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Let Him Go Movie Review

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Kevin Costner has been a real powerhouse lately. While starring in the hit TV series Yellowstone, he's also starred in the comedic but gritty film The Highwaymen and now he returns to the big screen in the deep, dramatic tale Let Him Go. While the film is not the intense thriller that the trailers portray, it's much more than that. Let Him Go is as heartbreaking as it is riveting. If the film proves anything, it's that you don't need action to tell a story. What you need is meaning.

The film follows George and Margaret, a married couple who lost their son to a riding accident. Their son's widow Lori has remarried to a man named Donnie, who Margaret finds out is bad news. Donnie uproots Lori and her 3-year-old son Jimmy and takes her to North Dakota where his family lives. Margaret is not willing to let Jimmy grow up with a bad man as a father, so she and George set out on a rescue mission.

The story is pretty simple and straightforward. There's not a lot of twists and turns, mostly just a couple surprises. What makes this film so wonderful, however, is not the climactic ending or even the mystery element. While those parts are well-done and engaging, what makes the film wonderful is its relatability. If someone you cared for, someone you loved as family, were in trouble, would you do what you could to help them? So many times we don't realize what we're willing to do until it's too late. George and Margaret are the people we wish we were. They were willing to make a stand even though they were outnumbered and certainly not as young as Donnie's corrupted family.

One thing I can say that disappointed me was the lack of powerful emotional moments. There were a couple moments where I thought "aw that's sad", but there was never really a moment that brought me to tears. In a film as meaningful and family-centric as this, I expected so much more in that department.

In conclusion, this film won't be for everyone. It's not a fast-paced thriller but rather a steady-paced drama with a few thrilling moments. It has a lot of heart and a ton of lessons we can all learn from. I give Let Him Go a 3.5 out of 4.

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