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Let's Talk About It: Captain America the First Avenger (Mcu Pt. 6)

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


Captain America was directed by Joe Johnston and stars Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving and Hayley Atwell. This was the last film Marvel made before they brought all their heroes together in the Avengers. Captain America is unique because the movie is primarily set during World War 2. The film released in 2011 and set the stage for The Avengers the following year.



Taking place during World War 2, we are introduced to Steve Rogers. He is a small kid from Brooklyn who wants so badly to join the army, but his strength and size limits him. He lies on his registration documents several times just to be allowed to fight when Dr. Erskine finds him. Erskine is looking for the perfect candidate to take his super soldier serum and believes Rogers is the man. He allows him in the army where he struggles to keep up with his peers.

Meanwhile, Johann Schmidt, the head of Hitler's weapons division called HYDRA, discovers an ancient artifact he believes to contain the power of the gods. This artifact is called the tesseract. Thanks to his colleague, Arnim Zola, Schmidt is able to harness the tesseract's power to create new weapons for HYDRA.


Rogers successfully takes the serum transforming him into a soldier with super human attributes. However, during the process, Schmidt had an agent there who tried to steal some of the serum. Rogers caught him before he made off. Instead of being in the army, they made Rogers travel and do a routine selling war bonds, however, when in Italy, Rogers finds out that his best friend, Bucky Barnes, is being held captive behind enemy lines. Against orders, Peggy Carter, friend to Rogers during his training, and Howard Stark take him to rescue the prisoners.

Rogers comes back with all of the men held captive and is finally given the title Captain America. He then leads forces taking out several HYDRA bases throughout Europe. The army captures Arnim Zola who tells them where the secret base is and the Schmidt is planning on launching missiles at the east coast of the U.S.. Rogers bombards the base, but Schmidt takes off in his plane. Captain America manages to make it on board thanks to Peggy. Rogers defeats Schmidt who then disappears thanks to the tesseract. Rogers cannot stop the plane, only crash it. He radios Peggy and tells her goodbye then crashes.

Steve wakes up in what looks to be a 40's bedroom, but he quickly learns that he was frozen in ice and thawed out. He woke up in modern day New York City where he meets Nick Fury.



This film, I believe is pretty underrated. It was a very enjoyable film with a few really great characters. Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes really make this movie. Especially Peggy and Steve. They have amazing chemistry on the screen and that is not only a credit to the writers, but to the actors as well. It would be impossible at this point to recast Captain America because Chris Evans is so widely seen and loved as the character. On paper, Captain America could come off very boring, but Evans' performance as well as the writers help give him life and character that far outlasts this film.

Most of the story elements i really love. This would include the setting as well. They do a great job at creating this World War 2 era and putting Captain America in that. One thing that fell flat for me was the villain. I felt Red Skull had so much potential to be a very menacing villain, but he turns out to be a pretty cookie-cutter villain in the MCU.

The emotions of the movie really work out well because of the development of the characters. The death of Bucky Barnes is a very emotional moment, (even though he does return later). Not only that, but Steve's goodbye to Peggy is very emotional because it really felt like we got to see every moment of their relationship and follow it all the way through. Once again, a credit to the script writing.

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There are a few things I found to be lacking. One was the pacing of the film. There is an awkward montage sequence that to me really stops what was a really well paced film. It doesn't feel extremely necessary and could have been cut to keep the film engaging. Another thing that fell flat for me was the conflict with the characters. Steve Rogers never had much to deal with it seemed. There was never a moment when you felt like things were getting out of control for him and there was not much he was battling with internally. I like to see characters face inner demons and struggle to overcome them, but there was not much struggle for Captain America in the film once he had the serum.

Overall, I do find this to be a really good movie. It is definitely better than some of the ones that have come before it. Minus those few things, this film is really fun to watch. It is a story that is easy to enjoy and one you will really want to go back to.



Plot- 8

Characters- 8

Script- 9

Action/Drama- 7

Conflict- 6

Visuals- 8

Rewatchability- 10

Pacing- 7

Emotion- 9

Interest- 9

Acting- 9


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