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Lizzo: Confident or Insecure? (Celebrity Gossip), (2021)

Caila loves celebrity gossip. She hardly is out of the loop with most things in the latest culture when it comes to celebrity life.

Lizzo Confidence or Insecure Poll (2021)

Serve Face

Headshot of Lizzo's beautiful face and skin!

Headshot of Lizzo's beautiful face and skin!

Insecurites are Loud!

People say that confidence is quiet, while insecurities are very loud. I have found this phrase to be true throughout my adult life via social media and just existing around people who live for others. A person can say they are confident and they are "it", but who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself?! People who are confident don't run around saying they're confident. They just are. People who are beautiful don't walk around saying they're beautiful. Rich people don't say they're rich. The obvious doesn't always need to be stated aloud. However, insecure people feel the need to announce literally any and everything they do or make them feel like they're on top of things. So where do we draw lines here with confidence and insecurities when it comes to celebrities? Their literal job is to be relevant and put their brand out there to be judged by the public! Let's dive in...

Before the Gram Took Over

Lizzo, in the first performance I ever saw of her, playing a flute and performing one of her hit songs.

Lizzo, in the first performance I ever saw of her, playing a flute and performing one of her hit songs.


Our celebrity in question is Lizzo. She has been in the public eye for a while now, at first for her music and now for her constant antics in the public eye or social media. She has done everything from perform in front of thousands to crying on Instagram. What leads to the tears though? Lizzo was up and coming a few years ago when her music really started hitting radios and airing everywhere. She has catchy hits that you cannot deny. When I first saw her, she was onstage in a cute leotard ensemble, playing the flute, killing it! She represented bigger women in a very positive way that made me happy for her and that particular community of women. Showing them that they could be cool and sexy like everyone else and still have talent and be great, regardless of body type. Now every time I see her, she's doing something that makes me question her mental health.

Now that her music has been dying down recently, she's moved on from inspiring other women to the "shock factor" portion of her career. This includes constant twerking, always half or more naked on camera, always loud and in your face, wearing a dress with the buttocks completely exposed at an NBA basketball game, and letting men pour bottles of champagne into her butt crack while she dances. Really trashy stuff that's just normalized nowadays. However, these antics have turned around on her for many different reasons. Fans have come at her about her shenanigans a lot in the comments section of celebrity gossip pages and her Instagram page. The fans have simply been saying that Lizzo had been doing too much on social media and that she should have a bit more class about herself as a person. Lizzo feels differently, though.

The DM She Wanted Us to See

The DM that Lizzo shared on her IG of her shooting her shot at actor, Chris Evans.

The DM that Lizzo shared on her IG of her shooting her shot at actor, Chris Evans.


Sometimes when people get conductive criticisms, they tend to think that the person who criticized them is just judging, being mean, or "hating" for no reason. However, this isn't the case with Lizzo. I think what people were telling her was true, she just doesn't want to hear it. Within the last year or so, before she released a song with rapper, Cardi B, she was ONLY in the news for being ridiculous. People don't want to constantly see your butt. Fans don't always want to see you wilding out only to cry about it later on Instagram Live! She thinks that people hate her, when all we're asking is that she has some kind of class about herself as a grown woman.

Her latest antic has been consistently bothering and flirting with Captain America actor, Chris Evans. As fine as that man is, I understand what she's doing. It was cute the first time she wrote him! Very cute actually. It went from just one quick tweet/IG post, to which he responded to, to now her writing him at least 4 other times beyond that. All of which made the celebrity gossip pages. Chris is, admittedly, a very private person. This is the man who almost had a panic attack because he accidentally posted a VERY personal picture of himself to his IG story. So, I'm sure, the first time she wrote him, it was perceived as a cute little haha crush joke... Now it just seems like harassment the number of times she has tried this. He doesn't want you, sis! Leave him be! Also, what if he wasn't single!? Stop throwing yourself at him!

Now with all of this being said, Lizzo has gone out of her way MULTIPLE times to address the public and their thoughts on her. She feels as if the public is particularly harsh on her for the things she does, when other (smaller) women do the same things and get away with it without anyone batting an eye. A lot of people believe this, really. However, I don't think this is true. People still talk about thinner women dancing, dressing, or acting a certain kind of way when they do the same things as her. She just chooses not to see it or pay attention to it. When you're a celebrity, you're free to do what you want, however, you are not free of consequence or criticism.

The Infamous Purple Dress

The dress that shook the world in 2021.

The dress that shook the world in 2021.

False Bravado

Through the defense of herself, Lizzo has taken to Instagram while in tears complaining about how people only live to tear her down. This is usually after she has done something completely outrageous and setting herself up for failure. It's not that people don't want to see a bigger woman be confident. Nobody wants to see a trash bucket no matter what the size. "Have some self-respect" is the main phrase I think of when I think about Lizzo doing random things all the time for the shock of it. Then she'll change up again from the crying IG videos, to going back on Live to say how confident she is, how nobody can change her, and how she doesn't care what the public thinks. Soooo, why are you even addressing it then? If you didn't care, you wouldn't care.

Being bigger does not exclude you from the public's scornful words. It's about being ladylike and treating yourself as a sexy, grown woman, not an item or a sexual object. A lot of the times, Lizzo goes WAY overboard with sexiness to the point that it's gross (and would be gross for any woman to do). (EX: The basketball game with her butt cheeks out. There are children watching the game. Sports are for all ages. Or wearing a bright purple see-through dress with literally nothing underneath it to a party. HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT!!!) Everything about her at this point is for the shock value. Her talent and skills in rapping, singing, and playing instruments have been overshadowed by her mischief. Her latest song, Rumors, with Cardi B, didn't even do as well as I would've thought it would. It feels as if she's fallen off already only a few years into her career.

Shocking people with antics will never beat actually wowing somebody with your skills and talent. Simply stating people are jealous, hate you, or are disrespecting you does not mean they actually are. One could easily argue that you're disrespecting us and yourself by showing your bare butt and saggy breasts constantly. It is a two-way street, and you cannot just dismiss what people are saying about you when it makes sense. This is what I meant by false confidence. She feigns being a confident woman, proudly shouting it to the skies every chance she can, but then gets worked up by everything fans say about her. Either you are or you aren't. I'm not saying confidence cannot be broken, however, I'm not sure that she ever had the confidence she talks about in the first place.

Tears... of Confidence?

Lizzo crying on her IG, feeling bullied by the public.

Lizzo crying on her IG, feeling bullied by the public.


Do not get me wrong... I think Lizzo is gorgeous, her face card is NEVER declining, her vibe is everything, and she seems like a cool person to be around. However, that doesn't mean anything when you cover all of that up with just being naked all the time and forcing yourself down people's throats with trash, oversexualized outfits, always crying about something and denying how you come across as a person. She has literally gotten on social media stating that she did not have many friends or people to talk to about her troubles and whatnot. Why are you on IG Live like we can do something for you? Go talk to a therapist.

Lizzo, to me, seems like a person who came into the industry thinking she was different and impressive, and, at first, she was. Nobody was playing the flute DURING performances; nobody was bigger than a size 7 putting on tireless shows and dancing like she was. She seemed confident at first. Now, she has taken every chance she could to be desperate to be different (or the same in my eyes) than everyone else. With her doing the same things that other talentless women are doing and getting berated for, as well, she's mad that she's getting similar responses as those women.

It's not the best thing in the world to ONLY truly be connected to antics and being annoying in the public eye. I don't even think the public has worn her down. I think she has worn herself down by constantly caring about what everyone thinks about her all the time. Trying to keep up with the Joneses and be a part of a certain kind of feminine crowd, has left her a shell of her former self (onstage and off). Her music and talent has literally taken a backseat for her foolishness to take the wheel and drive her career car. It's honestly embarrassing that she feels the need to resort to crazy things simply to stay relevant. If you're not releasing music, you gotta stay in the public's memory somehow... and this was not the way, in my opinion.

My Final Thoughts...

I think Lizzo is a great performer, a good singer/rapper, and an amazing spirit, however, I do wish that she would get herself together so that she can be the best her. The public does not have an issue with your weight, but your classlessness, cheapness, and desperation that you exude out of your pores. It's not about bigger women not being able to be perceived as sexy. I would look at any woman the same way that I look at Lizzo if they pulled all of the things she has. Be more ladylike, seek some quick therapy for the social media anxiety and focus on your career, because she is so much more than just twerking and shockers. I just want her to see that and be it.

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