push out new unreleased music every day, as lost boy is starting to really invest in himself and take his music seriously, he knows it’s only up from this point on. Lost Boy’s only performance to date was in front of a small audience, at Drppy’s album release party, which saw lots of positive feedback, but now plans for bigger opportunities and taking his talent to the next level. His most recent single “Friend zone” was released on June 28th of this year and has already reached 1,000 views. LostBoyClay has people that constantly listen to his music on Spotify, with nearly 1,000 monthly listeners. Currently, he is looking toward perfecting his work and continues to push harder until he gets to where he needs to be.

LostBoyClay Is Heading In The Right Direction

LostBoyClay has big plans for the future and a number of his music has not been released yet. He understands he has to develop as an artist and is working towards getting mastered. He intends to be dropping a single or album early August of next month. Already, Clay has developed countless connections inside the industry and plans to build connections and develop as an artist with Untitledexport Management. Additionally, he is working towards building his self-profile and gaining exposure on all platforms. Check out his latest single below! And make sure to follow @lostboyclay_

Stream "Friend Zone" Here

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