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Leaving You This Time by Shirley King Daughter of the Blues


R&B Soul

She may be the daughter of the Late great B. B. King, but Shirley King creates her own musical magic with a mix of Jazz, R&B, and the Blues. And it's smooth. This is highly due to Kings smooth like honey soul vocals as she tells of leaving her lover for good this time. The soul rich voice of Shirley King lulls you into a sweet, sweet serendipity of a soulfulness, no other words can explain it. No other voice could do it but King’s either as her smooth vocal pipes pour out like warm smooth flawless honey. The minute Kings voice hits you are awakened to attention then melt happily into her soulful storytelling.

It’s been a long time since a song made me feel good and happy. Even though this song is about leaving a cheating lover King makes you feel good about it. At peace with it. It must be the soul.

About Shirley King

Shirley King was born and raised in Memphis and was brought up on gospel and blues music. She began her professional musical career singing R&B and it wasn't until she moved to Chicago that she began to sing the blues. King's debut album, "Jump Through My Keyhole," came out in 1991 to mixed reviews. King worried then that doing that type of music would put her too close to the sound of her father.

"I realize I am walking in the footsteps of a giant, but just as my dad's blues are different from Robert Johnson's blues, my sound will be different as well," King said.

King added that her first album was "magical" and it was produced by Frank Wright.

King has been influenced by the music of her father (B.B. King), Sam Cooke, and Jackie Wilson. She developed these influences through the constant touring that her father did. King even had a special moment with Steve Ray Vaughn.

"I remember standing on the side of one my dad's performance and there was this short guy with a cowboy hat standing next to me. He was talking to me about how good he thought my dad could play and I looked over and it looked like he had a tear in his eye," King said. "Later I found out that man was Stevie Ray Vaughn standing next to me, the headliner for that evening's show. When Stevie took the stage we were all blown away."

King acknowledged that a lot of people come to the shows expecting to hear covers of her father's songs, which she complies with to a certain extent. King is weary of playing her father's music because of reviews of her "Daughter of the Blues" album. However, King does perform certain covers such as "Wang Dang Doodle" and "Sweet Home Chicago."

King finished by saying the best advice her father ever gave her is similar to the way he introduced her on stage.

"He always introduced me on stage as 'The one child that was crazy enough to be like him.' I don't know why he said it, but it certainly stuck with me," King said.


Listen to her new release at REVERBNATION

Shirely King -Chicago Womens in the Blues - Thrill is Gone 8/16/13

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