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Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated Controversy

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Linsey Vonn si pose

Linsey Vonn si pose

Lindsey Vonn on SI

February 2010 issue of the popular magazine Sports Illustrated features Lindsey Vonn as the cover feature with the caption "America's Best Woman Skier Ever". Everything sounds good so far except the pose given by Lindsey Vonn is open for interpretation and causing unnecessary controversy. Look at the controversial Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated cover picture and decide for yourself. Do you think Sports Illustrated went too far to make it a controversy so they can sell more copies? Do you see a pattern of behavior by Sports Illustrated treating women athletes this way? Or is there no problem here?

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Lindsey Vonn is the first U.S. woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships. Some people are questioning why female athletes are depicted in a sexual manner. Is this sexy or being sexist? The cover of SI Feb 2010 issue features a picture of American alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, a favorite to win multiple gold medals Winter Olympic Games that could be considered as a sexual pose by some individuals. Are they just imagining something or reading more into what is an absolutely normal picture.

Note that the popular race car driver celebrity Danica Patrick has never been shy about marketing her sexuality which helped her popularity to surge to unprecedented levels. U.S. women's skier Lindsey Vonn has prided herself went through tremendous pain, pressure, and the glare of the American spotlight at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. During the women's super-G competition at Whistler Creekside on Saturday, Feb. 20 she allowed herself to relax for a few moments. It likely cost her a gold medal and left her settling for a bronze instead.

Autrian Skier Andrea Fischbacher snatched gold from the American skier Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated Controversy may settle down soon as more and more SI pictures of popular athletes show up and their fantastic business model to cash in on women athletes keep making magic. Vonn became conservative over the final stretch of the ski course and it cost her the Gold medal. Vonn said that her injury played no role in her decision to back off over the final meters of the course and called her decision just a mistake which cost her big time.

In super-G it's difficult if you look back you can always find things where you can make up time. But having only one inspection and no training runs it's difficult to always know how aggressive you can ski and how the line is going to run and what the speeds are going to be. Sports Illustrated used Linsey Vonn's skiing picture for its cover feature of Feb 2010 issue. See more

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