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Let's Talk About it: Thor (Mcu Pt. 5)

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


Thor came out in 2011 following the second Iron Man film and is directed by Kenneth Branagh. This film really has a star-studded cast of Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and even bigger names like Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins. Take a look at the trailer below and let's talk about it!



Thor is the God of thunder and son of Odin. Just when he is about to be made king of Asgard, frost giants break into Asgard with help of Thor's brother Loki, unbeknownst to everyone else. Wanting to take revenge, Thor travels to Jotunheim against Odin's orders to take revenge. When Odin finds him, Thor is banished and stripped of his power. Loki confesses that it was he who warned Odin that Thor planned to take revenge on the frost giants.

Thor falls down to Earth where he meets Kate Foster, Eric Selvig and Darcy lewis who are researching strange phenomena in space. Meanwhile, Thor's Hammer Mjolnir, landed in New Mexico and S.H.I.E.L.D. has set up a base around the hammer.

Thor convinces Jane to take him to his hammer and he can prove to her that he is from Asgard, but Thor is unable to pick the hammer up as he is no longer worthy of it. He is then taken captive and sent to interrogation, where Loki appears to him and lies to him that Odin is dead and his mother blames Thor for his death.


Meanwhile, in Asgard, Loki discovered that he is the son of Laufey, the leader of the frost giants, and Odin has fallen unconscious, so Loki has taken the Throne of Asgard. Thor's friends plead with Loki to bring Thor back, but he refuses. The friends go to find Thor on Earth and succeed. Loki sends a destroyer to go down to Earth and kill Thor. Thor is willing to lay his life down for the people of Earth, which wa enough to deem him worthy of his old power. He transforms back into the God of thunder and goes to confront Loki after beating the destroyer.

Loki had let Laufey attempt to kill Odin, only to backstab him and kill him in order to make himself appear to be worthy of the throne of Asgard. He then wants to turn the Bifrost on to destroy Jotunheim. Thor appears and confronts him and destroys the bridge, severing Asgard from the other realms including Jane Foster and Earth. Odin comes to save Thor and Loki from falling, but Loki lets go and falls into space.



Thor is a very interesting movie. This is the first time up to this point that Marvel decided to stretch beyond Earth and it really works. I love the Asgard scenes. To me, This is the movie where marvel starts to nail down their visuals. Everything in Asgard and Jotunheim is so different from anything else we have seen and this really helps the movie a lot. However, in contrast, the scenes on Earth are very bland. It is probably done on purpose to show the contrast between the different realms, but the film takes place primarily on Earth and the brown landscape of New Mexico does not serve the movie well.

Another thing I thought was done very well was some of the conflict between characters. Typically in a story, you have three kinds of conflict: man versus self, man versus man and man versus nature. Thor is mostly wrestling with himself in this film and I think that is done pretty well. You see him and Jane form a relationship that I do not feel like is too forced. That and Selvig are the 2 main reason he changes towards the end of the movie, but the conflict between him and Loki is what makes this part for me. There is the interesting puppet master dynamic with Thor being the puppet between the two. Loki is written very well and the dynamic between him and Thor is written very well. I love to see the role reversal by the end. Thor is the one championing for peace while Loki wants to destroy Jotunheim.

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There are a few things I have issue with however. One was mentioned earlier. The Earth sequences mostly feel boring and stale, but that is not the only problem I have with the movie. The pacing of the movie feels very off. After Thor comes to Earth, it feels like the movie comes screeching to a stop. The first few scenes of the movie were really great and engaging, but that starts to fall flat in the entire middle of the film.

I had said earlier that the conflict within the characters was well done, but the characters themselves did not do it for me. I am not a fan of Jane Foster. I do not think that the writers did anything to make me feel anything for her character. The script writing in general was not really good. There were some jokes that fell flat, and overall Thor felt kind of boring for most of the movie. The best part was Loki and Thor's relationship, but on his own, Thor did not feel like a great character.



Plot- 7

Characters- 7

Script- 6

Action/Drama- 5

Conflict- 8

Visuals- 8

Rewatchability- 7

Pacing- 5

Emotion- 4

Interest- 6

Acting- 8

Overall- 65%

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