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Looking Back at Green Day’s Famous 1994 Studio Album "Dookie"

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Basic Details for the album Dookie:

  • Release Date: February 1, 1994
  • Genre: Alternative Rock
  • Length: About 39 minutes

The Significance of the Album Dookie

Dookie is one of those albums in the history of alternative rock that has really solidified its place in history as one of the most entertaining and well-written albums of its kind. Back in the day, one of my favorite songs in the album is the very famous song “When I Come Around.” This was one of five singles that was promoted with the album. The song has one of the most memorable riffs in the history of Green Day along with a notable bass guitar play. It would probably be pretty accurate to say that this song is the most famous in the album. For many of us, Dookie is one of those albums that sort of “defined” our teenage years. I say defined though it literally didn’t define our lives in the literal sense. We could say that this album was one of those albums that people of the Generation X age category could have gotten into. Dookie is credited as being the album that brought Green Day into worldwide fame sort of status. The lyrical themes are based on very personal subjects such as boredom, feeling like things don’t really make a whole lot of sense and other similar themes. These situations are situations that many of us during our teenage years typically experience. The thing is that during our teenage years, there is more than just the growth process and puberty. We go through a phase where we try and find out who we are, find our place in society and then there is the peer pressure. Many teenagers also experience their first love. Stylistically, Dookie should be considered a combination or hybrid of alternative and punk rock with the bass guitar playing a very prominent role in some cases.


About the Songs In "Dookie"

As for the songs, it would be a serious mistake to assume that When I Come Around is the only signature song. Other songs such as “Longview” have what is described as one of those signature bass lines as the song is about expressing dissatisfaction with everyday life as the motivation to do things has been sapped. We get sick of the same old you know what sometimes when we are really frustrated and or fed up with how life is going. Some of us turn on the “tube” searching for a proper channel to watch and even those efforts sometimes become futile. Dookie may as well be one of those albums that some of us may listen to in the current times that we are experiencing. Sometimes we desire an escape to a better place when we lose our motivation. The song “Welcome to Paradise” was originally on the band’s second album Kerplunk so this is the re-recorded version. The album starts out with the song “Burnout” and the song’s lyrics can be relatable for pretty much all of us. There are times in our lives that we feel burnt out and or disillusioned with the way life is going. We do not care anymore and we feel like we are walking among the dead. We would be leaving out a chunk of the analysis if we did not say that some of the songs have to deal lyrically with ex-girlfriends and failed relationships. These two lyrical themes have been pretty much done to death in multiple genres but for the album Dookie, this coverage works out in its favor. Is Dookie a flawless album in the history of grunge rock? Maybe not but it certainly should rank up there among the best with other albums of the time period such as Core or Purple by Stone Temple Pilots or Nirvana’s Nevermind.

"Basket Case"

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