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Lost Gold from the Beatles' Get Back Sessions

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Get Back Turned Into Let It Be

The sessions were over 50 years old when Disney created the Get Back sessions from the original Let It Be movie and added a lot more of the material that was cut out. The movie was cut up into three 2-3 hour segments and to be honest, even for the most devout Beatle fan, it was rather boring. How the group's inner workings became clear. How they wrote a song was also clear and it is common for most songwriters to either have a song come to you at one time, or, in bits and pieces.

The soundtrack of the sessions has been subject to many bootlegs since 1969, all of very poor quality. Now, Voodoo Records has a complete compilation of the all recordings in crystal clear stereo on a 3-CD set. It's like listening to a jam session as one of the Beatle's start playing and the others join in. Their are many takes of Get Back and it is interesting to see how that song developed. Some of the songs are covers from other artists and some are originals that will appear on their solo LPs in the 1970's. The best songs and recordings from this 70+ song list are listed. These songs, had the band decided it would be on the LP (like Get Back) all would be good songs had they worked on them seriously (instead of just running through the song once in a jam). They are the lost gold of the Beatles.

1. Because I know You Love Me So - An original from way back in the late 50"s penned by McCartney as a teen. The melody is catchy in the chorus and Paul's performance is decent as he tries to refresh the memories of the others.

2. Hitch Hike - A cover of the 1962 Marvin Gaye song. The Beatles did covers the best and even here, despite the recording itself, and George fumbling the words, when the band joins in, the golden magic is felt especially with the chorus, Hitch Hike. Had the band done this with the energy of their 1964 You Can't Do That, it would be a stand out song. The song lingers long after it stops.

3. Short Fat Fanny - Another cover of a Larry William's song (Dizzy Miss Lizzy) first done in the late 50's. Again, George vocals stumble across the words but remains well executed until the jam session just fades out. Great lyrics referring to many song titles.

4. Sure To Fall - This is a cover of the Carl Perkins song. Sung in true Beatle C\W fashion, both Paul and John, do it so well. Another well recorded song for an LP. The band had also done this live for the 1963 BBC sessions.

5.Gone, Gone, Gone - While there are two songs with the same name, one done in 2013 or so, this version is covering the Carl Perkins version with John singing. Ironically, some of the Beatle's played in the 1985 with Perkins doing this song. The Get Back version is more a blues number than the 1985 rocker. Still a good hook in the chorus with "Gone, Gone, Gone".

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6. I Me Mine - This is a Harrison song but this version is different than the final version on the LP. What makes it startling is that in the middle, the song suddenly stops and enters into flamingo guitar before returning to the I Me Mine chorus. Still very good.

7. Get Back (No Pakistanis) - This is a Hendrix-like guitar version in rock format (unlike the single that was released). The words are all different, some might say racist against Pakistanis, but the song is very good in this format still.

8. Commonwealth - A Lennon\McCartney song that is quite satirical and humorous about England's colonies in the late 60s. It is a song that has some great lyrics and a solid rock number. Had the band decided to get serious in doing it, definite song for the LP.

9. The Back Seat of My Car - Another good melody and hook from McCartney as he runs through the song. Here, he has the chorus and hook done, but he struggles with the rest as undeveloped. Still, this song would appear on the solo LP in 1971.

10. The Road to Marrakesh - A great Lennon song with everything in place, great tune and lyrics, the melody lingers long after the song is done. Its execution is OK, it seems there was a lack of interest. This song was a left over from the White LP in 1968, under the name, Child of Nature. That recording is much better but it seems Lennon did not know what else to do with the song.

11. I Lost My Little Girl - McCartney has said it was the first song he ever wrote at age 14. While he has done it in the 1980's, this version is done by John and his voice for it is superb to the McCartney pop version. This is a bluesy sound. Nice.

12. There You Are, Eddie - When I first heard this McCartney tune, the melody was catchy but the lyrics are superb. Until the chorus part, one has no idea what he is talking about until, "There you are Eddie, you dog". Paul is singing about a dog that is barking and Paul is irritated! Very funny and shows how skillful he is in making a good song out of something so simple: a dog barking.

While these are the best tracks, there are some others that are worth listening to, like, Hippy Hippy Shake, Lucille, Suzy Parlour, Good Rockin' Tonight, Honey Hush, Madman (the forerunner to Mean Mr. Mustard), My Baby Left Me (when I first heard this I swore it was early Elvis, but it is Paul!), Almost Grown, Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Many of these are old rock standards done the Beatle way.

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