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Loki Episode 6, Season Finale Review

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After the six-week jolly ride with the TVA and Lokis, we fans have reached the end of the first season of Loki, and turns out it's not like the other Disney+ series released this year, but only much better and more interesting! In this article, I will be giving my honest review on the sixth episode of Loki and why I believe the Loki series can change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever.

This last one was superior to other episodes in every aspect whether it be acting, cinematography, or direction. It surpassed my expectations of the series and literally took the timelines to the next level.

One key thing I'd like to mention now is that today's Marvel's intro was our heroes' iconic lines instead of the familiar Avengers soundtrack, this new intro was nostalgic for me.

Spoiler Warning- If you'd like to watch the last episode without any spoilers, please go back or skip the next part cause now we'll be going to the episode breakdown.

The citadel at the end of Time

At the end of episode 5, we saw Loki and Sylvie enchanting the giant guard dog Alioth and reaching the void at the end of time. After the intro, we are pulled on to a montage where we are shown the one and only sacred timeline along with the voices of Malala, Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong, and many others.

As we get to the spooky castle, Miss Minutes greets them with a proposal from 'He Who Remains' where he offers the two variants that they could be reinserted back into the Timeline without any repercussions. Loki could have anything he wants – defeating the Avengers, killing Thanos, and the throne of Asgard, and Sylvie could wake up in the same Timeline with her tragic past forgotten and also could end up together. But they refuse and stay on their mission.

As we move forwards we see the man behind the TVA and unlike those Mephisto theories, this time the fans were partly right, not completely. This is because the guy in this series is not Kang the conqueror, but Immortus a variant of Kang who is only known in the MCU as -"He who Remains".

Jonathan Majors appears in this role as a carefree cool god for who knows all and sees all.

After a long conversation about the multiverse and his backstory of how he ended the multiversal war, which he did after harnessing the power of Alioth, he explains that his evil variants(Kang's) would destroy the multiverse if he dies and he leaves it all to Loki and Sylvie whether to choose to take the control of the sacred timeline and maintain everything in perfect harmony.

But the duo ends up in disagreement as Loki is convinced about the balance of the multiverse whereas Sylvie is still driven by revenge and is focused on ending him. They get into a fight with magic and when no one seems to win Loki drops his sword and confesses his love to Sylvie, but just after kissing him she sends him back to the TVA via tempad and kills the variant of Kang, with his last words as - "I'll see you soon". with the timelines splitting and growing at an incredible speed.

Loki runs to find Mobius only find he is now in an entirely new different timeline where Mobius doesn't remember him or anything and he realizes that this TVA is ruled by the Kang the conqueror instead of the Fake lizard timekeepers.

Cast and production

I gotta say, this is one of the best creative projects by Marvel studios, period. Kate Herron- the director has done a great job with actors and has shot every scene with great focus and continuity that keeps you hooked till the end.

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Tom Hiddleston has been phenomenal since the first episode and he maintained his flair throughout the series and was quite amazing in the scene below. Judge Renslayer also gave her best performance in the episode with Mobius, where she sets out to find "free will" and this is another road that Marvel has started to pave for the next series

Another thing I specifically liked about the last episode was the cinematography done in this, especially the color mixing. The fight scenes were so good and the crew shot it like a smooth transition by shooting from various angles and the colorist also did a great job capturing the hues of the citadel.

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The future of change

Unlike other Marvel series released this year, this one doesn't have an all-well climax, rather it is an interesting cliffhanger for the future series and movies. Some may not like this but I believe this Marvel did this for specific reasons.

With millions of timelines growing and colliding with each other we may get to see different realities. This may be set for the new 'What If...' series or to support the spider-man crossover.

Also in the new TVA where Loki gets trapped, we can see Kang as the timekeeper so we might also get a new series with a villain with great potential and this can add for a more amazing plot. But it truly broke me seeing Loki getting heartbroken and kicked out again even at last when finally he finally trusted and loved someone.

The only disappointing thing was that we didn't get the much-awaited Mobius riding Jet Ski scene, Marvel you'll do include it in the next season, Right?


The excellence of Loki

Loki breaks the normal marvel storyline cycle, in where the bad guy loses and the winner gets home happily ever after. I'm sure that many people may not be satisfied with this and that's okay, it's not possible to satisfy everyone, but if you watch from a view of a true lover of movies and comics, I guarantee that you will surely love what Marvel has done with Loki.

I suggest you watch this as soon as you can if you haven't watched it. I will soon write my complete review of the entire series in the next few days.


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