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Looking Back At the Album "Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious" by the Death Metal Band Carcass

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With This Album, The United Kingdom's Death Metal Band Carcass Enters an Even Better Phase In Their Career

Of all the albums released by British grindcore/death metal band Carcass, we did not analyze or take an in-depth look at their 3rd studio album with a very long title. It is called Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious. Long titles aside, this may be the album in which the band's transition into death metal is seen for the first time in this 1991 album. British/Swedish band Carcass replaced full throttle speed filled songs with a lot more melody and in this case, it really works!

The Reason Why Carcass Was a British and Swedish Metal Band at the Time

You're probably wondering why there is reference to Carcass as a British and Swedish metal band. That's because of guitarist Michael Amott's nationality. He is part British and part Swedish being the offspring of a British father and Swedish mother. No wonder why he is so talented at what he does!

Michael Amott Helped Carcass Get Better as a Band

In this album he was in his early 20s at the time and remarkably Carcass would get even better as a band after this album is if it was possible to make an even better album than this one. Carcass did just that by 1994 but in this 1991 studio album, they show that they may have influenced other bands that came up at around the same time.

Here Is Musical Peak Moment #1 for This British Band

Carcass released three albums in just five years and they didn't take very long to reach peak moment #1which is this album. It is hard to imagine a Carcass studio album without the contributions and brilliance of Michael Amott although the band has always had Jeff Walker and Bill Steer.

About the Lyrical Themes and Album Cover For Carcass's 3rd Album

Lyrically the album isn't too different from other extreme metal bands in this genre such as Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, Obituary,and some others. As for the album's cover, for what it is worth, it is not as graphic as the covers for the band's first two albums are. The cover has a stone table on it that has the faces of the band members as a person is using a hammer to hit the table.

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About the Songs and Final Thoughts

However, the guitar work and musicianship that is present on this album is well-presented, excellent, and well done! You do not necessarily need to be a guitar player to notice this. This album has a habit of starting the songs with spoken narration parts before the main song sections start and some fans may find this an annoyance or something that just is out of place. I'm aware that sometimes these kinds of parts that have nothing to do with the music may not work out but this does not affect this particular album. The guitar solo in the middle of the song “Symposium of Sickness” (the first one) is excellent and sounds like the song Embodiment which would come on the band's next album. After full listen #1 this album gets a 100 points out of 100 just like Heartwork in 1994. You're probably thinking “how is it possible for two death metal albums by the same band to have 100 point ratings?” Well. If the albums are brilliant enough to deserve such scores, then that's a proper score for them. Then there is also the song called “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” which is also on the mini album called “Tools of the Trade” released in 1992. I remember buying that album from a music store in San Francisco back in 1995 and I was immediately impressed. After a dialogue which briefly explains a very morbid topic, the chugging style riff starts this one, and then the mid-section of the song has one of those sort of “signature” early to mid 1990s riffs. For an album of its kind to have been released at the time that it was, Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious is an album that was just a bit ahead of its time.

Carcass catapulted itself as a group of guys from a band that may have been average to a band that became stellar! It took five years but with this third album, they got to peak moment#1 as was just mentioned earlier. If there is any sort of complaint to level at this album it is the complicated lyrics to interpret.

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