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Let Netflix Make Their Money

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.


I remember when I was a kid. I saw this streaming site but we had no fast streaming internet at that time. It’s creators must have known what the future would have in store. Netflix was ahead of it’s game. In fact, it was years ahead. Now, it’s the leading streaming service in the United States. Maybe it’s larger. It offers a movie and television series library. That happens through distribution deals.

Netflix Originals

In addition to it’s distribution deals, Netflix has it’s production company. It includes continuation of canceled series. Netflix originals works internationally. The original content on Netflix is displayed the same on different regions. . Netflix produced a lot of content. Over time it has progressed. The progression came with much controversy. Especially as of late. Some were not controversial at all. In my opinion, it should not have been. I am a firm believer in them making their money.


Dave Chapelle

The Genius seems to like making people mad with his comedy. I respectfully disagree. He likes just doing his job making people laugh. Sometimes, it hurts. The same applies for any comedian. They all tell offending jokes and uncomfortable truths. As much shows he has on Netflix, people should catch on. Sadly, many in the LGBTQ community in the lgbtq community hasn’t. In fact, they tried cancelling it. Despite their efforts, it was not

Surviving R.Kelly

Why is there an uproar about Jeffery Dahmar? It wasn’t any in the black community about this documentary. Most the panel was of black women. The writer was a black woman. Soon as it’s a white man that killed blacks they speak. I’m a black man. I will not say I’m African American since I never been there. I’m American and I know my race is being hypocritical here. This project was well written and organized. It aired on lifetime first and Netflix next. I love Netflix but have never watched this. In all honesty, I never will. R. Kelly is no monster. He just made bad decisions like any other human being.


The Last Dance

A basketball documentary about the his airness. That was close to his nickname Air Jordan. His real name is Michael. This was more controversial to lebrons fanbase. His loyal critics that think he’s really the goat. Especially since he claimed he is after the Cleveland Cavs 2016 nba championship. That was the cavs only one and it was historic. This was not really as controversial as the others. It was one of Netflix biggest series. Things were more controversial with lebron fans than anything. They think he's greater than Jordan. That documentary showed he's not close.

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The Redeem Team

Here's another controversial one amongst lebron fans. It's about team USA that won the 2008 Olympic gold medal. That was after team USA lost it. Instead of the gold in 2004, they won the bronze medal. That team was centered around NBA star Lebron James. This one was centered around the late Kobe Bryant. The only think Lebron proved was his star capability. After years, nothing has changed. Kobe Bryant has on record that he said I'm tired of you losing. The perfect title for it was the redeem team.

Kanye West

Kanye West has been in the news lately. The billionaire is known to wear his emotions on his sleeves. A little of his life story is on the streaming platform. His prominence as a rising producer started in his hometown. He was also a known rapper. He teamed up with roc-afella records. Over time, he's been known as one of the greatest musicians ever. The more he made the more controversy. As a response, many thought it was something wrong. In all reality, Kanye is just a genius that is misunderstood.


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Netflix has movies entirely at your disposal. Celebrities around the world gave distribution deals with the giant. It's more popular now since everything has become digital. With Netflix, you don't have to record movies or anything. They have evolved since it started. Tv's today come with the streaming apps already installed. All that you need is a subscription.

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