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Mr. Bean Movie List - Rowan Atkinson the Funny Man

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Mr. Bean Origins

Mr. Bean is one of the funniest characters I enjoyed watching when I was a little kid. I used to watch it with my family members. The TV series had very little dialogue of him speaking. Most of the funny scenes were just body language and facial expressions. You follow his adventure where he is studying for his master's degree at Oxford University.

He is a rather childish and self-centered buffoon that uses unorthodox methods to perform daily tasks. He has a signature brown teddy bear that he carries in his bedroom and drives a mini cooper.

You must have enjoyed the TV series and that is why you are here to find out some movies that he is in. I will list them here. There is only 2.

Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie

In this movie, Rowan Atkinson plays as Mr. Bean again. He is a clumsy guard at the Royal National Gallery. He spends most of his time dazing around and is not liked by the board of directors. However, the chairman(Sir John Mills) is fond of Mr. Bean and the board could not get rid of him. So, they sent him to America to represent them at the unveiling of the portrait "Whistler's Mother", an expensive painting purchased by a painting Gallery in Los Angeles. Hilarious scenes ensue as "Dr. Bean" tries to live up to that status.

I personally enjoyed watching this movie. Mr Bean never ceases to make me laugh. It is something about his facial expressions that makes it funny.

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Mr. Bean's Holiday

This is the sequel to Bean: The Ultimate Disaster. In this movie, Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes in a raffle. While he traveled there, hilarious scenes ensue as he is unable to communicate with the people there. He ends up meeting a kid that was separated from his dad while boarding a train. In his attempt to reunite the two, Mr. Bean went on a roller coaster adventure.

This wasn't the best movie compared to the first one, but it is good enough. Perhaps I was expecting too much from it.

Non Mr. Bean Movies

Rowan Atkinson has also starred in various other movies as well besides Mr. Bean. Here are the ones that he was in:

  • Maybe Baby - Comedy movie about a couple trying to give birth to a child. Rowan Atkinson is the gynecologist. He is funny in here.
  • Rat Race - He plays as Enrico Pollini, an Italian with narcolepsy.
  • Scooby-Doo - He is the owner of Spooky Island.
  • Johnny English - He is a funny unintelligent spy in this one.
  • Love Actually - He is a jewelry seller.
  • Keeping Mum - He plays a funny vicar for a sermon. It is a good movie. I enjoyed it.
  • Johnny English Reborn - He returns in this one against assassins that are trying to kill the Chinese premier.

Mr. Bean Animated Series

Mr. Bean had an animated series in 2002-2004, starring Mr. Bean himself and 2 new characters. They are Mrs. Wicket, an unpleasant landlady and his girlfriend Irma Gobb. Just like the original series, there is very little dialogue. They did an excellent job animating Mr. Bean just like the TV series. The voice actors were great. The only thing I didn't like about it was the way they made Mr. Bean has skinny legs. I understood that they wanted to make him into a goofy and funny character, but that didn't quite do it for me in the series.

My Favorite Rowan Atkinson Movie

Out of the list that I gave you, I would have to pick Johnny English. He is such a goofball in that one. The best scene that was when he was trying to kiss Natalie Imbruglia in the car, only to get ejected by the seat into the swimming pool. Talk about epic fails, this one definitely had it.

Mr. Bean Movie List Conclusion

If you are a big fan of Mr Bean, you would definitely want to watch all of the movies above. I would recommend that you watch both Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn. In my opinion, these 2 movies really showcase Rowan Atkinson's talents as a comedian. I know that we are used to him not speaking in his Mr. Bean role, but I also find his witty speeches funny as well.

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