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Looking Back at Razor’s 1986 Studio Album "Malicious Intent"

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What Kind of Album Is Malicious Intent?

Malicious Intent is the 1986 studio album by Canadian thrash metal band Razor and it is their 3rd album in less than a two-year period. The phrase “quality over quantity” even should apply here as well. The result of this album is a very raw, primitive 1980s sound that is hard to really get into at first. There’s a pretty good attempt at bringing out those falsetto kind of vocals that we heard so often during this period. If you are expecting an album that is as good as Master of Puppets you will be really disappointed as this album is nowhere near as good as that one. Malicious Intent is an album that does have some of the older guitar sound that might have influenced the Florida death metal scene. The album also does have a little bit of a punk metal sound as well so you could look at this album as a mix of raw thrash metal with punk metal vibes.

The album begins in a rather interesting fashion as the words “turn it up” could clearly be heard. This is the song called “Tear Me to Pieces” and this is one of those songs that does have a chorus that tends to repeat itself and that’s not always a good thing. This first song though is a tale of two different songs almost because there is a brief section that is better than most of the song. “Grindstone” is one of those songs that has a playing style that is indeed like early Florida death metal even though it is a thrash metal song.

"Night Attack"

The Biggest Disadvantage to This Album

There is a major thing that I would consider questionable from a musical standpoint and that is the last song on the album called “K.M.A.” It is a raw, heavy song that doesn’t have much other than the repetition of the words “kiss my ***.” If you are going to end a thrash metal album with a fast song, it is better to have a song that has much more than one lyrical line dominating the song. That’s obvious but it is hard to see what the objective was for these guys to end the album in this manner.

Razor's 3rd Studio Album Has Mixed Results

The songs in this album while not terrible, sound too much the same and this is where the album suffers. The other thing is though that this is an early album from these Canadian veterans and they were just getting their feet wet musically. This is far from the best that these guys could offer us. If you are fortunate enough to not listen to this band’s 3rd album first, then you are indeed fortunate because Malicious Intent is at best average compared to the albums that would follow it. If the band’s intent was to create a standard raw, run of the mill thrash metal album they succeeded at it to a degree. In terms of elite metal albums of the time period, this one is not good enough to fit that description. There are a few songs such as “Night Attack” and “Rebel Onslaught” that demonstrate that these guys had potential to be even better. Nothing would stop them from trying to be better though. The guitar solo in “Rebel Onslaught” followed by the main riff is good though. Malicious Intent is an album that has not aged well. It has poor production with songs that are of virtually the same style.

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