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Heart-Warming Movies and Tv Shows to Ignore Reality

A wannabe writer and cat mom who rarely gets to write because of Med School and has no cats. Life's great!

What Am I Reading?

This is going to be a series where I come and talk to you about heart warming books, movies and TV shows which have helped me ignore the fact that there is a deadly virus literally in the air, Asian hate, the broken Indian political and medical system and also climate change.

This is in no way a conceited view on very important pressing worldly issues, this is simply an escape when the news gets too morbid and you need to remind yourself that there is still good to be found in this world (even though I want to burn it to the ground).



I know people love endings, they always have. It can be the end to a relationship and they make songs about it, ending of a legendary career and they have made documentaries about it, Shawshank redemption sitting with pride at the top of IMDB movie ratings, lauded for its ending. But for me personally it’s the beginning which makes or breaks the story. When I look back on stories that I have loved and kept close, I often see myself fascinated at how they started. Beginnings are the hardest part to get right.

From Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four Privet Drive were perfectly normal thank you very much (of Harry Potter) to It is a truth universally acknowledged, greatness to me is best viewed when it is just about to happen. And the Intern knows that well.

The beginning sequence of this movie is equivalent to the soft delicious smell of freshly baked cookies on Christmas eve beckoning you to come, have a bite, indulge. It is the perfect setting to a beautiful movie about life and love and relationships of all kind- love and friendship and parenthood and right at the heart of it, the dynamic relationship of a man who’s lived and loved and a woman who is just learning to do so.

where can you watch it? Amazon Prime



How can I mention a small, witty reference of Pride and Prejudice and not feature it in here? Whenever I think about this book, I think about humans. How they are misunderstood, how they miscommunicate, how they make mistakes but most of all how they love and learn and live.

If you look at the text on the bottom of the poster you can make out the tagline “A romance way ahead of its time.” and that is the beauty of this book, in a time and in a society when men held their heads high, arrogance dripped from their words like honey scented venom, Jane Austen creates a character so humanly flawed that he is all that and more. He is arrogant and proud and he is shy and apologetic. She is beautiful and poised, she is witty and prejudiced.

I know you’ve read this book, I know you have seen this movie and yet I urge you, make that bowl of popcorn or open that snack you’ve been saving to eat at the right time and re-watch this.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime, and if not just re read the damn book.




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If I had to choose one Bollywood movie to watch for the rest of my life, I would choose this tale of many, many different characters; different not only by their faces but by their struggles, their personal demons, their dreams which were walked upon, love that was lost, love that was not to be and love that finally is. And surprisingly when I say love, not only do I mean the four different romantic stories that weave themselves through the story, I also mean the love that blooms between the family.

Set against the unyielding, painfully proper backdrop of the Delhi High Society, this is a story of an ordinary family, other than the fact that the younger son owns a plane, as they deal with unhappy marriages, infidelity and forbidden romances and their inherent sexist narrators.

You will feel warm, emotional, happy and a sort of oneness with the Mehras (the family name of the main characters) when you’ll watch them figure their life out on a beautiful cruise cruising through Turkey. Also a really cute dog.

If you don’t know the language, please use subtitles, it will be very very worth it.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime.


TV series

AH. Midge Maisel. And what a Marvelous Missus she is.

When it’s the late 1950s and you have a perfect husband, two kids (who are surprisingly an absolutely unimportant part of the show) and a marvelous apartment in New York’s Upper West Side, a woman does not have to do much but wear the perfect pair of gloves and cook pot roast…that is unless you walk in your husband screwing his secretary. Then you go to the nearest bar, get drunk and flash your tits. Oh also, do stand up comedy.

Set against a beautiful portrayal of the 1950s, Midge Maisel will take you by surprise with her wit and delivery. She is fierce and powerful and incredibly funny as she takes the stage and the world by storm with her stand up comedy. Dealing with her family, her annoying, foul mouthed and the star of the show manager, Susie Myers (played by Alex Borstein), Mrs. Maisel is marvelous every step (in her beautiful Judy Garland-esque shoes) of the way.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime Video



They say the special ones stand out, that talent shines and greatness shows; then why do you find gems only when you look for them?

Onward is a heart touching, heart warming, heart breaking, (all things heart because it is, full of heart I mean) and painfully underrated story about 2 brothers, a semi-reincarnated father and a heart (again) full of hope. I advise you to go into this story without any information and any expectations. Let it surprise you and take you along with it. After all that is how classics are made.

This seemingly unassuming story turns magical with every second and will you feel it melt, run in your veins and settle in your heart which will have swollen to three times its size by the time to turn it off.

Not saying much because this is an experience in itself.

Where can you watch it? Disney Plus, Hotstar

SO THAT IS IT, my folks. Signing out and coming back with freshly cooked opinions and deliciously baked lists as I strive to make you smile one movie at a time.

Till next time.

All the love,

H (yes I ripped off harry styles :’) )

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