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Loki's Journey in the MCU


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God of Mischief

Loki poster for Avengers: End Game

Loki poster for Avengers: End Game

The Trickster and Identity Crisis in Thor

Key things that happen in the film Thor:

  • Loki lets Frost Giants into Asgard so that they can ruin his brother's coronation.
  • Thor disobeys the All-father's orders and marches into Jotheim
  • Odin banishes Thor, strips him of his title and power and sends him to Midgard (Earth) to teach him a lesson in humility.
  • Loki discovers he is adopted and Jotun.
  • Odin falls into Odin's sleep and Loki becomes King.
  • Loki lies to Thor and tells Thor his father died and their mother wishes for Thor to remain in exile.
  • Thor falls in love with Jane Foster and bonds with the humans.
  • Loki refuses to rescind Thor banishment after Odin is asleep.
  • Sif and the Warrior Three commit treason by going to Earth to find Thor.
  • Loki tries to kill Thor with the destroyer.
  • Thor's powers are returned to him when he choose to lay down his life for the people of Earth
  • Loki makes Laufey think that he will let him kill Odin while he sleeps but instead kills Laufey before he can kill Odin.
  • Loki turns the bifrost on Johemien.
  • Thor and Loki fight and Loki attempt suicide.

Loki's story begins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a trickster. Loki, the second son of Frigga and Odin, whom is admittedly envious of his brother Thor. His jealousy stems from the fact his father has chosen Thor over Loki to be the next King of Asgard.

Loki's relationship with Thor is complex. He loves his brother even though Thor treats him as lesser. This is clear when Thor tells Loki, "know you place, brother." Here Thor treats Loki as less important than himself. It is easy to see that on some level Loki resents Thor and his arrogance.

Shortly after Thor dismisses Loki's counsel Loki's world is turned upside down when Thor starts a war with the Frost Giants (Asgard's enemies seen as monsters.) In the middle of the battle Loki comes in contact with a Frost Giant. Instead of the cold touch of the Frost Giant burning the tricksters flesh is skin begins to turn blue. Loki is taken back but he cannot dwell on that fact because he is the middle of fighting for his life with Thor, the Warriors Three and Sif.

Loki Learns He Is Adopted

Blindsided by Odin

After Thor is banished Loki is able to speak with Odin. He learns he is a Frost Giant that Odin rescued from a temple after the war between Asgard and the Johemien. Odin had thought that Loki would be a vehicle to create a lasting peace between the two realms. Loki takes his adoption and his true origins as reasons for why Odin always favored Thor over him.

At this point in the film Loki is not only dealing with finding out he was adopted and that he had been lied to all his life, but that he is from a race that the people of Asgard think(including himself) are monsters. This is seen early on in the movie when a young Thor enthusiastically declares he will hunt all the monster down when he is king.

With Loki's life in turmoil, Odin in Odin sleep and Thor banished Loki is given the throne. It is his chance to prove he is worthy of his family's love and respect. When he learns from Frigga that Thor has a chance to return and reclaim the throne he is desperate. He seeks to keep Thor from returning to Asgard by lying to him about his mother's feelings and Odin's death.

At this point Loki's sibling rivalry with Thor becomes mixed up with his desire to be accepted as worthy. Perhaps Loki fears what might happen if his brother returns to the throne and discovers that Loki is a frost giant. Would his brother kill him like he promised to do so many years before to the monsters.

Falling Into the Void

When Thor regains his power and returns to Asgard Loki's plans unravel. He kills Laufey in vain and does not become the hero of the story. His lies and deeds are revealed and he descends into madness. Loki tries to destroy the home of the Frost Giants and again tries to kill his brother.

When Loki ends up hanging from the rainbow bridge he tells his father he could have done it (gotten rid of the monsters and prove he is worthy). When his father tells him "no" all Loki hears is rejection. He chooses to let go and fall into the void.

The Avengers

Key things that happen in the Avengers:

  • Loki comes to earth with the Tesserect.
  • Loki declares that he has come down to rule Earth.
  • Loki uses his septor to mind control Hawkeye.
  • Loki attacks a man in Germany for an eye bawl.
  • Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow capture Loki in Germany.
  • Thor kidnaps Loki from the Quinjet
  • Loki is brought aboard the helicarrier where he later escapes after killing Phil Coulson.
  • The Avengers are brought together and the Avenger Iniative is enacted.
  • With the help of the chitarie Loki attempts to take over New York
  • Thor tries to talk to Loki about stopping his attack. For a moment Loki seems like he listens and then he stabs Thor.
  • The portal is closed and the chitarie are killed.
  • Hulk smashes Loki into the ground declaring him a puny god.
  • Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains.

The Return of an Asgardian Prince

Loki arrives on earth through the help of the tesseract(space stone) which he has been sent to retrieve by the Titan Thanos in exchange for getting to rule earth. Even as angry as Loki is at his family he still seeks to win their approval as being seen as a worthy ruler.

In 2012 Loki appears slightly wild with dark circles under his eyes. He has a spear with him that contains the mind stone that he uses to get humans like Hawkeye to do his bidding.

When Thor abducts his brother we see a brief reunion between the two where Thor is pleading with Loki to return home. Here we learn that Loki has grown, persumably his magic, since he fell from the Bifrost. We also learn that Thor has been told of Loki's true parentage and he still calls him brother.

Loki in Thor: The Dark World

Loki in Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World and the Road to Redemption

Key moments in Thor: The Dark World:

  • Loki returns to Asgard in chains and Odin puts Loki in the dungeon for his crimes against earth.
  • Frigga is the only reason Odin refuses to sentence Loki to death and he is not allowed to see her again.
  • Jane becomes infected by the reality stone (the ether) and Thor brings her to Asgard to heal her.
  • Frigga uses magic to see Loki. Loki tells his mother that she is not his mother and you see his regret when he hurts. The bond between the two is evident.
  • Frigga dies protecting Jane when the Dark Elves try to get the reality stone from her.
  • Thor defies his father and goes after the Dark Elves. He commits treason by freeing Loki from prison. Loki is the only one who knows how to get off Asgard without the bifrost.
  • During the escape Loki is slapped by Jane and threatened by Sif and Falstaff.
  • Loki saves Jane and Thor on the dark world. He "dies" trying to save Thor.
  • The Dark Elves are defeated and Thor gives up his throne.
  • Loki takes over Asgard disguised as Odin.

Thor Ragnorok and the Return of a Prince

Key things that happen in Thor Ragnorok:

  • Thor takes Surtura's crown back to Asgard after Surtura tells him Odin is not on Asgard.
  • Thor reveals Loki has taken over Asgard.
  • Loki takes Thor to where he left his father in an old folks home which has been destroyed.
  • Doctor Strange abducts Loki and leads Thor to the New York Sanctum where he portals both Loki and Thor to Norway where Odin has remained in exile.
  • Odin tells Thor and Loki that he loves them both and reveals that they have a sister Hela who is the goddess of death.
  • Odin dies and Hela is released from her prison.
  • Hela destroys Thor hammer and Loki calls for the bifrost to transport them back to Asgard. Loki and Thor are tossed from the bifrost by Hela and land in Sakaar.
  • The Grandmaster puts Thor in his gladiator tournament where he faces off against the Hulk.
  • Thor escapes with the Hulk.
  • Valkery finds the two and joins the Revengers. She has tied up Loki in her apartment after he uses magic to mess with her mind.
  • Loki offers to help them escape Sakaar in exchange for safe passage.
  • Loki and Thor fight together and talk about their relationship. Thor tells Loki that he thought the world of him.
  • As the brothers are attempting to get the Grandmaster's ship to escape Loki tries to betray Thor but Thor is on to him and electrocutes him with the controller devise. He tells Loki that he needs to grow and become more. Right now, the God of Mischief is stuck in a rut and going in circles.
  • Thor, Valkerie and Banner return to Asgard. Thor faces Hela and she cuts off his eye.
  • Loki returns in the nick of time bringing help and a big ship that carry the Asgardians to safety.
  • Loki takes Surta's crown and places it on the eternal flame allowing Surtur to grow and destroy Asgard and destroy Hela.
  • Loki steals the tesseract from the vault when retrieving Sutura's crown.
  • Loki reunites with his brother and his people and accepts Thor as the king of Asgard.
  • Thanos ship meets up with Asgards on their way to earth.

Pick Your God

Avengers Infinity War Offers No More Resurrections

Key things that happen in Infinity War:

  • Thanos kills Heimdell
  • Loki gives the Tesserect to Thanos in exchange for his brother's life.
  • Before Loki tries to kill Thanos he reconciles himself as Odin's son and Thor's brother.
  • Thanos strangles Loki.
  • Thor escapes and joins the other Avengers to try to defeat Thanos.
  • The Avengers fail and half of the Universe is turned to dust.

Avenger Endgame and a New Time Line

Key things that happen in Endgame:

  • Five years after the snap the Avengers try to return half the Universe by going back in time to steal the infinity stone.
  • Tony, Captain and America go back to 2012 New York.
  • The 2012 version of Hulk knocks the tesseract out of the hands of 2023 Tony and sends it sliding to Loki. 2012 Loki picks up the tesseract and vanishes. By removing the tesseract from the old time line creates a new one where Loki is alive.

Preview for New Disney Plus Shows

Loki Disney Plus New Show Coming 2021

The God of Mischief returns in a new tv series on Disney's new streaming service.

The series will pick up after the alternative time line created in End Game. This will follow the 2012 timeline. This Loki has not reconciled with his brother and has the space stone.

The series follows Loki's journey as he attempts to change human history.

At some point Loki will be captured by the TVA. The TVA are basically time cops trying to stop Loki from messing up the time lines.