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Scripts for Movies, Television and Books That Reveal Bible Based Prophecies Fulfilled Now and in the Future

“Walker’s Way” is a compelling true story of love, courage, humility and action packed athleticism

My latest intriguing script is entitled Walker’s Way. This inspirational, true story revealed the gallantry of Walker Carter as a athlete and coach at Widener University. The way Walker lived his life inspired others to prevail in love rather than hatred because of his faith in God. He was a stellar athlete who defied all odds against racism, as an underprivileged black boy who became a beloved man that touched the hearts of many even after his death.

Walker’s Way is a powerful, action packed script similar to the unforgettable movies Remember the Titans and Brian’s Song. It shows how a young man never considered himself to be a black man but a confident individual. He was an outstanding student, athlete, coach and graduate of Widener University that has a majority of white students. From the 70’s and throughout his life Walker gained the admiration and respect throughout Widener’s campus and his community.

Under the award winning coach Bill Manlove, Walker served as a football player and coach. They went on to win nationally televised football games and other awards. Championships were also won in track and field by Walker and coach Bob Young along with other teammates.

The script Walker’s Way unveils how Walker became a first class lineman at PECO Energy. He excelled and was loved by thousands of fellow employees and corporate leaders throughout the company. Walker’s intense love for his wife, family and friends exemplified what a true human being although imperfect can achieve regardless of race. He lived his life as a team player who demonstrated spiritual leadership, love and admiration from others.

**The book Walker’s Way is in the Kindle version and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and numerous other book publication websites. For additional information the books domain name is www.booksbywalkerand

The powerful script “Walker’s Way” is based on the true life story of a beloved husband, father and friend who confronted racism with humility and dignity.

Children Cope With the Tragic Death of their Friends and Loved Ones

This powerful children’s book is based on the heart wrenching true stories of children coping with the horrifying death of their best friends. How did these young people cope with the loss of their friends and how did it effect them?

On Saturday, December 5th, 1992 a destructive fire snatched the lives of eight children ranging from the ages of 15 months to eleven years of age. The house where this tragedy occurred was in the back of our home. Firemen held some of the children’s bodies out of the windows in an attempt to revitalize them. This book is an expression of how the children and adults of our neighborhood dealt with this devastating tragedy.

Two of the stories, A Lesson About Living and The Fire that Killed Peanut and his Seven Brothers and Sisters, tell the heartwarming experiences of my daughter’s friends that suffered in a tragic fire. The last story, Timmy l Miss You, gives the personal experience of a nine year old girl trying to fully understand and cope with the loss of a friend and loved one. These individua stories based on true life experiences will give its readers insight on how each character attempt to prepare themselves the challenges in life and death.

Outstanding Ideas for a New Television Series and Films

It is vital that my twin sister Paulette and I attempt to protect our writings due to previous experiences of theft, greed, and bullying. Our book, Nephilim: Children of the Fallen Angels, received copyrights July 5, 1994. Numerous top rated films appeared after our manuscript was released. These movies with major actors had similar themes and characters from our book. During the year of April 1999, our script Kenya's Girl received copyrights. After this script was sent out numerous top rated movies were also made with similar themes and characters as well. We felt bullied by the industry and were positive the focus was pure #greed and selfishness. We decided as writers, rather than continue to depend on agents and government officials to protect or introduce our writings to others, for a certain fee; we would just present our loglines and themes ourselves. We refuse to be bullied to the point where we have to remain silent because we fear those who steal and are greedy bullies.

The recent events of #bombings in Brussels is a clear example of bullies being used by Satan. Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz explained, "Direct your resources to where the terror is coming from." How appropriate this comment is. This continues to be a spiritual battle that Jesus spoke about while on earth, "For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, . . ." Chapter 24 of the book of Matthew, goes on to describe, many will be stumbled and will betray one another and will hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and mislead many." (Matthew 24:7-11) Not one person can deny, we are living in these times that Jesus foretold. We must rely upon our Heavenly Father Jehovah's answer which Jesus taught us to pray for which is God's Kingdom at Matthew 6:9-15. These scripts are realistic for the times we are living in and teach individuals how to realistically deal with bullies.

Steve Harvey, along with Dr. Drew Pinsky, featured a previous television segment on #BullyingEndsHere. Steve Harvey explained, "The moment you turn around and face the bully, he shrinks. A bully is only big as long as he keeps you in a cowering position." This information applies not only to young people but every human that exist. Each of us experience some source of bullying when another person takes advantage of you without your permission. We must avoid being overly concerned about two things stated nineteen year old Ryan, who was one of Steve Harvey's guest, "I had a fear of rejection and a desire of acceptance." Young Ryan, also went on to express, " . . .it's so important to be that one person that rises up. When one rises up and stand for what they believe in, that is huge and that's when a true change happens." All of our scripts feature major characters that focus on standing up against those who try to take advantage of us. Our characters also focus on the unity of all races and how that can and will be accomplished. Join me as you read the loglines of these compelling scripts. Each one is based on true, heartwarming stories. These scripts are available for purchase. If you have a genuine interest contact me by email

Seeds of Determination, is a compelling script based on a true story

Seeds of Determination, is an awe-inspiring script where John, a black man fled the south after his wife and children were killed. Upon his arrival in the north, he marries and has children. John's oldest son Alexander, was mentally challenged and made national news when he was falsely accused of murdering a white woman. Alexander, was later put to #death by execution in the electric chair at the age of 16. He was the youngest to be executed in the state of Pennsylvania. One day it is the family's hope and prayer that Alexander, will finally be #exonerated of this murder that he did not commit. Susie, the sister of Alexander Williams and her family just want and deserve pure #justice.

Through faith and determination, John, the father of Alexander worked diligently and purchased major real estate surrounded by a tremendous historical value which became a family inheritance even today. John's family continue to reside and prosper in the same area that Alexander was falsely convicted and put to death. They are determined to stand up against bullies and individuals who attempt to take advantage of others. This family and families like them with remarkable faith in God and determination to succeed regardless of the odds against them is the type of #television and films needed to inspire others to do their very best and become the best persons they can be.

Origin and End of Bullying Can Be An Outstanding Television Series

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A fourteen-year-old girl named Christine is bullied at school and she must now reveal this terrifying experience to her mother for the first time. The discovery and origin of bullying are explained to Christine, by her mother. This could change the young woman's life forever. Together they stood up for themselves and became victorious against all bullies.



Five feet, fourteen-year-old Christine, is being chased by five other girls. She runs into a fence as Valerie, a taller girl starts to pull Christine's hair and punch her in the face. The four other girls start to gather around screaming and cheering Valerie on. She throws Christine to the ground and starts to kick her. Suddenly, a stranger approaches as Valerie and her friends turn and run away. With tears in her eyes, Christine gets up slowly. Her thoughts were focused not only on the pain but how she would talk to her mother about this experience.

My Mentor the Virtuous Queen Esther - An Ingenious Concept for Television or Film - Based On a true story.

A twelve-year-old girl is thrown into a German concentration camp after her family is caught with literature that was banned by Hitler and his regime. Death was inevitable for her and others who worshipped Jehovah God. The young girl decides to take a stand after remembering the virtuous acts of Queen Esther and what she did to save her life and the life of her people. Will twelve year old survive prison and be used as a tool for the salvation of her people?


RENATA serves as the narrator and main character. She does a voice-over by stating: In 1933, at twelve years of age, my life changed forever. I lived in Germany with my parents, who were Jehovah's Witnesses. Adolf Hitler declared, "Those so-called Earnest Bible Students are troublemakers." He then explained how "I do not tolerate that the German Catholics shall be besmirched in such a manner by this American Judge Rutherford; I dissolve [Jehovah's Witnesses] in Germany." These words affected the lives of millions, who endured barbaric torture and murder, along with their Jewish brothers and sisters, simply because of the God they served. Yet, their stories remain untold in the #television and movie industry. These individuals must be remembered for their bravery, determination, and choice of religious freedom.

Today, millions of Christians all over the world are concerned about the religious persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses because their mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers belong to this organization. Persecution is being illegally carried out in such countries as Russia, South Korea, Palestinian Territory and Eritrea, Africa. "There are currently 54 of Jehovah's Witnesses imprisoned in Eritrea, 3 of whom have been detained for over 21 years. None have been charged or brought to trial," explained a newsroom official on They are treated as less than human through violence and torture in some of these lands because of their love for others and their desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. One Jehovah's Witness stated, "Thus, we obey the law, pay our taxes, and cooperate with the government's efforts to provide for the public welfare." It is their desire, "They would thus form an international brotherhood in which no member would ever wage war against his brother or sister." 1John3:10-12

Kenya's Girl is an original screenplay based on the terrorist bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania, August 7th, 1998. This script is based on a true story as well which was told by a young Kenyan girl.


AFRICAN MUSIC PLAYS.. .a cheetah moves slowly toward her next victim in order to feed her young. Herds of cape buffalo, elephants and zebras remain alert as they graze. Majestically in the distance, Mount Kilimanjaro looms, with its snowcapped peaks. A few miles away from downtown Tanzania, a truck dives directly into the American Embassy. Horror and death surround what was once a source of refuge. A few miles away in Nairobi, Kenya a terrorist drives a truck with explosives into the American embassy. The telephone conversation of a husband and wife is suddenly cut off. He calls out to his wife but there is no answer. More than two hundred and fifty were killed and thousands injured between these two terrorists attacks. A teenager named Jennifer, also referred to as Kenya's Girl loses her mother in the Nairobi attack. Jennifer lives with her father in the United States. Now she must go to Kenya, to bury her mother. Jennifer's determination and faith inspires her as well as their family and friends to unite against terroristic bullies. How will they accomplish this?

This variety of scripts are an inspiration for television and film. How do individuals consistently face trials of #bullying and unjust hatred? We are in desperate need of real-life experiences in television and film that represent reality and teach us how to survive during these critical times.

The lack of diversity on television and the movie industry is quite apparent. The Atlantic in an online article entitled, The Missing Piece of the Oscars' Diversity Conversation stated, "No Asian or Latina actress has won an Oscar in over 50 years." The article also went on to explain, "Meanwhile, the financial incentives for movies to cast more women and people of color are more pressing than ever. A new report from #UCLA found that Hollywood's diversity issues could be costing the industry billions of dollars." #OscarsSoWhite is regretful, only part of the problem. True love and respect for people of all races will and can eliminate this problem of racism within the television and film industry.

We must be determined to only view movies or television programs that expand beyond the limitations of race, violence, sex, and bullying. It is vital that we learn to be a united people through the true love we are taught based on God's word the Bible. Imagine, if we stopped the criticism of each other and just applied the principle of #love. Such things as racism, bullying, and hatred would be completely eliminated. "#Love covers a multitude of sins," is what Jesus taught while on earth. If we practice love and not just preached it, all of our lives could change for the better. Even the type of television and films we watch would improve tremendously because television and film are an imitation of our lives.

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On YouTube - The 1998 Embassy Bombing in Kenya and Tanzania

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