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'Long Shot': The Surprising Comedy of the Year


'Long Shot'

Seth Rogen stars as a journalist out of a job when he runs into his old babysitter, played by Charlize Theron, who is about to start her campaign for presidency. Theron hires Rogen to write her speeches as his work is amusing. As you could imagine, the two grow close and soon fall in love. However, the stoner persona of Rogen does not look good on Theron's campaign. This creates tension between the two lovers, and we get to witness a surprise romance between two people you would never pair together.

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The biggest praise that I could give this movie is the two leads. Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron have amazing chemistry. I expected this while sitting down to watch it, as this was the praise the critics gave the movie. Although, I could not believe the critics. I could not see how the stoner comedy of Rogen would mesh with the always beautiful Theron, but they pull it off! The relationship between the two is believable. I truly bought that they could be in love. That is the most important thing to me in a romance movie: Can I believe that these two people are in love? The answer here is yes! They have some laugh out loud scenes that bring that newly romantic feeling along with it.

Seth Rogen is always a positive to me. The guy is so funny and so relatable that I love every movie of his, which seems to be an unpopular opinion. However, that is my opinion! How can you not love that laugh! I also particularly loved him in this film as he is the romantic in this film. He is not the good-looking, "Hollywood" hunk (I'm looking at you Ryan Reynolds) that always has the right thing to say and "wow's" every girl. No, Rogen is the usual stoner, goofball that he always is. Yet, he still wins over the girl! I love that aspect of this film. It is so relatable that the "every day fellow" can even get the girl in the end.

There is one scene in this movie with Charlize Theron that had me laughing non-stop. She really gives a good comedic performance here. She let loose and just had a ball with it. It really shows on the screen that she had some fun with this movie.

I also liked how Seth Rogen's style of comedy plays off the political characters in the film. It makes for some good laughs when Rogen is in hoodies and cargo pants, and he is in a room full of suits and ties. This also rubs off on Theron who learns to let loose. This also was a positive that I enjoyed. It has a good message on sometimes you just need to let loose and have fun. Stand up for what you believe in and don't let people walk over you to get their way. I think that is something we all believe in!

I liked the commentary on politics that was in the movie. We see how politics is a big game that the higher powers run to step on the little people. There are a lot of cheaters and lies that spread through politics. The film does not rub it in your face, but it is there. It is there enough to make a statement. I lied it a lot!

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I only have one negative aspect with this movie. I thought it was a little too crude, especially for my liking. I enjoy crude humor in movies to a point. It works in a movie like "Neighbors', which also stars Rogen. The difference between that movie and 'Long Shot' is 'Neighbors' is a buddy comedy. It wouldn't be the movie it is without it being crude. However, when that same level of crude is in a romance movie such as this- it just doesn't work for me. There was one scene that i thought just didn't need to be there. I thought if they dialed down on the crude humor just a little bit, this would have been the perfect date night movie. I just wouldn't feel comfortable watching this movie with my girlfriend. I would prefer a more cheesy romance movie. Because romance movies should be cheesy, not so much the crude behavior. I think this movie lost some of the sweetness of romance with the sexual aspects they put in the film.

Final Thoughts:

I loved this movie. Although, I don't think it needed to be so raunchy, it is still an enjoyable two hour watch. This movie will make you laugh and believe in love. If a rom-com makes you feel that way, it has done it's job.

So, if you have not watched this one yet, I recommend it. If you enjoy the crude stoner humor of Seth Rogen, you will enjoy this film. Give it a watch and be ready for some real good laughs and a sweet story!


Dean Howard (author) on August 01, 2019:

Thank you for the comments! I'm glad I could help ya'll make the decision in watching this one!

Michael115 on July 31, 2019:

I heard good things about this movie. I should check it out some time to see if it's really as good as people say it is. Good review!

JB Sevillo from Philippines on July 31, 2019:

I've seen the trailer for this movie. I wasn't sure if I should watch. But reading your review made me decide to watch it. Really helpful. Thanks!

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