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Liu Yifei (Crystal) or "Fairy Sister" - Beautiful Chinese Actress

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Background and Childhood

Liu Yifei was born in China as An Feng in Wuhan, Hubei province. Yes, the city of origin for COVID-19. But, it's important to not discriminate against anyone from that city. Liu's father, An Shaokang, was from Hebei province of northern China. He is currently a French language professor. Liu's mother, Liu Xiaoli, was from Heilongjiang province of northeast China. Following her parents' divorce, Liu adopted her mother's last name and her name was changed to Liu Ximeizi. She immigrated to the United States with her mom and lived in New York for only 5 years. In 2002, Liu returned to China to pursue a career in acting. Upon returning to China, Liu adopted Liu Yifei as her stage name.


A Natural Beauty

In the entertainment industry where beautiful women are everywhere, Liu Yifei is considered one of the prettiest celebrities by many people. It is not hard to see why. If you ever watched any of her TV shows, you will immediately notice her natural beauty. Liu's features are all natural and not from plastic surgery. She got her gorgeous features mostly from her mother. The mother and daughter duo look like sisters. Some fans met Liu Yifei in person and said that she is even prettier in person than her pictures.


Rise to Popularity

Due to her natural beauty, Liu was noticed very quickly in the entertainment business. In 2002, Liu got her first role in the TV show, The Story of a Noble Family. Noticed by a famous director in China, Liu Yifei quickly got her second role as Wang Yuyan in the TV show, Demi-Gods and Demi-Devils. People in China were stunned by her beauty in this show and she became famous immediately. Among her fans, she became known as the "Fairy Sister". Following her initial success, Liu Yifei starred in another Chinese TV show based on an ancient Chinese story, Chinese Paladin. During her initial years in the entertainment business, Liu Yifei was especially known for stunning looks when dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. Following her success in TV shows, Liu transitioned to the big-screen. It seems like Liu is now focusing her energy mostly in movies. She pulled herself out of TV shows for many years. However, Liu returned to the small-screen with The Love of Hypnosis. This TV show is not released yet. Many of the her TV fans are anxious to watch it once it airs.


Sweet Love

Liu Yifei met Song Seung Heon in 2013 and they started dating in 2015. However, due to their busy schedules, the couple became distant and their love didn't last. Some of the people are suspecting that they got back together. Through Song's agency, they claimed that even though the two are interacting with each other, they are still not back together. Out of her whole career up until now, Song Seung Heon was Liu's only known ex-boyfriend. Right now, we can all assume that Liu Yifei is single.

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Liu Yifei's Singing Career

Although an actress by training, Liu briefly engaged in a singing career. Partnered with Song Music Entertainment of Japan, Liu released a Japanese album. She is a very talented singer. If you hear some of her songs, you might even think that she is a professor singer. In 2020, Liu recorded the Mulan theme song for Disney. However, Disney hasn't even posted this video on their official channel. Some say that it is due to the discrimination and racism against Chinese people. Others say it is because of her controversial support of the Chinese military action against Hong Kong. Either way, Liu singing talent is definitely there.

Angry Chinese Fans

Claiming to be Asian instead of Chinese in one of her interviews, Liu Yifei angered her Chinese fans. Even though she was born in China, Liu got her US citizenship after only a 5 years stay in New York. Ever since her return to China, Liu has not lived in US. She makes a lot of money from the Chinese entertainment industry. Some of the angry fans argued if Liu is ashamed of being Chinese, then stop making money from China. Others say that it is not right to have a non-Chinese national play a legendary Chinese icon like Hua Mulan. Chinese people have the right to be angry. Liu should not be ashamed of her roots. Even though Liu has her American citizenship, she is definitely Chinese culturally. She lived in China for most of her life. Please be proud of who you are and not who you want to be! Sometimes, beautiful people get a free pass and have a much easier time with life. But, everyone should be proud of their own heritage.


iluvceleb on January 14, 2014:

Her sixth picture reminds me of Ariel Lin

Tonette Fornillos from The City of Generals on October 15, 2011:

She's got a really "fairy-like" face and features. Amusing and beautiful hub.

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