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Legendary Composer Vangelis Dead at 79

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He won an Oscar, Grammys, and his famed “Chariots of Fire” score was used in the 2012 London Olympic ceremonies.

He was born Evangelos Odessey Papathanassiou in Greece but went by the composer name Vangelis. He first gained fame in the band Aphrodite’s Child and would go on to collaborate with famed Jon Anderson of the prog-rock band Yes. Some of his work was used in Carl Sagan’s celebrated Cosmos series in 1980.

His work was influential to many, including my work as a composer, and his soundtrack to Blade Runner is one of my soundtracks of all time.

According to the Guardian, his representatives said he was being treated in a hospital in France for COVID when he passed away.

Vangelis would usually play all instruments on his records, and this included keyboards, synths, drums, percussion, and other instruments. He was considered one of the top composers and influencers of electronic music.

His last album,” From Juno to Jupiter,” was inspired by the NASA mission with the Juno probe. He always had a fascination with space and was awarded one of the highest honors from NASA.

He’s a genius that many will miss, and I wish him a safe journey beyond the stars.

Composer Vangelis was fascinated with space.

Composer Vangelis was fascinated with space.

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