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Let's Talk About It: Top Gun Maverick

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski and stars Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Jeniffer Connelly and obviously Tom Cruise. This was a sequel to the movie Top Gun that it seemed like nobody was really looking for. It had been pushed back time and time again, but now we finally get to talk about it! Check out the trailer below.

Summary (Spoilers)


The movie starts with Pete Mitchell, better known as Maverick, being threatened to be grounded, but Iceman, his old friend, says that he needs Maverick to return to Top Gun which is a school for the best pilots in the country. Maverick is tasked with putting together a team to bomb a uranium enrichment facility that is underground in an unnamed nation, and is heavily fortified.

When Maverick gets there to meet the pilots, he goes to a bar and finds an old friend, Penny who owns the bar. One of the recruits is the son of his late best friend, Goose. The kids callsign is Rooster. Rooster blames Maverick for the death of his father and Maverick held Rooster several years back in the academy. Maverick begins his teaching by beating all of them in a dog fight proving to them that they still have things to learn.

After that, he begins to run simulations based upon the mission that they will be doing, and no one is capable of completing the mission. Due to this problem the fact that the mission is pushed sooner to where the pilots only have one more week, and the death of Iceman, Maverick is replaced as the teacher. Maverick then proceeds to run the training coarse faster than the parameters of the mission required inspiring the other pilots.


Maverick is named strike force leader and selects his crew choosing Rooster to be his wingman. They set off for the mission and Maverick executes his part of the mission blowing a hole in the base. Rooster struggles as he is nervous to go too fast, but listening to Maverick's advice stops thinking and speeds toward the objective. The blow the refinery, however Maverick is shot down. Rooster goes back to find Maverick and gets shot down as well.

Rooster and Maverick reunite and search for a way to get back to the carrier. They take an old F-14 plane which is majorly outgunned by the new generation fighters the enemy has. They are about to get shot down when another pilot, Hangman comes in and saves them. Maverick and Rooster land on the carrier with a successful mission behind them.



When I heard about the new Top Gun movie, I honestly did not have high hopes nor was I very excited about it. I thought the first film was okay, but not good enough for a sequel. But this movie really surprised me. For one, the visuals of the movie were amazing. That much I was expecting, but the fact that the actors were actually in the cockpit of the planes added something extra to the film. The final 30 minutes also just looked so well down from the dog fights to the rush to the objective. It was high energy and also very beautiful to watch.

The characters in this film also brought a lot to the table. You have the conflict between Hangman and just about everybody, but the best relationship in the film is Maverick and Rooster. Maverick is struggling with helping Rooster or keeping him safe. It is also great to see Rooster sort through all of his complicated feelings towards Maverick from blaming him for his fathers death and also angry with Maverick about setting his career back. All of the relationships with the characters felt complete with a few more well-rounded than the rest, which is fine. Even the relationship between Penny and Maverick felt good. It can be hard to make something like that not feel cheesy but they really puled that off.

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The script writing was also really good. There were a few moments I thought were a little cheesy, but as a whole it was a perfect sequel and that is a big credit to the writers of the script. This film had enough callbacks to the original for the nostalgia to kick in, but it also stands on its own apart from the first one.

The acting was also very good. I thought the best performance was turned in by Miles Teller who played Rooster. He did so well in this film showing the conflict inside of him. Tom Cruise can be a wild card. There are times where it appears he over acts, and while there may be a little of that, he does a great job returning to his role.

Overall, I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie. I do not feel like we get enough of these kind of films. The story is what really drives the story rather than action sequences. It is beautifully crafted and well executed.



Plot- 9

Characters- 9

Script- 8

Action/Drama- 10

Conflict- 10

Visuals- 10

Rewatchability- 10

Pacing- 9

Emotion- 10

Interest- 10

Acting- 8


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