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Let's Talk About the Oscars


Let's Talk About the Oscars

LADIES GENTLEMEN AND ENBYS!! Well that certainly was one interesting night, huh? As many of you may know the 94th Academy Awards aired last night on ABC and it was full of many surprises, disappointments, and WTF moments galore. I'm going to do go through some of my favorite moments, biggest disappointments, and try to cover all of the major events that went down.

So Amy Shumer hosted this year's addition to the Academy Awards' annual celebration night, after a hiatus from hosts altogether over the course of the past couple years. I'll be honest, I'm not a personal fan of Amy Shumer's comedy so I didn't love her as a host but overall she was fine and didn't have any cringey moments that upset me..... UNTIL she decided to disrespect Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons!! I absolutely love those two and think they're both incredible actors, Jesse Plemons being one of my all time favorite young actors working today, and Amy Shumer had made some super weird and drawn out joke about Kirsten Dunst being a seat filler and then proceeded to flirt with Jesse even as he protested saying "you know that's my wife right?" I don't know, it was fine for a bit but that soured my reaction to her hosting. Moving on though...

DUNE! We love Dune, we love Dune so so much. Dune was nominated for 10 awards heading into the night and took home a grand total of 6. It was awarded for Cinematography, Film Editing, Original Score, Production Design, Sound, and Visual Effects. It was definitely one of my favorite films of the past year and I'm so glad to see it do so well at the awards ceremony. I cannot wait for part 2 and hope to see Dennis Villenueve and the cast keep up the good work.

Moving onto some of my disappointments from the night. Starting with Kenneth Branagh and Belfast winning best Original Screenplay. I thought Belfast was fine, not anything superb or remarkably special but it was good. I think it getting nominated for screenplay is fine but the fact it won is kind of bonkers to me. Licorice Pizza easily was the better movie and should've had that award by a mile. Super surprised at that one especially because LP didn't receive any other awards that night at all either.

Now we get to my biggest gripe from the night which is Coda winning best picture. I want to preface this by saying that I think deaf representation in film is awesome and it's such a blindspot of mine that I never would have addressed had not seeing last year's Sound of Metal or this year's Coda and I really want to see more of it. That being said though, Coda is, to put it very politely, mid. It's basic, average, and there's just nothing award-winning about it at all. Troy Kotsur getting supporting actor makes more sense to me, he was electric in his performance and did great but other than that I really cannot wrap my head around how that won best picture this year. To me it was a nice, fine, heart-warming family movie, but nothing more than that. A cleaner looking Disney Channel prestige at best. This is not anger directed towards the movie itself by the way, like I said the movie is fine and I don't have any objective critiques of it, my frustration is more so on the academy for hyping this up to be best picture. Wasn't a fan of that pick considering all the other movies that we had nominated.

And lastly, yes you know it's coming. Let's talk briefly about that. You know.. THAT. Will Smith struck Chris Rock on stage after he made a joke about Jada Smith and her shaved head, and it was crazy. Wild to see that actually happen on live television from somebody like Will Smith who generally seems like such an easy going and mellow guy. The joke may have been in poor taste considering the reason Jada had shaven her head was due to her alopecia but at the same time I do think it was made out of pure light hearted fun and that's kind of what comedians do. I don't know, even if i don't think the joke was the smartest I definitely don't think Will Smith should've slapped him like he did, it seemed a little excessive. All that being said though, it made for one HELL of a ride on Twitter last night and certainly got the audience way more energized for the rest of the program.

That was basically it, super hectic night, lots of big surprises, and lots of memorable moments. If you'd like to hear more takes from me on cinema (or check out my disastrously incorrect prediction sheet as of right now) then come check out my blog Clued Up, Glued In. Thanks y'all, til next time.

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